Here's How Much Drew Carey Really Makes Hosting The Price Is Right

"The Price Is Right" has been a staple on American television since it premiered in 1972. The game show — which asks contestants to guess the cost of items in an attempt to win various prizes — has only had two hosts. Bob Barker was the first entertainer to man the popular series. Barker led the show for 35 years before announcing his retirement in 2006. It was later revealed that comedian Drew Carey would be taking over the coveted role.

Following his appointment, the stand-up comic opened up about how he felt taking over the position and what he believed was the key to the show's success. "I really respect the show," Carey told The Oklahoman. "You don't want to mess with it. The real star of it was never Bob, and it's not me. It's always the contestants, because it's the hero's journey... It just makes you feel good when somebody else wins. I think that's the secret to the success of the whole show."

Carey has hosted "The Price Is Right" ever since. And it appears that Carey's witty sense of humor and goofy antics have resonated with fans, as the comic makes a hefty salary from the television gig.

Drew Carey earns millions from The Price Is Right

Drew Carey is seemingly just as in love with his job as the host of "The Price Is Right" as the audience is with him. The actor, who previously starred on "The Drew Carey Show," is very aware that he holds a unique place in American television. When the game show celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021, Carey sat down with "CBS Sunday Morning" host Lee Cowan to gush over his experience on the series, and his closeness with the show's contestants. "I don't take it for granted," Carey exclaimed.

Similarly, it appears that the audience, as well as the series' producers, are just as grateful to have Carey as the game's host. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Carey earns $12.5 million per year as the lead on the popular show. Per the database, the comedian's hefty salary ranks him among the highest paid television hosts in the world.

Drew Carey is happy with his stress-free job

There's no doubt comedian Drew Carey has made an impact on "The Price Is Right" — and fans appear to have taken a liking to the comedian. "Gotta admit, I kinda like this Drew Carey hosted Price is Right. Nice guy," one person tweeted, while another hilariously wrote, "Just learned that my boys don't know who Bob Barker is because Drew Carey has hosted The Price is Right for their entire lives."

Carey also seems to be happy with his lucrative television role. During "The Price Is Right's" induction into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame, the comedian joked that hosting the daily game show allowed for a more relaxing work-life balance. "If you see me in the hotel or casino, feel free to punch me in the face," he quipped (via Deadline). He went on to exclaim that he requires little practice in order to facilitate the games; instead, he simply "plays along with the contestants."