Celebrity Heartthrobs That Look Totally Different Today

Once upon a time, the celebrities on our list were deemed some of the hottest hunks in the entertainment industry. Each time their faces graced television screens and magazine covers, they made their fans swoon. Some were known for their smoldering eyes, chiseled features, and impeccable physiques. Others simply had a je ne sais quoi that made our hearts pitter-patter. 

Some good-looking celebrities have managed to maintain their heart-melting looks over the years, but others have, um, evolved over time. We wouldn't go so far as to say they look bad, but they've certainly shed that dreamboat status. In fact, these celebs have changed so much, we probably wouldn't even recognize them if they walked right past us! 

Let's take a closer look at the celebrity heartthrobs that look totally different today.

For Robert Kardashian, it all started with a milkshake

It was Robert Kardashian's dapper appearance that helped him cement his position as a Hollywood hunk, and he had a flawless physique to boot. However, his battles with depression, weight gain, and diabetes likely attributed to his changing appearance.

In a since-deleted Instagram post (via People), the reality star recalled the beginning of his physical transformation with a photo of himself holding a milkshake and a caption that simply read: "Started right here with these milkshakes." 

People later reported that in the months following that sugary treat, Kardashian continued to eat unhealthy, sending him into a downward spiral that led to a 100 pound weight gain "over the course of the year." His physical changes and mental health issues reportedly pushed him into a life of seclusion, which further exacerbated his mental and physical wellbeing. 

It would take his very public breakup from Blac Chyna to motivate Kardashian to get back in shape. TMZ reported that he was determined to lose weight and had "hired a nutritionist" to get his diet back on track.

It's difficult to keep up with this Kardashian's weight-loss progress, especially since he rarely makes public appearances (unlike his sisters.) Nonetheless, we're still holding out hope that he'll one day remerge into the public eye looking happy and healthy.  

Brad Pitt says aging 'sucks' but...

Brad Pitt made jaws drop for all the right reasons as the sexy, long-haired beaut, Tristan Ludlow, in Legends of the Fall. Soon after, his handsome face popped up in numerous films, including Troy and Ocean's Eleven. As one of Hollywood's most handsome leading men, Pitt was twice named People's Sexiest Man Alive, and his stock as an aesthetically appealing actor continued to rise. But, as we all know, what goes up must come down!

Following the announcement that Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce in September 2017, Pitt posed for a rather peculiar spread with GQ magazine that really put his changing looks on blast. 

The actor is well aware that time marches on. In a 2007 interview with Details (via People), he spoke about aging. "One thing sucks, your face kind of goes," he said. "Your body's not quite working the same. But you earned it. You earned that, things falling apart."

Keith Richards may have wrinkles, but he regrets nothing

Rocker Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones was known for having swag — long before that word was a part of our lexicon. In the early days of his career, enamored fans swarmed him every day of the week, "Ruby Tuesday" included. 

Richards' music may be timeless, but alas, his body is not. But if you ask him, he thinks he's holding up just fine. While speaking with GQ, the rocker gave some insight into how he manages his health. "Cheese is a nono [sic] for me. Everybody else, go eat it. Just take a look at yourself. Fermented milk is not the ideal choice for everyday eating, that's all," he said.

And when it comes to aging, he has no qualms about growing old in the public eye. People make a huge fuss over his deep wrinkles, but when he was asked if he regretted never using moisturizer, he answered: "No. I leave that up to other people."

His fans shouldn't expect him to go under the knife either. When asked about Botox, Richards replied: "No one's ever talked me into doing that. You're lucky if you walk out of there alive. God bless you." 

Well, alrighty then.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar went from Bayside to beard gang

The '80s and '90s were all about LA Gear sneakers, Lisa Frank notebooks, slap bracelets, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar playing dreamy Zack Morris on Saved by the Bell. The show lives on as a cult classic, and Gosselaar will forever be Zack whether he likes it or not. But we can't deny that he looks a heck of a lot different than his days at Bayside High. 

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gosselaar spoke about the elephant in the room — his bushy beard, which he was asked to grow in preparation for his starring role in the since-canceled Fox series, Pitch. "[Show creator Dan Fogelman] thought I was great but was concerned about some of the past baggage that I brought — though he didn't say it in a negative way. He said, 'I don't want people to recognize you right off the bat. Can you grow a beard?'" 

Joining the beard gang isn't the only change that stands out about the actor. He's also noticeably heavier, and he has Fogelman to thank for that, too. Since he was playing the role of a baseball catcher, he was asked to bulk up. 

Despite the show being canned after one season, Gosselaar didn't ditch the beard. As press time, it was still proudly framing his face in photos posted to his Instagram account.

Matthew Perry looks different, but at least he's healthy

Matthew Perry was just 24 years old when he starred as Chandler Bing on one of the most popular shows of all time, Friends. When the sitcom came to an end, he was 10-years older and holding on to his heartthrob status for dear life. 

As the years passed by, Perry's public appearances showed off a new look that left people speechless. The actor has spoken out about his addiction to opiates and alcohol, and his substance abuse issues may have played a role in the disappearance of his once boyish and youthful glow. 

Perry  appears to be heavier and now dons salt and pepper hair, but when he looks back at himself during old episodes of Friends, the actor had this to say during an interview with Good Morning America: "I honestly recoil. It's scary to look at that. I was a sick guy."

Perry has since kicked his habit and is dedicated to helping others on their journeys toward sobriety. So although he looks completely different today, we're just happy he's in a much better place. Healthy and happy is by far the best look.

Matthew McConaughey did a 180 when he grew facial hair

His sun-kissed skin, rock hard abs, and glorious head of hair cemented Matthew McConaughey's placement as People's Sexist Man Alive in 2005. However, he has since grown older, gained and lost weight throughout the years for various roles, and tried hard to reverse the obvious signs of aging.

In an interview with Live with Kelly, the actor said, "I was losing my hair in '99," describing a "silver dollar" bald spot on the crown of the head. The actor said he was able to reverse hair loss by rubbing his head with a hair-growth product.

Despite going to great lengths to zap life back into his hair follicles, the Magic Mike star told Marie Claire that he's trying to strike a balance as time marches on. "I'm not worried about aging, but I'm not in a rush to age, either," he said. McConaughey said he takes great care of his skin, rattling off a list of his favorite products. It's anybody's guess if that skincare regimen is working because McConaughey's scruffy beard and mean handlebar mustache have really transformed his mug.

Whoa! Joey Lawrence has changed a lot

It seems like only yesterday Joey Lawrence's posters were hanging on every teenage girls' bedroom wall. In his breakout performance as Joey Russo on the '90s sitcom Blossom, Lawrence completely rocked our world. It was impossible for fans not to fall in love with his character — the stereotypical dumb jock — and it didn't hurt that Lawrence was a source of prime-time television eye candy. 

Now that he's all grown up, a husband and a father, Lawrence has a revamped wardrobe (so long, plaid shirts, ripped jeans, and leather jackets), a new hairdo, and a bit of facial stubble that did a switcheroo to his appearance. 

Although he has never specifically talked about his physical changes — or the whereabouts of his beautiful head of wavy brown hair — he seemed rather clueless about aging when he spoke to The Huffington Post in 2017. "I began this journey so young that, 32 years later, I'm not really that old," he said.