Why Miley Cyrus Wasn't A Fan Of Her Engagement Ring From Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus has had plenty of high-profile exes, but one stands out in particular. The "Hannah Montana" star was famously in an on-and-off relationship with Liam Hemsworth, who she starred in the 2010 film "The Last Song" with. In 2012, the actors got engaged, per People. However, a year later, they announced that they were calling off their engagement. Their romance was truly a whirlwind, as Hemsworth and Cyrus then re-ignited their engagement in 2016. At the time, an insider told People, "Miley is beyond happy to be engaged to Liam again ... It might seem sudden, but they have been very close for the past few months." In 2018, the couple took to Instagram and confirmed they had gotten married. However, they got divorced just a year later.

Cyrus later shared her thoughts on her divorce from Hemsworth. In an appearance on the "Joe Rogan Experience" podcast (via Yahoo!), Cyrus explained, "What really sucked about it wasn't the fact that me and someone that I loved realized that we don't love each other the way that we used to anymore." She further added that she "can accept that," but "can't accept the villainizing and just all those stories."

While Cyrus and Hemsworth's relationship received a lot of attention, there was something else that fans, as well as Cyrus, were busy talking about. Back in 2016, Cyrus didn't hold back her true feelings on her engagement ring from Hemsworth.

Miley Cyrus wasn't used to wearing that kind of jewelry

In a 2016 appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," (via Entertainment Tonight), Miley Cyrus confessed that her 2012 engagement ring from Liam Hemsworth wasn't her cup of tea. The "Wrecking Ball" singer revealed, "It's veyr weird because this is, like, real jewelry and most of my jewelry is made out of gummy bears and cotton candy." She commented on how it doesn't work with her personal style, adding, "They don't look that good together because they kind of mix up so sometimes I replace it with an actual unicorn or a Looney Toon. And he's kind of like, 'What's going on?' and I am like, 'This isn't really my aesthetic, but I'll wear it because you love me.'" Ellen then joked that Hemsworth could've "saved a lot money by buying [Cyrus] a gummy bear ring."

For Hemsworth, it seems like the second time's the charm. When Cyrus turned 24 years old, her beau got her a lavish gift. Hemsworth posted a photo of her on Instagram (via Brides) clutching a decorative box. He wrote, "Happiest birthday to my favorite little angel! What's inside, you wonder? Oh, you know, just a HUGE ring!" In a now deleted Instagram post, Cyrus flaunted her new ring. In the caption, she gushed, "Look at datttt Rainboooowwwwwwww rock! You always know how to make my 'grubby little kid fingers' SHINE!!!"

Some people loved Miley Cyrus' engagement ring

While Miley Cyrus felt out of her element wearing the special band, one key person was a huge fan of her engagement ring. In a interview with People, Neil Lane, the designer of her ring, shared his excitement about how much attention the jewelry received. He described its unique details, remarking, "Liam was really happy allowing me to use gold. We found an old European cut diamond from the 19th century. We made sort of an Art Nouveau design, something very unusual." Lane added, "We collaborated on that, and I think it gave meaning to what she was wearing." Years later, Cyrus' engagement ring continued to make waves. Fans took to Twitter to admire the precious band. In 2021, one user wrote, "miley cyrus' engagement ring from liam hemsworth still is one of the most beautiful and classy rings i've ever seen."

It doesn't appear that Cyrus hated her engagement ring that much. Back in 2017, Cyrus wore the band in the cover art for "Malibu," a song that was inspired by her relationship with Liam Hemsworth, per Cosmopolitan. She posted a now-deleted photo on Instagram that her then-love actually took. How sweet!