Why You Never Hear About George And Amal's Twins

Following intense months of speculation and excitement, Amal and George Clooney welcomed their twins, Ella and Alexander, in June 2017. Unfortunately for fans, however, the birth announcement didn't offer up many details about the babies. "Ella, Alexander and Amal are all healthy, happy, and doing fine," George's publicist said in a sparse statement to Variety. And while people were hopeful that Amal and George would dish more about their twins as time progressed, the new parents have remain tight-lipped about their kids. In fact, it's extremely rare for George and Amal to share info about the twins in interviews despite the incredible level of fan interest. So, why don't people ever hear about the babies? Although Ella and Alexander deserve the right to privacy (they don't get a say in this whole fame thing, after all), it is a bit odd that their parents never talk about them. And on that note, here's why you never hear about George and Amal's twins.

Amal doesn't like the spotlight

Before Amal started dating George in late 2013, she was best known for her work as an international human rights lawyer. Of course, that all changed when Amal became "Mrs. Clooney," a role which required her to dodge the paparazzi 24/7. Overnight, Amal went from a quiet life working diligently on a high-profile human rights cases to being featured on the covers of national magazines. And if you're wondering how Amal handled this major shift, the answer is not well. In fact, Amal finds fame emotionally taxing. "It's a little like being in a parade, and it's not easy — particularly for [Amal] — because, in general, we live a very private life," George said in September 2017 of his wife's struggle, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Another source referred to Amal's relationship with celebrity as challenging. "Amal has a stressful career; the cases she works on are hugely important — but it's actually the less meaningful things that are really making life a challenge for her right now," a supposed insider explained in April 2015 (via The Independent). "She says she can handle the job stress because that's what she knows, but this whole celebrity thing, it's just much harder."

So, when you consider how much Amal struggles with fame, it makes sense that she doesn't put Ella and Alexander in the spotlight. Why would Amal want to throw the twins into the circus of Hollywood if she hates it herself, right? 

George & Amal are first-time parents

Becoming a parent for the first time is an incredibly special experience, especially for someone who thought they'd never have a child. Both George and Amal, for instance, doubted that they'd ever be parents. "I didn't know that we'd have kids," a then 55-year-old George confessed to E! News in March 2017. Amal was as equally as doubtful, telling Vogue, "I was 35 when I met him [George]. It wasn't obvious that it was going to happen for me." Luckily for the couple, however, they were both on the same page about wanting kids. "There was an assumption that we didn't want children," George told The Hollywood Reporter. And then, after the wedding, Amal and I were talking and we just felt we'd gotten very lucky, both of us, and we should share whatever good luck we've got. It would seem self-centered to just have that belong to us."

Still, as much as the couple desired kids, it didn't make the whole parenting thing any less scary. "Suddenly, you're responsible for other people, which is terrifying," George said of the births (via People). And given how frightening parenting can be, it's understandable that the pair is hesitant about allowing fans into their world. Although George and Amal's fans might not be jazzed about their silence regarding Ella and Alexander, you can't really blame them for their reluctance in this area — it's a bit nerve-wracking to make parenting decisions with millions of eyes watching you, right? 

Their safety is top priority

When Ella and Alexander made their big debut, the paparazzi went to great lengths to get their first picture. Case in point: In July 2017, A few photographers from the French magazine Voici scaled the fence of George and Amal's home in Italy to procure pictures of the twins. "Over the last week photographers from Voici magazine scaled our fence, climbed our tree and illegally took pictures of our infants inside our home," George said in a statement about the incident, according to Vanity Fair. "Make no mistake the photographers, the agency and the magazine will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. The safety of our children demands it." Scary stuff, right? Considering it's pretty unnerving to have strangers competing to catch a glimpse of your kids, it's no wonder why George and Amal are so guarded when it comes to Ella and Alexander. Clearly, safety is a big reason why people don't hear about Ella and Alexander very often.

