The Most Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Falls

Celebrities are always doing something entertaining. Sure, their work is worth watching, but so are their personal lives. Sometimes, it's sparring on social media or fighting each other in public. Other times, it's walking across a grate while wearing stilettos. (Okay, that last one might just be Rihanna, but it's impressive, nevertheless.) Sometimes, though, it's quite literally falling. It's not surprising — celebrities are just like us, right? Although that statement isn't exactly true, stars falling, tripping, and tumbling certainly make a case for it.

To make us feel better about our clumsiness, we rounded up a list of the most jaw-dropping celebrity falls. And before we're accused of schadenfreude, let us just say that we don't find joy in celebrities falling — we simply amassed a list of something that continues to occur. And if it makes us feel a tad better about ourselves in the process, well, that's just an added bonus. Without further ado, let's get into these jaw-dropping falls, shall we?

Zendaya slipped in Rome

Though glamorous and graceful on the red carpet, even fashion icon Zendaya is susceptible to a fall every now and then. While in Rome in early 2022, the "Euphoria" star was spotted by the paparazzi while trying to exit a vehicle. As she stepped out of the car and onto a step, Zendaya slipped backward. Thankfully she had enough handlers around to catch her before she hit the ground. Zendaya immediately got up and walked on as if she'd planned it.

While many celebrities might be embarrassed and not address their fall, Zendaya was quite amused. After the incident, the actor took to her Instagram account to make light of the situation. "I can't stop laughing ... did they really have to take a video of me tripping," Zendaya said in an Instagram story, along with the video of the fall, as reported by E! News. We're glad to see the moment didn't cause any damage – emotional or otherwise.

Had Zendaya hit the ground, we're certain she could've healed any bruises or cuts. Thanks to her role as Rue in "Euphoria," the actor is quite familiar with bodily scuffs. "It was a very tough day. I mean, I beat myself up. I still have some scars on my legs, and got quite a few bruises," Zendaya said to Entertainment Weekly about the injuries she incurred while filming the fifth episode of Season 2, "Stand Still Like a Hummingbird."

Jennifer Lawrence fell on her way to accept her Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence is clumsy — just ask, she'll tell you. While on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," the actor discussed her propensity for falling. "I fell in every single city on the press tour," she quipped to host Fallon, who started the conversation by saying, "Between both of us, we've gotten more press over tripping and falling than anyone."

We presume most of Lawrence's falls go unnoticed — there aren't cameras following her every move — but some of her most epic tumbles have been broadcasted for the world to see, like when she tripped while climbing the stairs on her way to accept her first Oscar award. Lawrence had been nominated for her work in "Silver Linings Playbook," and when she finally made it to the top of the steps, she received a standing ovation. Though the audience's reaction very well could have been for her superb performance in the movie, Lawrence said, "You guys are just standing up 'cause you feel bad that I fell, and that's really embarrassing, but thank you."

Though Lawrence keeps a good attitude about her clumsy moments when they happen, she doesn't like when it happens. "It's not fun ... at this point, it's so embarrassing," she added in her interview with Fallon.

Amy Schumer faked a fall

Many celebrities have taken a tumble, but few have done it on purpose. While walking the red carpet for the Time 100 Gala, comedian Amy Schumer made the affair a little more amusing by pranking former couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, who were also being honored at the event. Kardashian and West were posing for photos on the carpet, and Schumer threw herself down in front of them. "You know when you're doing interviews and the person sees somebody more important behind you?" Schumer asked on "The Graham Norton Show" as an explanation for her gimmick. "I think falling is the funniest thing, so I just took a dive in front of them," she added.

Schumer noted she spoke to Kardashian and West about the fall later, adding she was certain neither of them knew who she was. Whether Kardashian didn't know Schumer then or not, the two are friends now, and Schumer even helped Kardashian prepare for her turn as host of "Saturday Night Live" by advising her on her monologue. "I'm so thankful for Amy giving me the best advice ever," Kardashian said on her show, "The Kardashians." "She's just such a girl's girl that, like, wanted to cheer me on and wanted me to win."

Shawn Mendes slipped while trying to flex

Hiking is dangerous, and to that Shawn Mendes can attest. While on a hike with friends, Mendes tried to pose for a photo. Encouraged to flex his muscles, Mendes looked more clumsy and less strapping as he slipped and fell down the trail. Mendes didn't fall too far, though, and quickly recovered.

