The Tragic Death Of K-Pop Singer Lee Ji Han

Lee Ji Han, a beloved K-Pop star, has died at age 24. Lee was one of the victims of the devastating crowd crush that claimed the lives of over 150 revelers who had gathered for Halloween festivities in the packed streets of a trendy entertainment district in Seoul, South Korea, as reported by CNN.

The performer's death was confirmed by his talent agency, 935 Entertainment, in a statement on Instagram that read in part, "I would like to express my heartfelt condolences to the family members who are in deep grief."

Lee was a star on the rise who entertained Korean viewers with his covers of hit songs on the reality competition "Produce 101," per Billboard. His goal was to join a large boy band, and he teamed up with some of his fellow competitors for a memorable performance of "Be Mine" by INFINITE. While he was eliminated after appearing in just a handful of episodes, Lee was also on the cusp of a promising acting career. He starred in the series "Today Was Another Namhyun Day" in 2019 and was working on another show. According to The Washington Post, he hadn't completed filming all of his scenes before his tragic death.

Inside the crowd crush that claimed Lee Ji Han's life

In response to 935 Entertainment's statement about Lee Ji Han's death, mourning fans paid tribute to the performer. "Rest in peace jihan, you will always be remembered in my heart," read a message from one fan. "This is so so very sad," wrote Korean actor Yoon Sun-woo.

According to The Washington Post, most of those who joined Lee in the streets at the Halloween celebration in Seoul were also young adults who were taking advantage of relaxed COVID restrictions. NPR reported that around 100,000 tourists and locals headed to the popular Itaewon neighborhood to pack its plentiful bars and restaurants for a night of partying. However, the combination of thousands of bodies and a narrow alleyway proved deadly for those who fell and were crushed beneath the feet of the tightly packed crowd. 

One bartender told The Guardian that he'd never seen a crowd so large in the neighborhood. "I've been to a lot of Halloween parties in Korea," he stated. "I never thought that something like this could happen in Korea, especially in Itaewon."