Where Are Below Deck's Most Dramatic Cast Members Today?

It's no secret that one of Bravo's most dramatic reality series is the floating debauchery that occurs on "Below Deck." The show has been making a splash on the network ever since it debuted, with no shortage of outspoken crew members. Bravo ring leader Andy Cohen is the least bit surprised about how the series spanned into multiple different successful spin-offs over the years. "I was like, get a bunch more boats in the water, because I realized this could go on with different casts and different groups and different boats [and] as many places as we wanted to," he told Bravo Insider about the hit series.

Grow it did, taking crew members to luxurious locations season after season with over-the-top charter guests and explosive crew fights. With small living spaces, extreme work conditions, and high-paying guests, it's a perfect pressure cooker for yachties to have a breakdown. Whether it's chefs walking off the boat, secret rendezvous between cast mates in the guest cabins, or crew getting fired, "Below Deck" always keeps viewers on their toes. While some of the seasoned "Below Deck" yachties have stayed in the industry, others have ditched the drama for a more normal life on land. While some crew members' reality television careers may be over, that doesn't mean we have forgotten about their wild antics. We're taking a look back at where some of Below Deck's most dramatic cast members are today.

Tom Pearson went back to the UK

Tom Pearson's time on Season 3 of "Below Deck Sailing Yacht" was anything but smooth sailing. When the U.K. native wasn't locking lips with his coworker, he was finding himself in trouble with Captain Glenn Shephard. The deckhand wasn't off to a great start in the premiere episode when he returned to the cabin he shared with Shephard in a drunken stupor. Pearson didn't make the best impression on his boss by throwing up in the toilet, but he defended his actions by saying, "Everyone in the world has done it; they just didn't do it on national television, which only makes me a little bit more of a legend" (via Express). Pearson went on to be fired from Parsifal III. The deckhand was let go mid-season after an incident with the anchor running aground during Pearson's anchor watch shift led to Shephard losing trust in his abilities.

As for what Pearson is up to since his days onboard "Below Deck," he's traded his sea legs for a farming career back home. As per his Instagram page, he refers to himself as the "Country King" and advocates for British farming. He posted a photo of himself cozying up to a cow in a field writing, "British blue. Can't beat where we are from at this time of year." While Pearson may not be driving boats around the waters of the Mediterranean, he's getting plenty of miles on giant tractors from the looks of his social media. 

Rocky Dakota went for a swim during charter

Raquel "Rocky" Dakota was quite a controversial cast member in Season 3 of "Below Deck." The California native has a love of all things water, being the daughter of a world champion surfer and having been a national competition diver herself. But her love of adventure got the best of her onboard, as she was constantly dodging criticism from Captain Lee Rosbach and her crew mates. She was often playing harder than she worked, and taking photos of landscapes instead of making up cabin beds. Her behavior went overboard, literally, when she attempted to quit during her season by diving into the ocean mid-charter. Rosbach even admitted on Twitter that he nearly fired the stew, writing, "Oh, it was close, so close."

Though Dakota made it through her season, she decided to leave her career in yachting after her season on "Below Deck." As per her Instagram page, the stewardess went on to spend time in Hawaii where she posted a variety of photos of her surfing and competing in water sports. Dakota has also been working as a fitness coach in California, writing in an Instagram caption of one of her classes, "This is dry land training, basic fundamentals 101. I love encouraging people to get mentally and physically stronger. Blessed to start everyone's week and empower this community." The former cast member seems to have left any "Below Deck" drama in the past. She frequently posts uplifting quotes and biblical passages on her page. 

Heather Chase dropped a racial slur

Heather Kapiolani, who goes by Heather Chase, made quite the stir when her mouth got the best of her in Season 7 of "Below Deck." The drama was ignited when Chase used the N-word on a crew night out, upsetting her black castmate and deckhand Rayna Lindsey. As per "Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen" Lindsey revealed that she struggled with the aftermath of the incident and not wanting to feed into any stereotypes about her being an "angry, aggressive black woman." She went on to say "It's 2021, it's something that should just be known," referring to Chase's racial slur. Chase went on to apologize for her actions, writing in a since-removed Instagram post, "I am sorry for the hurt my ignorance caused Rayna in tonight's episode. While I apologized to Rayna throughout the season, I cannot express enough how remorseful I am."

