Everything We Know About Former NFL Star Terrell Owens' CVS Brawl

Terrell Owens is in some hot water over an incident at a CVS store. In case you need a little refresher on his stats, Owens played in the NFL for several years and joined several teams during his professional career, including the San Francisco 49ers, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Dallas Cowboys, the Buffalo Bills, and the Cincinnati Bengals. But while he has plenty of achievements on the field, his career's been plagued with a few controversies.

One of the most famous came in 2006 when DeAngelo Hall claimed Owens spat at him during a football game. "You don't spit in another grown man's face. Hopefully, the NFL can see it and go back and watch the film just before the first punt of the game. We were kind of walking face to face, and he just hauled off and spit in my face. I lost all respect for the guy, man, after that," Hall said of Owens while speaking to ESPN after the incident.

Then, in June, Owens hit the headlines for another controversial incident after TMZ Sports reported the sports star's neighbor had called the police about him because he had allegedly been speeding. The two are thought to have gotten into a verbal altercation and Owens was accused of threatening the woman, though he denied those claims to TMZ Sports. She was then charged with the second-degree misdemeanor, per Daily Mail. Now though? It's a punch that has his name in the headlines again.

Terrell Owens punched a man on the street

Terrell Owens is reported to have knocked down a man who was allegedly up to no good inside a CVS store on November 26. According to TMZ Sports' footage from the incident, Owens punched the man outside the building several times after he was alleged to have been harassing people. Owens claimed he was chatting with a fan inside when the man walked up to them and apparently started saying negative things to the fan. The group then headed outside as Owens apparently tried to deescalate the situation, though that's when the man allegedly tried to punch Owens. That caused Owens to throw multiple punch back, with the man eventually falling to the floor after Owens made contact a few times. Ouch. It's not thought that police got involved and Owens reportedly drove away.

Owens doesn't appear to have yet addressed the incident on social media, but he didn't seem too worried about his Saturday night smackdown when he returned to Twitter. Instead, he returned to his regularly scheduled tweeting. On November 27, the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant and NFL star shared his two cents regarding the Philadelphia vs. Green Bay Packers "Sunday Night Football" game, writing, "Sheesh!!! @JalenHurts may be the 1st QB to rush for 200+ yards at this rate!! Ya heard it here first!!!" He added, "I got my popcorn[.] ready for it!"