Who Is Kanye West's Reported New Wife, Bianca Censori?

Kanye West is reportedly married again. According to TMZ, the rapper has recently tied the knot with Bianca Censori. Censori is reportedly the mystery woman he was spotted having dinner with at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills on January 8 (per Newsweek).

Per TMZ's sources, West and Censori recently held a private wedding ceremony, although they still haven't made it official by filing a marriage certificate. The ceremony did appear to include a ring exchange though, as West was spotted wearing a silver wedding ring while heading to the same Waldorf Astoria last week.

As expected, the news of West's surprise marriage caused quite a stir on the internet. "Y'all said Kanye been too quiet lately and he ended up gettin' married," one fan joked on Twitter. Kim Kardashian also seemed to react to the news on social media. "I'm really in my quiet girl era, I don't have much to say. Just much to do," West's ex-wife wrote on her Instagram Story (via Mirror). Now, the next natural question is: who is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori is an employee at Kanye's YEEZY company

Bianca Censori, reportedly Kanye West's new wife, is actually a current employee at YEEZY, the same company owned by her now-husband. According to her LinkedIn profile, Censori has been an architectural designer at YEEZY since November 2020. Before joining West's footwear and apparel company, Censori earned her bachelor's and master's degrees in architecture at the University of Melbourne in Australia.

While studying architecture, Censori also owned a jewelry company, Nylons, which she ran from 2013 until 2017. "I started playing around with mesh, then putting crystals inside the meshing ... just making really simple thin chokers," she told i-D in 2016. "Once I started architecture, I still wanted some sort of creative outlet so I kept making jewelry as something to do on the side and it grew into a business."

At the time of writing, the Australian native seems to have deleted her Instagram account. However, according to Page Six, Censori's profile counted around 16,500 followers before it was taken down.