Emma Myers: How The Newest It Girl Made It In Hollywood

We are only one season deep into the "Wednesday" story, but werewolf Enid Sinclair is already a fan favorite. Friendly, excitable, and warm, Enid is the much-needed sunshine in the show's darkness — little wonder she has won many viewers over. "I finally got around to finishing 'Wednesday' and Enid might be one of my favorite fictional characters of all time," a fan gushed on Twitter. "Enid is my favorite character from #wednesdaynetflix. I love how she expresses herself through all the colors she wears. It reminds me of what I like to wear," a second person tweeted.

But perhaps even more fascinating than Enid is the actor behind her portrayal — fast-rising star Emma Myers. A self-acclaimed introvert, Myers' personality is a far cry from her famous character's bubbly air, as she confirmed in a conversation with Teen Vogue. "She's high energy, and I'm low energy. I think the only thing that we have in common is that we are both optimists," the then-20-year-old told the outlet in November 2022. Yet, despite the stark contrast between the actor and Enid, Myers wears her character and it fits like a glove. "But that's the fun part of playing her. I get to be a totally different person," she added of her "Wednesday" role.

Let's get to know Emma Myers — aka Hollywood's newest it girl — better.

Lord of the Rings inspired Emma Myers to pursue acting

Growing up in Orlando, Florida, a young Emma Myers picked up an interest in entertainment. According to an interview with Teen Vogue, Myers started off acting in her town's community theater and working as a child model for commercials. That is, until one day while watching "Lord of the Rings," it hit her that she could make a full-time career out of acting. "Seeing the hobbits running around in New Zealand with these orcs chasing them, I was like, 'I want to do this so badly,'" she recounted to the outlet. 

But not only did the acclaimed fantasy trilogy inspire Myers to pursue acting, it — along with other fandom-heavy nerd culture content like "Star Wars" and Marvel — also stirred up her imagination, eventually influencing her viewpoint of the world.

In 2010, Myers made her onscreen acting debut after landing an uncredited role as Paige Slayton in A&E's crime drama "The Glades," per IMDb. That same year, the young actor was booked for another uncredited part in the Christian drama "Letters to God." Meanwhile, Myers also had a minor role as Gym Girl in the short film "Crooked," which was also released in 2010.

Emma Myers' unconventional schooling

Because of the never-ending demands of their jobs, young Hollywood stars often end up getting educated in non-traditional ways. So not unlike many other child actors, including Emma Watson and Demi Lovato, Emma Myers was homeschooled in a co-op. Because of this, however, a young Myers struggled to fit in with her peers — an experience she shares in common with Enid Sinclair, her "Wednesday" character, who faces societal and familial pressure as she has yet to transform into a werewolf and gain all of her powers. 

"I didn't have a lot of social skills growing up," Myers explained. "And being a nerd, or whatever, pushed me further out." But while roomie Wednesday eventually encourages Enid to be more accepting of herself, Myers was not so lucky in real life. During her conversation with Teen Vogue, she recounted being taunted in middle school for her unconventional taste in music. While girls her age were probably more into pop stars like Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, a young Myers found love in alternative sounds. "I was kind of an outsider because I was into things more than the normal kid would be," she recalled. "And I got bullied for it."

With "Wednesday" though, Myers hopes to help young people be more accepting of who they are. "There's a really good message the show promotes: embrace your weirdness! Be kooky, be who you are," she told Grazia. "I would love for younger audiences to learn that."

Hollywood's newest it girl landed more minor roles

Following her onscreen debut in "The Glade," Emma Myers knew she could do more in the industry. So the aspiring star began to audition for bigger roles upon her family's move to Atlanta, Georgia when she was 16. "It's been quite the journey since," she told Grazia. Indeed, the universe soon smiled on her as she eventually racked up a slew of minor credits in 2020. For instance, Myers appeared in an episode of ABC's drama "The Baker and the Beauty," playing the role of Stephanie. That same year, the young star acted in two episodes of "Dead of Night," another one of Hollywood's zombie apocalypse-inspired shows. But while Myers was gradually finding her foot in television, she was simultaneously making her entry into the world of film.

In 2020, Myers took on the role of BeeBee Jordan in the holiday flick "A Taste of Christmas." The following year, she was cast as Marie Cody in "Girl in the Basement," a Lifetime movie based on the true-life story of an Austrian woman named Elisabeth Fritzl.

