Celebs Who May Be Secretly Part Of The Illuminati

Are some of today's celebrities part of the Illuminati? If the internet is to be believed, they very well could be. After witnessing a star's meteoric rise to fame, fortune, and glory some fans have apparently thought, "There must be some otherworldly force at work." 

And they're not alone. The internet is full of some awesome — and downright bizarre — theories about the Illuminati, a rumored secret society that's allegedly maneuvered some of its members to the top of the A-list. So put on your tinfoil hats as we reveal some famous faces who are believed to be involved with this elite organization. 


Beyoncé isn't just said to be a member of the Illuminati. She's supposedly its queen, ruling alongside husband Jay-Z. 

Even though Bey denounced the conspiracy theory as nothing but "corny" in her song "Formation," that apparently wasn't enough to close the case. Romper rounded up of some of the biggest pieces of "evidence" collected via websites dedicated to Beyoncés alleged Illuminati connections. One of the biggest signs? Her hand gestures, such as the triangle and the sixes, which are supposedly used as a shout-out to her Illuminati friends. 

Believers also claim her comments about alter ego Sasha Fierce confirm there's something else going on here. "I have out-of-body experiences," Beyoncé once told Marie Claire (via NME,) "If I cut my leg, if I fall, I don't even feel it. I'm so fearless. I'm not aware of my face or my body." Skeptics might say that's the adrenaline rush of performance, but those that believe that someone is pulling strings from the shadows say that's definitely the influence of the Illuminati. 

Don't forget the hubbub over her 2017 pregnancy announcement and her pyramid poses, which believers claim was still more proof of her connections to the secret society. According to The Sun, "Illuminati rulers are believed to be at the top of the pyramid, the middle part symbolises different layers of society and ordinary people are said to be at the bottom.


The rumors that Jay-Z has Illuminati ties go back even farther than the stories that surround his wife. According to Complex, it all started with his debut album in 1996. Jay-Z sampled a line from a song by Prodigy and included it in his track "D'Evils." The line? "Illuminati want my mind, soul, and my body."

Popular opinion among conspiracy theorists suggests music artists are the perfect puppets for getting messages across to the masses. In 2014, Vulture took a crack at decoding what some claim are Jay-Z's top secret-society messages, including his 2009 video, "On to the Next One," and his signature triangle hand gesture that he associates with his Roc Nation label. Is Jay-Z really at the center of a centuries-old society that's making the world its puppet, or he just pulling on your purse strings?

"Jay Z's use of occult symbols and the public response to that use perfectly encapsulates the locus of the occult in popular culture," reported Vulture. "For Jay Z, the images work to ignite the imagination, as well as to create rumor and speculation, which can only help to sell albums..."

Blue Ivy

That's right, not only are Beyoncé and Jay-Z big pimpin' with the Illuminati, but their daughter is, too. That's the theory, at least. According to Complex, believers think the proof is hidden in plain sight. Blue Ivy is a unique name, and some think it actually stands for "Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati's Very Youngest." 

Need more proof? Try this one on for size. When Beyoncé announced another pregnancy in 2017, conspiracy nuts went wild with the revelation that she was expecting twins. That would give her three children, and the number three is a big deal in the Illuminati world. According to The Sun, it's a sacred numeral — along with other prime numbers — and the fact that Bey announced her pregnancy on Feb. 1, 2017 (also all prime numbers) was nothing short of the smoking gun for some Illuminati enthusiasts.

Lady Gaga

When Lady Gaga performed at the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show, millions were blown away by her vocals, her dancing, and the spectacle of the entire performance. 

Not Alex Jones, host of InfoWars, who described Gaga's performance as some kind of Illuminati ritual. He even warned Americans to avert their eyes when Gaga took the stage, "ruling over everyone with drones everywhere, surveilling everyone in a big swarm ... ruling over them with the rise of the robots in a ritual of lesser magic," reported the Independent.

That wasn't the first time Gaga was accused of nefarious dealings with a shadowy secret society. According to a 2009 piece in The Vigilant Citizen, the symbolism created in her style, music, and videos just screams of mind control: the all-seeing eye, the evil eye, Baphomet-like horns, Masonic imagery, the entire storyline of her "Paparazzi" video, even her name is suspect to some.


There was all kinds of Illuminati buzz surrounding the 2017 Grammys, and while most of it was about the clear symbolism presented by literally everything Beyoncé did, there was also some chatter about Adele. Really? Yes, really.

According to Tweets and Facebook posts thoughtfully compiled by CW39, Adele originally refused to accept her award for album of the year, instead wanting to defer to her Illuminati queen, Beyoncé. Adele giving up her award in favor of Bey's Lemonade was supposed to be an offering of sorts — a way to give thanks to the secret society that fueled her career. 

And have you ever noticed just how many magazine covers and publicity photos show the songstress with one eye covered? Coincidence? Some think not. What think you?

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian

Kanye West released a short film called Runaway in 2010 that reportedly gave Illuminati hunters a lot of material to run with, and that's not all. According to Buzzfeed, conspiracy theorists believe both West and wifey Kim Kardashian are high-ranking members, pointing to telltale symbolism on Kardashian's Instagram and in her family's Christmas card. 

Our favorite piece of alleged evidence: West's notorious, never-ending feud with Taylor Swift — the one that started when he took the mic away from her during an award acceptance speech at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards and proclaimed that Beyonce should have won — was supposedly a ruse. West was actually welcoming Swift into the secret society, or so the story goes. 