It seems his ego recovered quickly, too. "I guess that's what I get," Mendes captioned the evidence of the fall in an Instagram video. Proving he has a sense of humor about the slip, Mendes added John Mayer's "Gravity" over the video, the lyrics of which say, "Gravity is working against me."

This isn't the first time Mendes has fallen and posted about it on social media. Back in 2019, while on tour in Brazil, the singer was running through a crowd of fans, giving the ones closest to him high-fives. Mendes tripped and fell flat on his face, and a fan who recorded the moment uploaded it to Twitter. "How did the floor taste," the original tweet read. Mendes responded by reposting the video and adding, "LOL wow. Tasted bad." We're glad to see Mendes can stay so upbeat about his mishaps.

Justin Bieber fell into a hole on stage

Singing for a living seems pretty safe, right? Well, like any job, there are some occupational hazards to be aware of, especially while on tour. While on his Purpose tour, Justin Bieber learned firsthand just how dangerous stage performances can be when he fell into a hole during a performance. The hole was an open trap door, a common feature on stages, but Bieber apparently either forgot it was there or thought it was a normal part of the stage. The singer popped right back up and told the audience, "Good thing I'm like a cat and I landed on my feet. Oh my lord. That scared the f**k out of me."

Though Bieber didn't fall on stage the rest of the tour, he did end up cutting it short. The singer first announced he'd be ending his run prematurely with little to no explanation, but he opened up about his decision in an Instagram post soon after the initial notice. "Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be sustainable," he said. "I want my career to be sustainable, but I also want my mind heart and soul [sic] to be sustainable," he added.

Miguel fell onto the crowd while performing

We all have a celebrity or two we'd like to meet, but we don't imagine many of us have a celebrity we'd like to fall on us. But if being accidentally clobbered by a famous person is your fantasy, you'll be jealous of a girl or two in the audience at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. While performing his hit song "Adorn," singer Miguel jumped over a crowd of people onto another stage, but the stunt didn't go quite as rehearsed and he landed on a couple of his fans. One fan's back bent over the stage and her head was stuck under Miguel's leg. Miguel quickly moved his leg off the girl and continued performing as if the incident didn't happen.

Miguel spoke with Billboard about his performance afterward. "The crazy thing is, when you're performing and you're just kind of into it, you never know where it's gonna go and where you're gonna go with it, and how that might turn out. So this is one of the less favorable moments," he said.

Two years after the show, one girl in the crowd, who said she was physically hurt by the singer's stunt, sued both Miguel and the MGM Grand Hotel — the site of the awards show.

Bella Hadid fell on the runway

Many models have fallen on the runway, but not many models are as famous as Bella Hadid, so their slips and trips typically don't go 2016, while walking for Michael Kors, the younger Hadid sister slipped in her high heels and landed on her hands and knees on the concrete floor. As People reported, the model tweeted about the incident after saying, "Guys I'm a professional break dancer now I forgot to tell [you]." Hadid was clearly unfazed by the accident, and she still has a professional relationship with the brand. In 2022, Hadid was one of the models featured in the Michael Kors holiday advertisement.

Hadid is in good company when it comes to famous models tripping on the runway. In 1994, before Hadid was even born, supermodel Naomi Campbell fell while walking in a Vivienne Westwood show. The moment went down in fashion history, and despite first thought, didn't negatively impact Campbell's career in the slightest. Decades later, the model sat down with the designer for a Vogue interview rehash what happened, and Campbell shared the sound advice she gave herself when she fell. "I said to myself, 'Get up and keep going. That's all you have to do,'" she said.

Lady Gaga was dropped by a fan

Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous performances, but she might have gone a little too far in 2019 while performing in Las Vegas. The singer invited a fan on stage during her set and jumped into his arms. After momentarily bouncing with him, the fan's knees buckled and he and Gaga fell off the stage into the crowd. Gaga landed on her back, and the fan landed on top of Gaga. "Everything's okay," Gaga said almost immediately after the fall. "The only thing that's not okay is we need some stairs for the damn stage so I can get back up," she added. Gaga and the fan both got back on stage and hugged each other after confirming the other was unharmed.