Emma Myers fought hard to play Enid Sinclair

Without an ounce of doubt, Emma Myers pulled off her portrayal of Enid Sinclair — but make no mistake, she fought for the role. "It wasn't something that had to convince me to be a part of it," she told Teen Vogue. "It was me trying to convince everybody else to please let me be a part of it." 

Despite believing she performed poorly in her chemistry read with co-star Jenna Ortega during the auditions, Myers was called back and eventually landed the gig. "I have never screamed so loud in my entire life!" she recounted in an interview with Grazia. "I ran to my mom screaming and then we went out to dinner to celebrate." But even after getting the role, Myers continued to give it her all.

During a January 2023 appearance on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," Myers revealed that she, alongside her werewolf family in the Netflix show, were enrolled in a werewolf boot camp to help nail their roles. "We did this werewolf boot camp one time because there's episode six, where the parents come and the families come, and I had four or five brothers, and they really had to get them into the werewolf spirit," Myers told the titular host, adding with a laugh, "These stunt guys were telling you to be sheep, and we would crawl around them in a circle."

She's grateful to be a part of Wednesday

Emma Myers will always remember "Wednesday" as the show that made her a global star. As expected, then, she couldn't be more grateful to be a part of a series. "It's very surreal. I'm so thankful for all of it," she said in a conversation with Grazia. "I still am like, 'Am I still good enough?' Do I really deserve this?' But you have to tell yourself, 'I made it, I did it!' I am proud of myself, but I'm also thankful for everybody who was involved in casting me." 

But beyond those who made the decision to bring her on board, Myers is thankful for the "Wednesday" cast, which is predominantly made up of young people like her. "I'm normally the youngest one on set. We got along so well," she gushed in an interview with Teen Vogue. In particular, Myers seems to have struck a close bond with Jenna Ortega, with whom she enjoyed working. "It was mostly just the two of us goofing around," she told J-14. "We're still really good friends and we have a great relationship in real life. I'm really glad that we got to be together."

Myers also enjoyed working with the veteran cast members, like Gwendoline Christie, Christina Ricci, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. In her interview with Grazia, Myers admitted to having learned a lot from Ricci and Zeta-Jones while they were on set together.

Emma Myers is set to star in another Netflix original

As of this writing, Emma Myers is still basking in the euphoria of her breakout role in "Wednesday," but the young actor is not slowing down — at least not anytime soon. In December 2022, Deadline confirmed that Myers had signed on to act as Jennifer Garner's daughter in the upcoming Netflix comedy "Family Leave." The movie follows the story of Jess Walker, husband Bill Walker, and their two kids, CC and Wyatt, as they navigate their shaky family life. However, things change for the family when they one day wake up to discover they have all swapped bodies with each other. The dilemma? With each member of the family preparing for important life-changing events, Jess, Bill, CC, and Wyatt must work together to bring each other's dreams to fruition.

An interesting plot, no doubt, but even more exciting for Myers is getting to work with Garner. "I love her. She's incredible, she's the sweetest ... and she reminds me of my actual mom," Myers gushed on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" the following month. When asked if her real-life mom was flattered to see Garner acting as Myers' on-screen mother, she quipped: "Oh yeah! I think my dad was more excited though." 

Emma Myers hopes to explore other roles

Emma Myers is here to stay, and she wants no part to typecasting. Though still a newcomer, as of this writing, Myers is open to exploring different roles across various genres. "I would love to do more films — especially fantasy ones," she revealed in her interview with Grazia. In particular, if Neil Gaiman's fantasy fiction "Neverwhere" book is ever adapted into a movie, this rising star has called dibs on the character named Door. "That is like my ultimate role — I would murder somebody for that," she quipped in a conversation with Elite Daily. Similarly, if "Spider: Into The Spider-Verse" is one day adapted into a live-action version, Myers would like to be cast as Spider-Gwen. "I would shave my head; I would dye my hair. I feel like that would be incredible," she said.

If more fantasy movies don't come her way, though, Myers would also enjoy working in other genres — particularly films directed by Christopher Nolan. "I would love to do something with Oscar Isaac," she added to Grazia. "He's so incredible and talented. If I could act with him, that would be a dream role."