Chase went on to continue her career as a chief stew in the yachting industry. The chief stew posted an Instagram video alongside her friend Kaylee Milligan, who came on Season 7 as a replacement, working on a yacht together following their season. She's also found love since her "Below Deck" days with a former captain of hers. "Thru all the madness of Below Deck season 9 and this last year of scrutiny this man has been my rock ... We were no longer coworkers but I couldn't help but want to spend all my free time with him," she wrote in an Instagram post

Mila Kolomeitseva's questionable culinary skills

Mila Kolomeitseva, the first female chef on the franchise, shocked viewers in Season 4 of "Below Deck Mediterranean" with her culinary skills — or lack thereof. In one scene, the chef microwaves the steaks she prepared for the chefs, shocking Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier. After the chief stew sees that Kolomeitseva prepared the guests' food too early she tries to stop her from reheating the already-cooked steaks. The chef then replies to her, "What do I do with them, then?" Ferrier admits in her confessional, "I've never seen a chef put steaks into a microwave."

But it wasn't just her questionable food that bothered the chef's crew mates. On a night out, she admitted to being homophobic when questioned by her crewmate. "I don't want to see a man kissing a man in front of me," she said. Ultimately, Kolomeitsava's less-than-impressive galley skills were her downfall, and she was fired early by Captain Sandy Yawn.

As per what the chef has been up to since her dramatic exit on the show, she keeps a low profile. A viewer admitted to seeing Kolomeitseva in France following her season. "I saw Mila at a bar in Cannes. It was called New York," the fan tweeted, adding "She was just chilling there. I asked for a picture, and she got mad. LMAO." The fan did get her picture with the chef after all, but due to the chef's lack of social media activity, it's unclear what she's up to post-yachting. 

Leon Walker had an attitude problem

It's pretty standard on "Below Deck" that chefs bring their attitudes onboard with them. It was exactly the case for Leon Walker when he led the galley in Season 3 of the series. Him and Chief Stew Kate Chastain were constantly at each other's throats about menu choices, and the situation got worse throughout the season. In one scene, Walker gets frustrated with his fellow department head after she asks for snacks and finger food per guests' requests. "I can't pull things out my a**," the chef tells Chastain, to which she replied, "I'm not really sure [the guests] knew what they wanted to do until now."

When stewardess Amy Williams questions Walker about his desire to "blow away" the guests, he responds by saying, "Of course I could, if I wanted." Things escalated when a fire erupted while Walker was baking a pizza, to which he tried to unsuccessfully blame on the chief stew. Ultimately, Captain Lee Rosbach fired Walker over his poor performance. 

The contentious galley head has continued to work as a chef following his season. As per his LinkedIn page, he worked as a head chef in the United Kingdom starting in 2017. His bio reads, "25 years of experience still passionate and a Team player looking for the next Challenge with the new team." He stopped updating his Twitter in 2020, but he has uploaded a variety of photos of beautiful dishes and posted about working in an artisan bakery.

Lara Flumiani and Hannah Ferrier's huge spat

Can't the stewardesses just get along? It's a question that remains to be seen each season as clashes within the interior department lead to explosive crew fights. During Season 5 of "Below Deck Mediterranean", Stewardess Lara Flumiani and Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier were at each other's throats from the start. One day, the two began arguing over Ferrier's directions when Flumiani was told she didn't need to clean the crew mess. "It's written there, you wrote it," Flumiani tells her boss to which Ferrier replied, "I don't f**king care." Ultimately, the Italian stewardess quit the yacht during her season, much to Ferrier's relief. 

Flumiani's questionable attitude may have given her the boot in Season 5, but she continued to work in yachting following her early departure. She led the interior department as a chief stew in Antibes, and also took a job as a second stew on a different motor yacht. It's unclear what she's up to beyond yachting, as she doesn't have any social media profiles as of this writing. As per Hannah Ferrier, she left yachting after she was fired for having drugs on board in Season 5. She went on to get married and have a family, but she still has her sea legs. She starred in "The Real Love Boat Australia" as cruise director. "Amazing and juice week of @therealloveboatau," she wrote in an Instagram photo.

