What RHOSLC Star Whitney Rose's Husband Justin Really Does For A Living

Since "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" Season 1, Whitney Rose has been open about the scandalous beginning of her relationship with her husband, Justin Rose. Whitney and Justin met while they were working together and they were both married to their respective spouses at the time. The two inevitably fell in love and made the decision to leave their marriages, which caused a lot of their family members to turn their backs on them, per Bustle. Whitney, who comes from a long line of Mormons, was excommunicated from her church for having an affair with Justin and ultimately divorcing her then-husband.

Despite the naysayers, Whitney and Justin are still happily married and renewed their 10th wedding anniversary in the "RHOSLC" Season 1 premiere. Their lavish house is often showcased on the franchise, and she and Justin have an estimated net worth of $3 million, according to CheatSheet. Fans know that Whitney earns some of her money from being a housewife, as well as her first skincare line, Iris + Beau, per Bravo. However, "RHOSLC" fans are curious to know how Justin has earned his millionaire status over the years.

Justin was an executive for LifeVantage

According to his LinkedIn, Justin Rose started his career at Nu Skin Enterprises as a Marketing Services Manager in 1989. Over the years, he worked his way up to more prestigious roles. In 1996, he became Director of Sales at Melaleuca and then an Executive Director of Sales in 1999 at USANA.

At the time of "The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" premiere, he was working at LifeVantage Corporation as a Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. Justin had been with the dietary supplements company since 2015 and faced legal issues when he and the company were sued in 2018 for allegedly running a pyramid scheme, per Meaww. A man named Brian Smith claimed, "LifeVantage is nothing more than a pyramid-scheme dressed up as a multi-level-marketer of dietary supplements ... Despite LifeVantage's claims of retail sales, little money comes into the system from actual retail users of LifeVantage products disconnected from the business opportunity."

When news broke of the lawsuit, Whitney was quick to defend her husband and told Reality Blurb that Justin was "removed from this lawsuit years ago." Although the lawsuit against LifeVantage is still ongoing, Justin seemed to be thriving in his career at the company. That is, until his involvement with "RHOSLC" got him fired.

Justin was let go from his job because of Whitney

In March, Justin Rose announced that he was fired from LifeVantage. "They say as one door closes another door opens. But does the first door really need to close completely? Don't get me wrong I'm super excited to see what's behind the next door and just from the first glimpse it does continue to get better," he shared on Facebook. In "RHOSLC" Season 3, Justin opened up about why his boss from LifeVantage let him go. "He said how much he appreciated the work I had done but, 'With Whitney being a public figure, I just didn't see how we were going to be able to make this continue to work.' That's how the conversation started," he revealed (per Newsweek).

Whitney Rose believed Justin got fired due to their racy bedroom scene where they used body paint on each other. "It is normal to want to be intimate with your husband. It feels like that final straw is when we did the 'love is art,'" she stated.

Justin's firing came after he and Whitney used a bulk of their savings to rebrand her company "Iris + Beau" into "Wild Rose Beauty." In "RHOSLC" Season 2, Whitney shared that they had invested "well over $300,000" into her beauty line, which "put a strain" on her relationship with Justin (via Bravo). It appears that Justin is still out of work, which means he and Whitney will have to bank on her skincare company for the foreseeable future.