Savannah Chrisley Defends Her Choice To Date Older Men Amid Todd's Disapproval

Todd Chrisley really does believe he knows best, especially regarding his daughter Savannah Chrisley's love life. Since "Chrisley Knows Best" debuted in 2014, millions of fans have tuned in to take a peek into the family's everyday lives. According to NBC, an average of 1.5 million fans are still watching all the histrionics unfold nine seasons in. 

As viewers are only too aware, Todd prides himself on being the strong and macho patriarch of the family. It's his way or the highway, or so he thinks. In the show, the realtor appears to have it all: a bountiful bank balance, a gorgeous house, the perfect family, and a beautiful wife, Julie Chrisley. However, things are not always how they appear to be, and there have been multiple accusations that "Chrisley Knows Best" is scripted. Without a doubt, like all reality shows, it has its share of staged scenes. Todd's son, Kyle Chrisley, spoke out about the show's accuracy and his father's (inevitable) input. "He micromanages everything, so if you say something and he doesn't like it, he'll say, 'Stop,' and tell you what to say, and you'll do it again," Kyle told the Daily Mail.

Still, the on-camera theatrics have proven to be 100% authentic — like Todd's determination to dictate who Savannah dates. You'd think that at 25, she's old enough to make her own decisions. But, nope, dad knows best! Savannah disagrees, though, and she's publicly defending her choice to date older men despite Todd's disapproval.

Savannah Chrisley doesn't think Todd knows best regarding her dating life

Savannah Chrisley appears to be the most authentic "Chrisley Knows Best" family member. In October 2022, Savannah opened up about the seriously dark place she's been in amid her parents' legal woes. The double life of Todd Chrisley was exposed after he and Julie Chrisley were found guilty of tax evasion and bank fraud (per The Associated Press). Court documents also revealed that Todd went bankrupt in 2012.

Now, Savannah's speaking out again, defending her choice to date older men amid Todd's disapproval. On the latest episode of her podcast, "Unlocked With Savannah Chrisley," the 25-year-old discussed her romantic preferences with her 45-year-old best friend, Chadd Bryant. "You know what I want to bring up right now, just the dating world in general," Savannah told him. "I'm dating in your age group; you're dating in mine." She said she couldn't care less about her father's distaste for her dating partners.

Bryant jumped in and pointed out the hypocrisy of the situation. "But your dad and your mom have both said you needed to date older, maybe they didn't mean it as older my age, but you know," he said. Savannah said she just prefers older men, and it is what it is. "I'm tired of [these boys] being intimidated of what I bring to the table," she shared. "And me having to dim my light in order for theirs to shine brighter."