What We Know About SNL Star Chris Redd's Scary Encounter Outside Of A Comedy Club

There have been a lot of sketches on "Saturday Night Live" — including some SNL sketches the performers hated. The show has also had some sketches every now and then that involve punching people. For example, the SNL YouTube channel posted a throwback sketch from 2007 that was titled, "People Getting Punched Right Before Eating." The sketch lives up to its name, as a cast member punches different people all around New York City right before they are about to take their first bite of food.

In 2017, the cast performed another skit available on YouTube where jealousy arose in the relationships between cast members Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, Leslie Jones, and Colin Jost. It culminates at a masquerade ball where Mooney, Bennett, the episode's host Tiffany Haddish, and SNL creator and producer Lorne Michaels all took the opportunity to punch Jost's face — which Jost later wrote about in his memoir, "A Very Punchable Face."

SNL star Kenan Thompson has also reminisced on his first sketch on the show. He first mentioned that he didn't know he was supposed to talk to a writer to get himself into a skit, so Maya Rudolph helped him out. "Maya came up and she was like, 'Did you see the thing with Wanda Sykes and Bill Cosby? ... Bill was really weird with her,'" he said on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." In the end, the two thought it would be fun to recreate the "weird" moment, and Thompson ended up punching Rudolph in the face. But while violence is used as a tool in some of SNL's fun skits, it has become a reality for Saturday Night Live alum Chris Redd.

Chris Redd was punched in the face

On October 26, 2022, "Saturday Night Live" alum Chris Redd was set to perform a 15-minute stand-up comedy show at the Comedy Cellar in New York City. According to Page Six, sources said that there were two men standing outside of the club for about an hour before the comedian's arrival. The men later attacked him, and the insiders claimed that Redd seemed to be the primary target for the two men.

According to TMZ, one of the men was reportedly wearing a security guard uniform to blend in. He then approached Redd and punched him in the face, leaving the comedian with a bloody nose. Witnesses also reported that the comedian's Greg Yuna chain was taken off, but it fell apart before the man could steal it, so it was able to be recovered. Reports say that the suspect ran away. The comedian was treated at the hospital and released later that night.

These attacks come about a month after it was reported that Redd had started dating Kenan Thompon's ex-wife, Christina Evangeline. "She seems to be the happiest she's ever been," an unnamed source told Us Weekly. "Her relationship with Chris is great and it's normal." As of right now, there is no reason to believe the recent attack is connected, though, as insiders claim Thompson is happy for his former SNL castmate and his ex-wife.