Jenna Bush Hager Makes Spicy Admission About Her Dressing Habits

Jenna Bush Hager just admitted something about her dressing habits you probably weren't expecting. Though we know the "Today" co-anchor (who's the daughter of former President George Bush and Laura Bush) is known for her fun outfits to bring a little brightness into what can be a few duller mornings, what you may not know is that she's had a fair share of wardrobe malfunctions thanks to her choices.

In fact, in April, Jenna revealed on "Today" that she'd had a seriously awkward moment that saw her get stuck in a green pantsuit during a book signing. "I wore this outfit. I thought I looked so cute," she explained, revealing the zipper got stuck. "I kind of knew it popped but I just ignored it because the shirt was long enough. I'm going to the bathroom and I go 'Barbara, I can't get out of my pants,'" she recalled, sharing the whole thing went down while she was on a book tour with her sister, Barbara Bush. Luckily though, there was a woman on hand in the stall next to her who offered her a hand. And a pair of pliers. "She came back in with pliers. That woman in that video is a stranger who was cutting me out of my pants," Jenna admitted. "She fixed it right away. I was laughing hysterically."

Though Jenna didn't reveal anything, erm, more revealing about that incident at the time, her new revelation now makes the whole thing that much more awkward.

Jenna Bush Hager doesn't wear underwear

One thing to know about Jenna Bush Hager? She doesn't like to wear underwear, so she rarely puts on undergarments in the morning. Yep. Really. Hoda Kotb outed her co-star on "Today" on November 16, when she revealed she got a bit of an eyeful during a recent quick change with her co-star. Jenna defended her decision though, hitting back, "I think it makes a more pretty silhouette! I also think you don't have to pack as much. [There are] a lot of pros to it!" She then joked Kotb promised she wouldn't say anything about her being a commando aficionado, before bringing her mom, Laura Bush, into the equation by joking, "I'm sure my mom has never been more proud."

While the admission was no doubt pretty surprising, it actually wasn't the first time Kotb has outed her co-star. She and their "Today" co-star Savannah Guthrie admitted in a Truth or Dare game for "Good Housekeeping"'s April issue that Jenna is an underwear dodger. "Jenna has a million gross habits. She doesn't wear underwear most days," Kotb revealed at the time. Guthrie then seconded the confession as she admitted of Jenna, "I know because she borrows my clothes and she's not dry cleaning them either, let's be honest." It sounds like the ladies over at "Today" are even closer than we thought!