Magda Ziomek's boy problems

Magda Ziomek came onboard and caught the eye of many of her crewmates as a sassy, funny, Polish model-turned yachtie. But her time on Season 1 of "Below Deck Down Under" was cut short when she couldn't find the balance between her work life and her personal life. The stewardess came on board the yacht in Whitsundays with a significant other, and her struggle with jealousy and communication led her to constantly be distracted at work. In one scene, she forgets a gluten allergy, to which a guest tells her, "Don't f**k it up." She was ultimately let go by Captain Chambers, and she admitted to her mistakes in her confessional. "I know I f**ked up. My relationship and the work [don't] go together," Ziomek said at the time. 

As for what the model is up to since filming, she's called it quits with her then-boyfriend. "We're not together anymore. We broke up. I know if I'm yachting, I have to be fully focused. It was all making my life complicated," she told TV Insider. "I was trying to balance it...I was trying my best to keep both sides happy. Perspective now, I wouldn't do the same thing again." 

When not on board super yachts, Ziomek keeps herself busy as a bikini model and influencer. According to her Instagram, she has partnerships with bikini brands and models for several different international designers. The former "Below Deck" star took her sea legs to the runway in 2022 for Athens Xclusive Designers Week, as per her Instagram post.

Ashley Marti's big crush

Ashley Marti had no shortage of boy problems onboard the Parsifal III in Season 3 of "Below Deck Sailing Yacht." The stewardess had her eye on bosun Gary King, but the feelings weren't always reciprocated. In one scene, she tells her fellow stew Gabriela Barragán that she's having "horny problems." King was a lady magnet during the season, kissing all his female coworkers with the exception of one stew. Though the romance between Marti and King fizzled out, she was accused by fans of assaulting the deckhand by convincing an overly-drunk King to sleep with her in the guest suite during the charter. King put the rumors to bed — pun intended — however, saying that it was a mistake but that he didn't feel taken advantage of.

Marti decided not to appear on her season's reunion show, writing in a since-deleted Instagram Story, "I chose to not do the reunion because, at the time the reunion was filmed, all of the stuff with the bedroom scene was coming out," adding, "and people were being very nasty. And I just felt like I didn't want to have to deal with it during the reunion." Marti went on to start an OnlyFans account following her time on "Below Deck," with monthly subscriptions running about $10 a month. As per the looks of her Instagram page, the yachtie is living in South Florida, but it is unclear whether or not she's taken on any stewardess positions. 

Andrew Sturby lied on his resume

The pressure of working on a superyacht is intense, and even more so if you're a green deckhand. No one knows it better than Andrew Sturby, who revealed on Season 2 of "Below Deck" that he lied on his CV. In one episode, the deckhand calls Captain Lee Rosbach to the wheelhouse to reveal his secret. "I really embellished my resume," Sturby admitted, adding, "I really wanted to have this adventure." Rosbach decided to let Sturby attempt to prove himself, despite the yachtie admitting, "I don't think you get much more inexperienced than I am." Sturby's adventure was ultimately cut short, however, when he was fired by Rosbach not long after. 

Since his season ended, the deckhand attempted to get more experience on boats. As per his interview with Bravo TV, he got a job working as a deckhand in Florida but the experience wasn't what he had hoped it would be. The captain refused to teach Sturby on the fly, and he was ultimately replaced by a more experienced deckhand. Having hit walls within the yachting industry, Sturby turned to the service industry. He can now list "certified bartender" on his resume, and not have to lie about it. Because of Sturby's slip-up, "Below Deck" cast members are required to go through a more strenuous verification process. "Because of Sturby, we now check all references. Everybody's gotta give us three references of boats they've worked on. We check those pretty carefully," Cronin told Showbiz Cheatsheet.

Jennifer Howell struggles as a stew

Jennifer Howell came on to Season 5 of "Below Deck" and immediately clashed with Chief Stew Kate Chastain. The stewardess was constantly frazzled, getting lost when doing simple tasks and crumbling under the pressure of intense charters. One episode sees her leaving the dinner service she was helping out with due to a breakdown. "I'm being pulled in a million directions, I'm being told to do something, and I do it, and then you're yelling at me for doing what I was told," the stew tells Chastain. Howell made it through the charter season, barely, after multiple clashes with her crew mates throughout the season.

