Elvira Has Unfiltered Thoughts About Kylie Jenner's Halloween Homage

Many celebrities go all-out for Halloween and Kylie Jenner is no different. The reality television star posted a series of pictures on her Instagram feed of her in several jaw-dropping costumes. The first Halloween pic she shared was of her dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein while strapped to a table. "HAPPY HALLOWEEKEND," she captioned.

Apparently, just one costume wasn't enough for the makeup mogul. In a second series of pictures, Jenner channeled the 1980s vixen, Elvira, with the caption "MISTRESS OF THE DARK." Jenner wore a wig with the iconic Elvira hairstyle and the same cleavage-baring dress she was known for in her movie, "Elvira: Mistress of the Dark."

In another picture, Jenner wore a spider bra top with tassels while she posed in front of a velvet spider web. "Kyvira," she called herself. In yet another post, Jenner posed in a black bodysuit and gave homage to the original "Mistress of the Dark" by captioning her picture with, "ELVIRA." When word got around to Elvira, she had some cheeky things to say about Jenner's interpretation of her.

Elvira would have appreciated a heads-up from Kylie

Apparently, Elvira didn't know that Kylie Jenner was going to be dressed as her. "I didn't get a heads up that Kylie was doing the costume, but she did the costume justice and it was very flattering," she told TMZ. However, Elvira (aka actor Cassandra Peterson) would have liked some recognition from Jenner. "It would have been even more flattering if she tagged me," she stated.

Elvira then threw more shade at Jenner when she posted a meme on her Instagram feed of Jenner's spider bra look with the words, "In a world full of Kardashians, be an Elvira." A fan commented, "Elvira wore it better." Another wrote, "Too bad she never gave you credit for the inspection, lol but why would she." Elvira responded to the latter, "Yeah, that would've been nice, but oh well. Not like people don't know!"

Shade aside, The "Yours Cruelly, Elvira" author doesn't seem too miffed about Kylie's surprise re-creation. One fan wrote on Instagram, "I think it's very cool that she did a whole set inspired by and honoring you," to which Elvira replied, "Me too."