The Awkward Moment Blake Shelton Had With Jimmy Fallon On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton have a long history of poking fun at each other, with Fallon frequently joking about Shelton's lack of sophistication and country roots, which always prompts amusing reactions from good sport Shelton.  

Of course, the two have had some interesting moments on TV, including the time in 2016 when Fallon took Shelton to Nobu for his first sushi experience while cameras rolled. Shelton didn't like Sake sushi, stating it had an "Easter egg coloring" aftertaste, whatever that might mean. Shelton, who admitted he had never tried raw sushi before, described the tuna nigiri as having the consistency of "Play-Doh," while uncooked salmon had him making faces. We also can't forget about when Fallon made Shelton play the "Whisper Challenge" in 2015, with the country star joking about the game, "Is it just something stupid we're doing or do we keep score?"  

While Shelton can take a good sushi joke and silly games, Fallon can sometimes go a bit too far, such as the time in 2017 when he gave the singer a hard time on TV.

Jimmy Fallon made fun of Blake Shelton's new album

An October 2017 episode of "The Tonight Show" opened with a Jimmy Fallon-style monologue, which showed the talk show host comparing Blake Shelton to the Brawny paper towel guy and mocked his album "Texoma Shore," its cover, and just about everything else about Shelton. 

Then, when Shelton finally arrived on set to join Fallon, he couldn't help but address the barbed introduction. "I loved the 15-minute segment you did making fun of my damn album cover. Can you try to help me sell albums for once?" the singer chuckled, per CMT. Although there's a chance Shelton took it in stride, we can't help but wonder if there was a twinge of frustration, making the whole chat a little awkward. Fans picked up on it, too.  

Fallon wasn't finished with Shelton, though. There was more to come as Fallon mocked what he imagined his friend's life in Oklahoma must've been like. He then dunked on the name Shelton chose for his restaurant, Ol' Red, and then put on a cowboy hat while mock-singing his then-new track, "I'll Name the Dogs." Ouch. Maybe Fallon went too far that time? 

Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelon continue having fun

Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton once again reunited for a September episode of "The Tonight Show," joining forces to perform a country song in honor of football season returning. 

The duo presented an original, hilarious song titled, "I'll Bring the Ice," where they both rocked a cowboy hat and sang about bringing ice to a party, which clearly was poking fun at stereotypical country songs. The video of their performance opened with Shelton fixing the late-night talk show host's cowboy hat. "Moon's bright, so we 'gonna do it right," Shelton sang. "Maybe hit the corner store to get a second bag of ice," Fallon continued, with his words making his partner wear a puzzling look. "Look man, maybe cool it on the ice?" Shelton remarked. "That's an ice pun..." Kimmel responded as the two continued singing the number.