Nowadays, it seems Howell's days of climbing the stewardess ladder are behind her. As per the yachtie's Instagram bio, she works as a chief stewardess on yachts, as well as a luxury realtor. Howell may not have reappeared on another season of the franchise, but she drops in the Bravo clubhouse to give her two cents during "Watch What Happens Live." The chief stewardess posted an Instagram photo in 2020 when she appeared on a special "WWHL" episode revolving around "Below Deck." When she's not working on yachts, she's hanging out with her daughter Isabella. "While many may judge from the outside looking in I know they have never had the responsibility of raising a child completely alone without the financial, emotional or physical support of a partner or nearby family members," Howell wrote in an Instagram post.

Chef Ryan McKeown needs an attitude adjustment

Chef Ryan McKeown's time on Season 1 of "Below Deck Down Under" was full of tension. When he wasn't fighting with Chief Stew Aesha Scott about literally everything, he was upsetting Captain Jason Chambers. His work ethic constantly came into question on the show, and Chambers put pressure on the chef to step up his game. In one scene, when the captain raises concerns about the lack of "wow factor" in the food, McKeown gets defensive, saying sarcastically, "I guess that's why I'm feeding the guests and not the captain all the time." Ultimately the McKeown was sent home early after he couldn't lose his combative attitude and his food missed the mark for guests.

McKeown's time on "Below Deck Down Under" was cut short, but he's moved on from the drama of "Below Deck" to pursue other endeavors. As per his Instagram, he's launching a podcast titled "Yes Daddy." As of the time of writing, the chef resides in Miami but splits his time between Florida and Philadelphia. Whether or not he's cooking for yacht guests is unclear, but McKeown is still getting in his hours in the kitchen, and he frequently posts appetizing photos of his dishes. 

Whether or not you like the chef, he doesn't seem to mind. "Not everyone gets the same version of me. One person might tell you I'm an amazingly, beautiful soul. The other might say I'm a cold-hearted a**hole — believe them both. I act accordingly," he wrote in an Instagram post.

Lexi Wilson fought with literally everyone

Lexi Wilson was one of the most combative crew members in "Below Deck" history. The stew appeared on Season 6 of "Below Deck Mediterranean", and her quick temper and sharp tongue had her lashing out at all of her cast mates. In one scene, the stewardess starts drunkenly yelling at her crewmates to the point that Deckhand Lloyd Spencer walked off in tears. Wilson showed no remorse for her behavior, and tension continued to mount between her and Chef Mathew Shea throughout the season. Wilson called him a "low life" during a crew dinner, and Shea forced her out of his galley during dinner service. Ultimately Captain Sandy Yawn let the stew go in the midst of the charter season.

Since her time on "Below Deck", Wilson has come forward to call out the show's producers for giving her an unfair edit. As per since-removed Instagram Stories, she claimed a conversation with her mother was chopped up and edited to make it look like she was bashing Shea. When a producer DM'd Wilson about her claims, she responded, writing, "And the nerve of you to message me talking about how you treated me fairly #nadinerajabi when you allowed this to happen!" 

As of this writing, Wilson does not have public social media pages. According to Screen Rant the stew has been enjoying traveling since her yachting days ended. She spent her birthday in Saint Lucia following her season and then headed back to her home in Miami. 

Chef Rachel Hargrove's shocking comments

Chef Rachel Hargrove has been a "Below Deck" regular since her first appearance on the series in Season 8. The chef has served plenty of impressive meals throughout multiple seasons, but despite her talent in the galley, Hargrove has had her fair share of dramatic moments. One day, an over-the-top guest preference sheet sends her over the edge. "Eat my c**ter," she says in response to the lengthy guest requests, adding "I'll start packing now." The intense charters could have been the reason for Hargrove's heavy drinking on nights out. Bosun Eddie Lucas described her personality when drinking as a "flip of a switch", adding that she became "dark and combative." 

