What We Know About Former NBA Player Donte Greene's Attempted Robbery Arrest

Donte Greene's professional career has been a rollercoaster. Upon enrolling at Syracuse University in 2007, Greene instantly became an athletic success and has been regarded as one of the highest-ranked recruits in the university's history. According to Bleacher Report, Greene had an impressive collegiate season, averaging 17.7 points and 7.2 rebounds. Greene was selected as the No. 28 in the NBA Draft, and officially joined the Memphis Grizzlies, per Sports Illustrated. However, the athlete was quickly traded to the Sacramento Kings, where he spent the bulk of his career.

While Greene once appeared to be on the path to athletic greatness, he was ultimately unable to maintain his spot with the Kings and has since signed on to play for various international sports leagues. After a brief stint in Lebanon, Greene joined Ice Cube's BIG3 League, and was recently named the "most improved player of the 2021 season."

Unfortunately, Greene's personal life has become as chaotic as his sporting career — as the former NBA player was recently arrested for armed robbery.

Donte Greene allegedly tried robbing a gas station

Donte Greene cannot seem to escape legal turmoil. In 2014, the former Syracuse Orange star was arrested for his involvement in a massive brawl outside of a Miami night club. According to TMZ, Greene was tased during the arrest, as authorities were "unable to physically restrain" him during the altercation. Per the outlet, the target of Greene's rage was NFL player Jo-Lonn Dunbar, who was also arrested during the incident.

Unfortunately for Greene, his troubles haven't ended there. On November 8, per the South Bend Tribune, the former professional athlete was arrested for attempting to rob a gas station in Indiana. According to documents obtained by the publication, Greene entered the Phillips 66 gas station, and demanded the clerk "give him all the money." The store clerk then tried to call 911, but was stopped by Greene, who "lunged" at the clerk. Greene was charged with robber, and if convicted, the former rising athlete could face six years in prison.