Ever a class act, Gaga invited the fan to sit next to her at the piano while she continued the concert. The singer noted she'd fallen off stage before, and while most fans probably don't recall all the times she's fallen, we can't forget the time she jumped. In one of the most epic Super Bowl Halftime Show performances of all time, Gaga jumped down to the stage after beginning with a patriotic medley. Thankfully she didn't fall during that performance.

Beyoncé fell at Coachella

For our own self-preservation, most of us probably shouldn't compare ourselves to Beyonce. But it is comforting to know that even one of the most accomplished women in the world has fallen, too. While performing at Coachella, Beyonce invited her sister Solange on stage to perform Beyonce's song "Get Me Bodied." The two had performed the night prior, but even after that practice, managed to slip on night two. While trying to pick her sister up, Beyonce and Solange fell on stage. The music continued, as did the sisters, and the moment ended up being nothing more than a blip in what was an otherwise historic two-night show.

And we aren't kidding when we say Queen Bey made history that night. Beyonce was the first Black woman to headline Coachella, and many praised her for imbuing the performance with Black culture. Beyonce documented her preparation for the epic concerts (which spawned a live album) in the critically acclaimed Netflix film "HOMECOMING: A film by Beyonce." If anyone is going to fall on stage and still receive widespread praise, it's Beyonce.

The singer never addressed the fall, but plenty of commenters shared their thoughts on YouTube. "Beyonce has fallen many times, she still never misses a beat," one said. "Beyoncé doesn't fall. She floats peacefully to the ground," another added.

Pink fell while harnessed

The artist behind some of our favorite early and mid-aughts hits, Pink is a bona fide rockstar. She's proven just how badass she is over and over again, including the countless times she's harnessed up to perform aerial moves during her concerts. Unfortunately, one of those times resulted in an injury for the singer. While performing in Nuremberg, Germany, Pink was preparing to sing her song "So What" while backup dancers were clipping her into her harness. Pink can be seen throwing her hands in an "X," seemingly to signify that she wasn't properly secured in the harness and that whoever was operating the apparatus needed to wait a moment. The singer was then pulled across the stage while yelling "No" repeatedly before falling off the stage.

After hitting the ground, Pink said, "Oh f**k, that hurt like a motherf**ker." Per BBC, the singer was taken to the hospital after the incident, but she assured fans via Twitter that she was okay. "Nothing's broken, no fluid in the lungs, just seriously sore," she said. "Didn't get clipped in2 harness correctly, drug me off stage, fell in2 barricade. Getting xrays. I hope it at least looked cool," she added.

Post Malone was injured from his fall on stage

Add Post Malone to the long list of singers who've fallen off stage. While performing his 2022 Twelve Carat Tour in St. Louis, Missouri, the singer fell into a hole on stage. The fall was visibly painful as Post immediately put his hands over his ribs, which he later shared were bruised in the accident. The music stopped while security rushed to Post's side, but after brushing off the pain, he finished the concert.

"Thank you for the patience," he said to fans in a video posted to Twitter after the fall. "Whenever we do the acoustic part of the show ... there's this big a** hole ... We just got back from the hospital, and everything's good." Post might not have been quite as good as he claimed, though, because a week later he had to cancel his show in Boston, Massachusetts. "I'm having a very difficult time breathing ... With this pain, I can't do the show tonight," he said, ending the note with an apology.

Post did continue his tour, but not without another injury. While performing in Atlanta, Georgia, the singer told the crowd, "I just twisted up my ankle a little bit over on that hole," preemptively asking them to forgive his impending poor dance moves.

Jennifer Lawrence also fell on the Oscars red carpet

Jennifer Lawrence only has one Oscar, but she has two falls recorded at the awards show. While attending the 2014 ceremony, Lawrence took a tumble on the red carpet, just one year after falling during the actual broadcast. The actor tripped over a cone and grabbed onto the people around her to stop herself from falling, but she still hit the ground.

Lawrence is, obviously, no stranger to falling, and she had another incident on the red carpet ahead of a "Hunger Games" installment premiere. While in Madrid, Spain, Lawrence fell over her dress.

The actor took to "The Howard Stern Show" to discuss how all her falls have altered public perception of her. "Everything would have been fine if I didn't fall on that goddamn traffic cone," she said of her second Oscars trip. "It immediately looked like it was my shtick," she continued. Shtick or not, the public has certainly been entertained by JLaw's falls.