After her debut in Season 8, Hargrove went on to work as the chef in Seasons 9 and 10. She won't return as a chef on "Below Deck", however, after she wrote in an Instagram post, "Yes it is true I filmed my last BD season in February 2022." The announcement came after she bashed the network in a Reddit thread. "I hate the show... I've always felt that way since before I filmed season 8... It's just time for me to tell them to get the F@*$ off my back and stop treating us like the way they do," she wrote. She also called out Southern Charm's Austen Kroll in a since-deleted tweet, writing, "Cheers to the most narcissistic twat on @BravoTV," after she claimed he was rude to her after they met in her home city. 

Ashton Pienaar's drunken outbursts

Ashton Pienaar has had plenty of dramatic moments during his time on Seasons 6 and 7 of "Below Deck." While he's had his fair share of drunken fights, nothing was more intense than when he nearly died in the midst of a charter. In one scene, the deckhand's leg gets wrapped around a line, and he is dragged overboard in seconds. Ultimately Pienaar was rescued by the quick actions of a cameraman, whom the deckhand says saved his life.

Pienaar's troubles didn't end with his accident, however. The bosun's management skills came under fire in Season 7 when he constantly clashed with Rhylee Gerber. "He was strictly focusing on her weaknesses, and he wasn't utilizing her strengths. And had he utilized her strengths, it would have made him look so much better, but he didn't," Captain Lee Rosbach said in an interview with The Daily Dish. Though Pienaar was pushing for Gerber to be fired, Rosbach ultimately decided to keep the deckhand. "Thank you @capthlr for allowing me the opportunity to show my value onboard M/Y Valor," Gerber tweeted. Pienaar defended his actions on board, saying, "We did not get along with Rhylee because she's Rhylee, and she has the attitude that she has" (via The Daily Dish).

Since his time on the show, Pienaar got engaged to his girlfriend Sarah Calpine. He works as a personal trainer as per his Instagram bio, calling himself the "The Yo-Yo Diet Recovery Coach." Pienaar claims to "help people go from soft & sad to hard & happy without restrictive dieting or hours in the gym."

Fans hated Chef Adam Glick

Chef Adam Glick has had plenty of controversial moments during his time on "Below Deck." The seasoned chef has appeared in Seasons 2 and 3 of "Below Deck Mediterranean", as well as in Season 1 of the spinoff "Below Deck Sailing Yacht." He started the infamous "oniongate" in Season 2 when he ignored a guest's preference sheet and continued to put onions in his food. When Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier asked Glick why he deliberately ignored guests' requests, he responded by saying, "You can't make a nice soup without a little onion flavoring."

It wasn't just his food getting him into trouble, however. The chef was involved in a love triangle with Malia White and Deckhand Wes Walton. White revealed that she and Glick met up once before filming, but she claims she wasn't invested in a relationship with the chef like he was. Glick admitted his emotions got the best of him, and he stopped pursuing White after it was clear she was interested in Walton.

Glick is active on Instagram, where he posts several photos and videos of his travels alongside his dog. He's still working as a chef (and cooking with onions) but he's traded his sea legs for cooking around the United States in adventure camper vans. When he's not cooking meals in the wilderness or working private events, the Chef is teaching classes at Overland Expo, which include how to prepare meals in a single pot and a knife skills course.

Chef Robinson stirs up the tension

One of the most featured chefs in "Below Deck" history is Chef Ben Robinson. The seasoned head of the galley has appeared in Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 of "Below Deck", as well as in Seasons 1 and 4 of "Below Deck Mediterranean." His most dramatic moments have involved his on-again-off-again friendship with Chief Stew and series regular Kate Chastain. The two clashed multiple times during Season 4 over dinner times and communication with the guests. They have since put their drama to bed and are good friends. They have gone on to appear in episodes of "Galley Talk" together to dish about the drama on other seasons of "Below Deck".

Robinson's passion for cooking hasn't changed since his time on the show. He is still working as a private chef, and he continues to post Instagram photos of his decadent cuisine. "Happy Monday, my lovelies. Still loving what I do!" he captioned a photo of an oyster dish he prepared. He's also shifted focus by adding health and wellness consults to his clients. As per his website, he is "qualified as a Certified Health Consultant from the revered Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where he learned how our bodies will heal, and how they thrive, if only they were fed correctly." Robinson continues to use his sea legs, and still spends plenty of time at sea cooking. As per his Instagram post, he partnered with Virgin Voyages to offer cooking demos and multiple-course tasting menus.