According to MTV News, West has responded to such chatter with a bunch of secret society jokes, tweeting: ""Question... can you devil worship on the new iphone??? ... What's better for devil worshipping Iphone or the Droid... Does lucifer return text... is he or she on Skype? Don't wanna be sexist." West also asked if the devil was a fan of Dr. Dre's Beats headphones.

Dr. Dre

When Dr. Dre started marketing his Beats headphones, they became the earpiece of choice among fellow musicians because ... the sound quality is excellent? No, silly. Because they're all in the Illuminati together, according to Illuminati Watcher. In fact, one of the biggest signs that Beats is an Illuminati product is styling of the letter "b," which looks a bit like the number "6." Put three in a row, and you get "666," the number of the devil. 

The shape and name of the Beats Pill is allegedly a dead giveaway, too. Not only is this secret society convincing the masses to spend an insane amount of money on headphones, it's simultaneously getting you to take the pill its pushing. Get it? The success of Beats is proof that this mind-control scheme is working, or something.

Willow & Jaden Smith

Spend any amount of time listening to the equally inexplicable Willow or Jaden Smith, and you'll probably walk away with a few questions about these young scholars. Jaden was, after all, the teen who told The New York Times, "When you think about an apple, you also think about the opposite of an apple" along with many other curious things. But it was MTV who put the spotlight on their alleged Illuminati connections, citing the siblings' "Mystery School" and Jaden's pyramid building — as in he was literally building a pyramid at his home. Then there's Jaden's clothing line which, according to True Africa, released "T-shirts that scream Illuminati."

BuzzFeed reported that the kids' obsession with pyramids could actually imply that they're a part of another group called the Orgonite society, which seems to be obsessed with building little pyramids to help balance the planet's invisible energies. Okay, cool. That sounds pleasant.

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes was Nickelodeon's golden girl at one time, but between 2012 and 2015, she had a very public breakdown. Complex documented the whole thing from start to finish, from her hate-filled Twitter rants to the accusations she made against her parents and her DUI charges. She eventually admitted that she had been diagnosed as bipolar and manic depressive, but conspiracy theorists suggest that the shattering of her good-girl persona was nothing less than an Illuminati practice gone horribly wrong.

According to the theories retold by Vice, the Illuminati use a technique called monarch mind control to keep its youngest members under control until they can be completely indoctrinated. Targets called kittens are controlled by handlers, and while most of the time, Illuminati targets make the transition easily, some — such as Bynes — malfunction. The result is a downward spiral, similar to what we've also seen happen to other so-called "failed" Illuminati kittens, such as Britney Spears. 

Are you laughing yet?

Angelina Jolie

A peculiar video surfaced not long after news broke in 2016 that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt were separating. According to the Daily Star, the footage claims to show Jolie in a dark room, talking about some dark-sounding activities. 

Let's get a couple things straight: It's absolutely not clear what's going on in the video, and it's subtitled in case viewers have a hard time understanding what she's saying — and they might. From that discussion, however, conspiracy theorists have speculated that the actress' alleged Illuminati ties fueled the demise of Brangelina. 

Jolie is no stranger to dark stories, so maybe Pitt was just another failed kitten? Moving on...

JK Rowling

The wildly popular Harry Potter series of books and movies have been condemned by some critics for promoting magic, but that's not all. Others believe it's author JK Rowling who's been put under a spell, becoming an Illuminati slave subjected to the same monarch mind control that allegedly drove Amanda Bynes mad. Not only that, conspiracy theorists claim Rowling was simply the face of Harry Potter and that the stories were actually penned in collaboration with a mystery man who was not only her child's father, but himself the son of Hitler and British socialite Unity Mitford. 

The close relationship between Hitler and Mitford was scandalously real, according to the BBC, but that's where the accepted facts end. The alternative facts suggest that the sheer amount of witchcraft, magic, exotic ideas, and symbolism in her books play right into the Illuminati's mind-controlling plans. 

Katy Perry

Most celebs scoff at the notion that they're a part of the Illuminati, but in 2014, Katy Perry told Rolling Stone (via the Independent) that she was ready and willing to join. "If the Illuminati exists, I would like to be invited," she said. "I'm like: 'Come on, let me in! I want to be in the club.'"

If the conspiracy theorists of the internet are to be believed, she got her wish. Vice took at a look at some of the Illuminati imagery in her 2015 Super Bowl halftime show performances, and there's so much there that you can't help but wonder if she's just messing with us. It starts from the moment Perry enters the stadium "on the back of a beast." There's also the chess board, which is apparently a nod to how we're all Illuminati pawns. Being air-lifted on a star was a reference to her standing as a goddess, and according to one blogger, the airing of a Scientology commercial during her performance was another nod to the whole Illuminati-aliens-demons thing. Her goofy costumes were a clever way to desensitize us, and, of course, there were symbolic eyeballs galore. 

We could also dive into her Egyptian-themed "Dark Horse" video, too, but we just don't have the strength. 

Jim Carrey

When celeb Jim Carrey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2014, he came out on stage flashing a strange symbol. That wasn't entirely surprising — he was Ace Ventura, after all — but when Kimmel asked his guest what the heck he was doing, Carrey's response was illuminating. 

"Come on, Jimmy ... I'm here tonight to blow the lid off it," Carey finally said. "I'm sick and tired of the secrets and the lies It is the secret symbol of the Illumi-nutty, and you're part of it. It is the all-mocking tongue." 

Well played, Carey. Well played.