Drew Brees Clears The Air After Appearing To Be Struck By Lightning In Viral Video

It was a shocking night for Drew Brees and NFL fans. On the night of December 1, 2022, a video of Brees went viral on Twitter, where he appeared to be struck by lightning while being recorded for a commercial. "NFL star @drewbrees gets hit by Lightning in Catatumbo while filming a promotional video ... More info in a few minutes," the video's caption said.

The next morning, PointsBet Sportsbook tweeted in response to the viral video. "We are aware of the media coverage regarding PointsBet brand ambassador Drew Brees," the tweet said. The company mentioned that they have reached out to the former football player's team, and will "continue to monitor" the situation. "At this stage we will not be making any further comment," they added.

According to NBC Sports, it was reported that Brees was filming a commercial in a "top-secret location." That location ended up being the Catatumbo River, which is known for its multiple lightning strikes per day. However, it took nearly a day for people to find out that the former NFL quarterback was okay, as well as the real reason behind the lightning strike scare.

Drew Brees reveals he's okay after lightning strike scare

ESPN reporter Katherine Terrell was reportedly one of the first people who reached out to Drew Brees after hearing he had supposedly been struck by lightning. He informed her that he was just fine. "I just texted Drew Brees," she tweeted. "He said he's good and that he did not get struck by lightning."

A little later, PointsBet Sportsbook revealed that Brees was all good. "Time to let you in on a little fun we've had with @drewbrees guys," the company tweeted, alongside a video of the former New Orleans Saint in an ambulance explaining what happened. "He's alive and well and 'buzzing' for a weekend of free bets." At the end of the video, Brees hops out of the ambulance to go back to filming, and gets struck by lightning again, indicating that the scare was a publicity stunt.

Competition in sports betting companies has risen since states have slowly been allowing sports fans to participate in the activity. But because of this, advertisements for online sports books have been grabbing the attention of viewers. "Are we crossing that line where the leagues are suggesting that, 'Hey, if you really want to enjoy this game, let's bet on it?'" Christopher Hebert, head of the gambling division in the Louisiana attorney general's office, told the New York Times. Judging by people's reactions (it wouldn't be the first time Brees has faced outrage), perhaps this is an example of an advertisement crossing the line.