Bill Hader Says Justin Bieber Was SNL's Worst Musical Guest

Bill Hader is calling out Justin Bieber.

During his Thursday, March 22, 2018, appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the Saturday Night Live alum dubbed Biebs the show's worst musical guest.

"It was Bieber," Hader said, when a fan called in to ask him and fellow guest, Jay Pharoah, who the worst-behaved host or musical guest was during their tenure on the sketch comedy show. In February 2013, the "Sorry" singer played double duty as the show's host and musical guest, while promoting his 2012 album, Believe.

The Trainwreck star explained, "He just was in a bad place. Maybe he's in a better place, but back then he was in a very ... it was rough." 

"Everybody's usually on great behavior. Everyone's very excited and great behavior ... most [times] it's 100 percent," he added. "Yeah, Bieber's the only one in my experience. I think it was just, he just seemed like exhausted or just at the end of a rope. He was just so huge."

According to E! News, Hader, who recently reached a divorce settlement with his ex-wife, previously opened up about Bieber's appearance on the show during a 2013 interview with Howard Stern. "Justin Bieber showed up with like 20 guys," he told the famous shock jock. "He had a guy holding a slice of pizza. A guy holding a Diet Coke ... You're trying to fight through all these people to get dressed."

However, at the time, the comedian added, "I had nice chats with him when he was doing the scenes ... he was a nice guy. He would try to do the best that he can."