What Happened To Cristina Gibson From Summer House?

"Summer House" has been a reality TV sensation since its premiere in 2017. The Bravo show focuses on several young adults who leave New York City to spend their summer weekends in the Hamptons. Fans may remember Cristina Gibson, who appeared in Season 1. Before the series aired, she frequently went to the house with her co-stars Kyle Cooke and Lindsay Hubbard. Gibson and Hubbard even lived together in New York City. However, their friendship ultimately crumbled, per ScreenRant.

Although Gibson was only in the first season, she had plenty of memorable moments. In one episode, Cooke confronts her, annoyed that she told his ex Amanda about another fling he had. In a confessional clip, Gibson defends herself, saying, "I was actually trying to help him. I like Amanda. I want them to be together, so I told her his kiss with Katie meant nothing. I didn't realize I was telling her something she didn't know, but I was being honest and truthful and I think that she appreciated it."

For better or for worse, Gibson has stayed out of the latest "Summer House" drama. So, what has Gibson been up to since her reality TV stint?

Cristina Gibson is a copywriter

Since leaving "Summer House," Gibson has focused on her writing career. She's no newbie to the industry, having written for numerous outlets including Us Weekly and InStyle, per her website. Following her stint as an entertainment reporter, she pursued opportunities as a copywriter and brand strategist. She's produced content for major brands such as American Express. On her website, she writes, "I'm passionate about beauty, fashion, parenting, travel, wellness, and more." There, Gibson has displayed work from her extensive portfolio, which includes copy for email and paid ads.

Gibson's expertise in pop-culture topics has supported her current professional endeavors. In the past, she worked as an on-camera host for various red carpets, news segments, and events. As seen in her 2017 reel, she's interviewed dozens of big celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Jonah Hill! In addition, the former reporter once appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" to talk about summer sunglasses. She was on top of her game, noting, "The most important thing is affordability because these are trendy sunglasses so you don't want to blow your whole paycheck." Gibson then shared her knowledge of eyewear styles.

Cristina Gibson balances work and family life

Cristina Gibson is active on Instagram, where she posts photos and videos of her family. She seems to be head over heels in love with her partner Drew. The couple shares a dog named Leo and a daughter named Madeline, who was born in 2021. In August 2022, Gibson dedicated a birthday post to him. Along with adorable footage of the trio, Gibson wrote, "Happy birthday to an incredible dad and partner! Maddie, Leo, and I love you so much." The family resides in Florida.

When she's not coming up with catchy taglines or spending time with family, Gibson devotes herself to important causes. Gun control is one topic that the writer is deeply passionate about. In one tweet, she wrote, "Enough is enough constant carnage. We demand the Senate DO THEIR JOB and take action to #EndGunViolence." She then provided instructions for how people can help. In another tweet, she remarked, "Things must change. We need stricter gun control ASAP." Gibson clearly has no reservations about sharing her point of view on critical topics.