Where Ashley Marti From Below Deck Sailing Yacht Is Today

Ashley Marti made quite the splash in "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" Season 3. Since the first episode, she caused a lot of drama within the boat that carried on throughout the season. During the crew's first night together, Marti and First Officer Gary King had a steamy makeout session in the hot tub. She later made it clear that she wanted him to only have eyes for her, but he wasn't ready to commit to a relationship. Undeterred, she spent the season chasing after him and getting upset when he hooked up with Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher and the second stew, Gabriela Barragan.

Marti also created a tense work environment for Barragan after she was appointed third stew despite the two having similar work experiences. However, Kelliher thought Barragan had more life experience as she was older than Marti. The third stew often ignored Barragan's orders and made her job more difficult. Midway through the season, the second stew had enough of the boat drama and decided to quit.

While Marti's actions were already causing tension within the boat, she caused even more drama when she convinced a very inebriated King to have sex with her. Many "BDSY" fans thought the first mate had been sexually assaulted and Marti got a lot of heat from viewers, per E! News. Marti ended up skipping the reunion and used her moment of fame to pursue another career.

Ashley Marti is making bank on OnlyFans

Ashley Marti's time on "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" Season 3 was highly controversial and it's likely that she won't be back on the show. Following her stint on reality television, Marti decided to go another route and created an OnlyFans account, which was a topic of conversation during the Season 3 reunion. Although Marti was dragged by her cast members and viewers for failing to show up, she had the last laugh and tweeted the following day, "Just want to thank @BravoWWHL for all the free OF publicity! I love waking up and seeing that in a couple hours, I've made more money than #Bravo paid me for 6 weeks."

According to Refinery29, "Below Deck" stews make around $5,000 a month, not including tips from the charter guests. Crew members each earn about $15,000 in tips for their six-week season, which can add up to $20,000 for a second or third stew. At the time, the Daily Mail reported that Marti was charging $12.50 for her OnlyFans subscription and had 4,100 fans so far, which meant the former yachtie made over $51,000 that month. With a much heftier paycheck, Marti can afford to leave the stew career behind and is using her money to traverse the globe.

Ashley Marti is traveling the world with her paycheck

When she's not creating content for her OnlyFans site, Ashley Marti is traveling the world. In August 2022, she shared a poolside selfie on Instagram and wrote, "Life is fxcking amazing." The previous day, the former stew was in Spain with her fellow "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" Season 3 cast members Kelsie Goglia and Barnaby Birkbeck. "Ibiza you did not disappoint..and neither did the squad," Marti captioned.

In October 2021, she showed off her adventurous side by going on a safari in Tanzania. Marti shared a snap of her and a tour guide and wrote, "*Guide Appreciation Post* This man has been above and beyond anything I could've ever asked for. His name means Good luck and that's exactly what he is. If any of you ever plan on going on safari in Tanzania, talk to me and I will make sure you have the best guides."

Although Marti clashed with many of her "BDSY" cast members, she became good friends with Goglia, and the two often spend time together. Marti visited her BFF in San Diego to watch her throw the first pitch for the Padres. "Couldn't miss my bestie throw an absolute zinger of a first pitch," she shared on Instagram. Despite her controversial "BDSY" season, it looks as if some good things came out of her short stint on the show.