What Really Happened Between Brittini Burton And Culver Bradbury On Below Deck Down Under?

Brittini Burton and Culver Bradbury immediately hit it off when they first met on Season 1 of "Below Deck Down Under." The two deckhands were the only Americans aboard the My Thalassa, besides Chef Ryan McKeown, who was later fired. As Distractify reports, many of the crew were in relationships, and her boss Bosun Jamie Syed was off-limits, so Burton slowly developed an interest in Bradbury.

Burton shared with Bradbury her desire to buy a van and embark on a road trip across Australia after the charter season ended, and he told her he wanted to join her. The two planned the excursion together, and Burton got excited at the thought of her and Bradbury going off on an adventure.

The "Below Deck Down Under" crew also thought they made a cute couple, leading Burton to believe that Bradbury was into her. However, she later found out that he kissed a charter guest during a night out, squashing any romantic notions she may have had. Burton was annoyed that Bradbury friend-zoned her, and many "Below Deck Down Under" fans wondered what happened to their friendship after Season 1.

Brittini Burton and Culver Bradbury made their trip

"Below Deck Down Under" fans were curious to find out if Brittini Burton and Culver Bradbury had made their road trip or if their friendship was over. However, much to the disappointment of fans, there was no reunion for the premiere season, perĀ Distractify. Instead, Burton and her castmates Aesha Scott and Tumi Mhlongo took to Instagram Live to rehash the season and discuss what went down afterward. As reported by Monsters & Critics, Burton and Bradbury did go on their road trip but had to do it in the United States after Australia shut down due to COVID-19.

"The whole crew got evacuated like two days after we filmed because Australia got shut down again. So it wasn't a possibility to do anything in Australia. We all had to leave. But Culver and I did do somewhat of a road trip in the States," Burton shared. The deckhand even met Bradbury's family and stayed with them at their "compound." However, despite their time together, there wasn't a romantic connection between the deckhands.

Brittini Burton had yacht goggles for Culver Bradbury

Brittini Burton later blamed her crush on Culver Bradbury as having "yacht goggles." She explained to Showbiz CheatSheet, "So it's the idea of when you get onto a yacht, you kind of figure out, like, OK, who here are you attracted to. And then honestly, you could be like, no one here is cute, so I'll just put my head down [and work]." She went on to say that as the charter season goes by, people on the boat start to look more attractive. "Because now you have your yacht goggles on because you have no one else to compare to you," she stated.

Following their road trip together, it's unclear if Burton and Bradbury have remained close. These days, Burton is focusing her energy on empowering other women to be comfortable with their sensual energy through her company Big P**** Energy, according to her Instagram. Burton is still yachting and spends his breaks staying active. "Need some sun and a good outdoor workout. Grab some dumbbells and give this shoulder workout a go or save for later," he posted on Instagram.

It appears as if Burton and Bradbury are thriving after their "Below Deck Down Under" stint on the show, and some are hoping to see the two return for Season 2.