Strange Things About Giuliana And Bill Rancic's Marriage

The stars aligned when Giuliana and Bill Rancic met. The E! News television personality and her beau, the very first winner of the reality series, The Apprenticeembarked on a whirlwind romance that culminated with a December 2006 engagement and a September 2007 wedding in Capri. The couple opened the doors to their lives by headlining their own reality show, Giuliana and Bill, and they've also dished on the joyous birth of their son, Edward Duke, via gestational surrogate.

When it comes to mushy and lovey-dovey public displays of affection, Giuliana and Bill are pros at declaring their love for each other. They can't help but gush over how much they adore one another, and there's no doubt they've created the blueprint on how to have a successful, long-lasting relationship in the public eye. That doesn't mean their relationship is hiccup-free, though. Here are the strange things we've noticed about Giuliana and Bill Rancic's marriage.

They can't get rid of each other

After celebrating 10 years of marriage, Giuliana gave an exclusive interview to Us Weekly and said, "We do everything together. We don't do his and her's vacations, I think that's the beginning of the end in many cases. We genuinely like each other, which I think is pretty important, and love each other. But we love spending time with each other and we have a lot of fun."

Giuliana revealed that the key to their happy marriage was to constantly remind each other that they're in it for the long haul. "I feel like when you're in a relationship, a marriage, whatever it is, we forget to really sit down with the other person and say, 'Hey, I'm with you forever. We're committed, I love you so much, you're my life,'" she said. 

While some may feel a bit caged in if their partner was all up in their personal space 24/7, constant togetherness has really worked for the Rancics. "It's nice when someone tells you, 'You can't get rid of me, I'm with you forever.' It's just reassuring," she said.

She told a major lie

While promoting a product (via Ok Magazine), Giuliana fessed up. "I told him I was 29, and I was 31. I just knew he was the type of guy who would never Google it," she said about being less than truthful during the early years of their relationship.

She knew what she was doing was wrong, but she felt she had a good reason for fudging her age, especially since Bill had made it clear that he didn't "date girls in their 30s."

"Meanwhile, I am 31, and I'm like 'yeah, why would you? Eww,'" she said while recalling their conversation.

Bill began planning her 30th birthday party and unbeknownst to him, she had already had her 30th birthday celebration the year prior. "So no one was calling him back — my sister, family, no one. And he was thinking to himself 'God, her friends are horrible people, they don't even want to plan her birthday with me.' It was just so funny," she said. 

Eventually her friends and her sister convinced her it was time to come clean. "When I finally told him, I broke it to him over a sushi dinner, with my sister there, because I needed her backup. And I honestly didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. So I gave him my Hollywood age, no big deal."

If she can lie about her age, what else is she fibbing about?

She ditches her bling

Rumors of the couple having trouble in their marriage have been sparked by Giuliana's refusal to wear her wedding rings to various red carpet events. While attending the 2018 Oscars, she stepped out without her 4-carat sparkler and matching wedding band, but she had a legit reason why she went sans bling.

According to her jeweler who spoke with People magazine, the TV personality ditched her sparkler and opted for a "10-carat cushion cut exceptional diamond ring" instead. Apparently, her Oscar night ring was so huge, it would've clashed with the wedding rings her beloved Bill had given her.

But if this were a one-off incident, that'd be one thing. However, Giuliana pulled this same jewelry stunt at the 2017 Screen Actors Guild Awards and the 2018 Golden Globe Awards. If she wants to quiet the divorce rumors, maybe it's time she find a way to incorporate her wedding jewelry into her fashion ensembles.

Marriage first, kid second

Giuliana and Bill Rancic were greeted with backlash after Giuliana gave an interview to Us Weekly and proclaimed, "For us, I find, we put our marriage first and our child second, because the best thing we can do for him is have a strong marriage."

After the naysayers believed Giuliana was in the wrong for figuratively putting her son on the back burner, she was forced to clean up her initial statement in an exclusive interview with E! News. "Bill and I understand that my comments have sparked some debate and feel it is a good thing to open the conversation about how to find a balance between your marriage and your children. Your relationship is the first example your child learns from and we will do everything we can to show our child how much we love, respect and are devoted to one another," she said.

We get her point, but hopefully she's learned to keep some of her controversial relationship advice to herself. 

They jumped in feet first

Giuliana and Bill Rancic didn't take things slow and steady at all. In fact, as soon as they went on their very first date, they were already making plans to spend all of their time together. In a letter Bill wrote to Giuliana published by ABC in 2014, Bill said about their initial encounter at a Malibu, California restaurant: "I still remember our first date, almost nine years ago and I never went on another date after that. We knew instantly."

