General Hospital's Vanessa Marcil Claps Back At Candace Cameron Bure's Anti-LGBTQ Comments

Candace Cameron Bure, alum of "Full House," left Hallmark Media for the network Great American Family, according to Variety, where she works as a network executive, an actor, and a producer. She first made a name for herself as a producer of Christmas movies with the 2008 hit "Moonlight and Mistletoe." She told Variety of her career, "To date, I still hold the highest rated movie in the history of the Hallmark Channel. So I'm very grateful for it." She further added, "As that expanded within the Movies & Mysteries and more Christmas films, I think about my fifth or sixth movie in, I started executive producing them."

Bure has done several different things over the course of her long career. She took time off after "Full House" to raise her children — including daughter Natasha. She later was a host on "The View," but shared after that it wasn't a positive experience for her. So she stuck to what worked, and that was producing and working for a network. However, Bure made some pretty negative headlines and other celebs, like Vanessa Marcil, have called her out on it.

Vanessa Marcil calls out Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure told The Wall Street Journal that she planned on showing only heterosexual relationships in her holiday films at Great American Family in her work there as chief creative officer. "I think that Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the core," she said.

The comment caused backlash from many sources, and "General Hospital's" Vanessa Marcil was one who spoke out on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ community, who would be excluded in programing at GAF. Marcil posted a screenshot of an article about Cameron Bure's comment on Instagram followed by JoJo Siwa's commentary against Cameron Bure. Marcil added the caption, "As women and as mothers it is our job to protect our children," she said. "All of our children. Not just the privileged ones in our household." Marcil claimed that Cameron Bure was "[standing] for hate" in order to make money from conservative viewers. "If there is a heaven, we won't be getting the good room there if we stand for hate and division and if we don't stand up for our most vulnerable," she said.

Meanwhile, Candace Bure jumped on Instagram on November 16 to address the outrage at her comment. "It absolutely breaks my heart that anyone would ever think I would intentionally want to offend and hurt anyone," she wrote, adding that she has love for people "of any race, creed, sexuality, or political party."