Whatever Happened To Ross Inia From Below Deck?

Ross Inia first appeared as a deckhand in "Below Deck" Season 6. He worked under Bosun Chandler Brooks, who failed to impress both his crew and Captain Lee Rosback with his work ethic. Brooks was like a deer caught in the headlights when it came to his tasks aboard the My Seanna, having dropped a guest into the water at one point during a charter. As noted by Screen Rant, Rosbach eventually gave Brooks the boot, and Inia was promoted to bosun due to his experience.

While Inia's first stab at the new role came with many challenges, he tried to lead with a fair hand. "Below Deck" Season 6 deckhand Rhylee Gerber declared Inia a better leader than Brooks, telling Betches he was the "best person" for the position. Still, she had her issues with Inia during Season 6. "My verdict about Ross is still a wishy-washy, because I do think from the get-go Ross was the best person for the bosun positions ... Granted, he's a much better communicator than Chandler ever was, but Ross had an issue with telling me one thing and meaning something else, so that caused a lot of frustration and aggravation on my end."

Inia was well-liked by fans and received praise from Rosbach after stepping up as bosun. However, following "Below Deck" Season 6, he hasn't made a second appearance, leaving fans wondering what the bosun has been up to since.

Ross Inia got in trouble with the law

After his brief stint on the My Seanna, Ross Inia had a brief run-in with the law. As reported by Deadline, Inia was arrested in West Palm Beach, Florida, and charged with disorderly intoxication and battery. The yachtie had been out drinking with "Below Deck Mediterranean" star João Franco, something they drunkenly documented in a series of since-deleted Instagram Stories. Later that night, Franco told Instagram users, "Ross is in jail ... and we've been looking for him four hours and counting." He then shared that it would take "between five to ten hours just to process him." Page Six reported that Inia was in a fight with two other men and punched a police officer who tried to break up the brawl. He was released on a $15,500 bond that afternoon.

Inia was initially charged with multiple felonies, but according to Starcasm, the charges were later dropped to misdemeanors. Inia pleaded guilty in court, and prosecutors dropped most charges against him, save for a single charge of disorderly intoxication. The "Below Deck" alum later stated, "It was just me and a couple of mates having a night out. That's pretty much all I can say. I can't really elaborate on it. It was a big misunderstanding," per Bravo. Since Inia's brush with the law, he has been laying low – until he surprised fans with a big announcement.

Ross Inia is engaged

In June 2020, Ross Inia debuted his girlfriend Rachel on his Instagram feed, captioning a shot of the two lovebirds: "Wishing you the happiest of birthdays babe." Nearly a year would pass before Inia updated fans on his relationship with Rachel, but it appeared the two had grown closer during that time. "So proud of you for taking this next chapter in your life.....I'll see you soon," he cryptically wrote. A month later, the yachtie shared a series of snaps of Rachel wearing an engagement ring, announcing, "Last week I got to visit my girlfriend in Kauai, Hawaii.....this was our first vacation together and what an epic time it was getting to explore one of the most beautiful places I've had the pleasure of visiting and well you know the rest.....she said Yes!"

Besides Rachel, the most meaningful person to Inia is his son Kai, whom he spoke about in "Below Deck" Season 6. Fans were introduced to Kai during a "Below Deck After Show," per Bravo. "It's tough being away from him. I tend to choose jobs that are usually based in Florida so I can spend more time with him. I revolve my life around this little guy," he shared. Kai might be the reason Inia hasn't returned to "Below Deck," but the former reality star appears to be happily anchored in Florida.