"We had our phones out and we were like, 'In July, I gotta go here, maybe you can meet me' and this was in March, two hours into the first date. It was the craziest thing ever," he said. 

It takes some couples a few months to really warm up to each other but for Bill and Giuliana, there was nothing stopping them from committing all of their time to each other straight out the gate.

No phones allowed

These two are super busy with their television gigs and public speaking engagements, and that means they take their downtime seriously. In an interview with People magazine, the couple revealed how they go to great lengths to keep their marriage thriving, and it all has to do with their strict cell phone policy. "The minute we come home, all our phones go in [a dish by the front door]," Bill told the publication. "That way, we're not texting or emailing people at work. We're interacting with each other. It was hard at first, but we got used to it."

Giuliana chimed in and said they try to "keep the quality time at a 10" by eliminating all distractions. "Obviously, emergencies come up," she said. "And we're both very understanding of that. But you know, a lot of things that you think are emergencies really aren't. They can be handled later."

Some may see it as super weird that they chuck their mobile phones the second they enter their home, but this no-phone policy seems to work for the happy couple.

Her boyfriend knew they were made for each other

Before they began dating, they met briefly in 2004 when Giuliana was involved with someone else. According to a letter Bill wrote to Giuliana published by ABC, Bill was hosting a promotional event when Giuliana's then-boyfriend approached him and said, "I want to introduce you to my girlfriend, but I'm afraid the two of you would run off together." As it turned out, her ex was right!

Years later, they met up again while Bill was helping to renovate a Boys and Girls Club, and Giuliana was on assignment and chatting with him for her E! News hosting duties. She asked her future husband, "Are you going to get married anytime soon?" and Bill answered, "I'm going to hold out ... I'm holding out for you." Aww!

"And I mean it when I say, I never went on another date with another woman after that day. That may sound crazy, but it's true. I just saw something so authentic in Giuliana," he explained.

This makes us wonder if her ex received an invitation to their wedding. But if the mystery, all-knowing former lover is none other than Jerry O'Connell, her ex-fiancé who reportedly cheated on her, we're guessing the answer is no.

Fights? What fights?

Squabbles and disagreements happen in even the most loving relationships, but not when it comes to Giuliana and Bill Rancic. Bill spoke with Digital Spy about how swimmingly they get along with each other, while revealing their ability to compromise is how they're able to keep the peace. "I'm a little bit older than Giuliana and obviously a little bit more experienced in the business world so for me, I kind of know when to turn the volume down on things and whatnot," he said.

Another reason for their lack of verbal tiffs can be attributed to Giuliana's overall personality. Bill described her as "laid back," and it's her easygoing demeanor that prevents them from having "any major blow outs."

It's still pretty hard to believe that after so many years, the couple has never had at least one knock-down, drag-out disagreement. But, hey...we'll take their word for it.

The proposal was dark...very dark

Bill planned and executed the entire proposal in his native Chicago during a "wild" three-day Memorial Day weekend. The weekend began with pizza, a home-cooked meal with Bill as the chef, of course, and some quality time with his buddies. During a nighttime helicopter ride overlooking the city, Bill popped the question. 

Giuliana told Today: "So I was looking [down at the city] and then I turned around and he was on bended knee proposing. We went from there to his condo; candles were lit, and there was dessert. It was amazing — rose petals everywhere!"

Because the proposal took place in a dark helicopter, followed by an even darker, candle-lit condo, it wasn't until the next morning when Giuliana got a glimpse of her ring. "I went to the bathroom to get ready...and was like, 'Oh my God! This ring is amazing!' And he was like, 'Are you just seeing the ring?'"

With the sun and bright lights finally illuminating her shiny ring, Giuliana admitted, "I just didn't really see it. And then it was like, it blew me away."

They love to get mushy

Being in love is cool and all, but some could say Giuliana and Bill Rancic go a bit too far with their public declarations. Case in point — Bill's 44th birthday in May 2015 when Giuliana penned an open letter published by ABC entitled, 44 Reasons I Love Bill on His 44th Birthday. A few of the reasons ranged from the superficial, "He has great hair and an even better body," to the sentimental, "He's more sensitive than any man I know yet stronger than any man I know."

In August of that same year, Bill returned the favor by publishing an open letter to Giuliana to celebrate her last day as an anchor on E! News. "You've won in life. I mean that. You've evolved, you've matured and you influenced others around you to do the same. You've inspired others and it shows. But there's more adventure to be had," the reality TV star wrote in the letter, also published by ABC

But he got even gushier when he stated, "I'm biased, but to be honest, there's nobody better than you." He ended the letter by calling her his "Sophia Loren — classy, elegant, strong, living your life the right way," while promising to cry tears of joys during her final taping.  

Get a room, you two!