They spend a lot of time in England

When you're a major celebrity who craves privacy, it's a good idea to find a low-key retreat where you can find reprieve from the public eye. For George and Amal, their frequently used hideaway is a pricey nine-bedroom mansion in the English countryside that includes a tennis court and nanny quarters. But the best perk of the home is that the couple can raise Ella and Alexander away from the hectic world of Hollywood. "We definitely do more things in our home to ensure privacy in a context where we can't otherwise get it," Amal said of upgrading the property to ensure maximum privacy, according to Vogue. Additionally, the house is perfect for the family because England has very strict laws regarding celebrity kids rights. In fact, British magazines can't publish photos of kids unless their parents give consent. So, if you're wondering why you haven't heard about Ella and Alexander lately, it's probably because they're hanging out in jolly old England — a locale where their privacy is guarded 24/7.

George and Amal aren't on social media

Many celebrities love sharing snaps of their kiddos on social media. Take Pink, for instance. The singer is always posting adorable pics of her two kids, Willow and Jameson, to Instagram. As for Amal and George, however, they don't have social media accounts — at least not public ones. "If you're famous, I don't — for the life of me — I don't understand why any famous person would ever be on Twitter," Clooney said on the topic of social media, according to Esquire. "Because first of all, the worst thing you can do is make yourself more available, right? Because you're going to be available to everybody." Woah, tell us how you really feel, George. Of course, George and Amal's dislike of social media means that it's unlikely fans will see Ella and Alexander on the 'gram anytime in the near future. C'est la vie.

Amal kept her pregnancy mostly under wraps

When Amal and George Clooney's baby news broke in February 2017, many people were shocked. For starters, Amal was five months pregnant when The Talk's Julie Chen confirmed the exciting development. Turns out the famous lawyer had used her fabulous fashion sense to successfully cover up the two growing buns in her oven, transitioning from tight, cropped tops to flowy dresses and layers as her pregnancy progressed. By doing that, Amal was able to keep her pregnancy under wraps for a nice chunk of time — a feat that is nothing short of impressive given her celebrity status. And considering Amal actively tried to ensure her pregnancy stayed hush-hush, it's no surprise she's as equally quiet about Ella and Alexander. Although it's not exactly clear why Amal chooses to stay tight-lipped about her family, it's probably because she wants to protect her good fortune. 

George & Amal want to enjoy their twins privately

It goes without saying that first-time parents — or any parents for that matter — deserve the right to enjoy their kids privately. From special moments like a child's first step to other meaningful milestones, it's important that parents get the chance to treasure these moments behind closed doors. And George touched on this relatable sentiment when discussing whether he and Amal would sell photos of the twins to tabloids. "I know the price that's on our kids' heads, that photograph," George explained, according to USA Today.  We'd like to not do it. We've discussed it in detail, only to take the bounty off their heads, but it's really hard to do because we really enjoy it being ours. If we did it, we'd just donate the money. But my hope is that we won't have to." Welp, there you have it folks. All the secrecy surrounding Alexander and Ella probably boils down to the couple's desire to savor the twins' childhoods in private.

They have top-notch security

High-profile celebs tend to have top-notch security teams, and the Clooneys are no exception to this phenomenon. And unsurprisingly, Amal and George upped their security detail once Ella and Alexander made their big debut. "Amal is already concerned for their safety, which has only got worse since the birth of their children," an insider shared with Grazia. " ... They are hell-bent on doing whatever it takes to protect the twins and they've told their security advisors that money is not an issue when it comes to ensuring their safety." As for what lengths the couple has gone to security wise, a source claims they increased their security team, "employing a round-the-clock guard service to surround their homes in LA, the UK and Italy." Additionally, "they've also added video surveillance, bulletproof walls, panic rooms and even basement bunkers," according to Grazia. Yeah, it's not difficult to see why people don't hear much about the twins when their security detail is exceptional.

George and Amal want their twins to be "happy"

Celebrity parents are no different from non-famous parents when it comes to their children's happiness. Any parent, famous or not, just wants their kid to live a stress-free and carefree life, right? And if you want proof, look no further than George's interview with The Hollywood Reporter in September 2017, shortly after the twins were born. "The first thing you think is, 'I hope I don't screw this up.' I mean, look, we are all responsible for things in life, and Amal and I are responsible for each other in a way — we look out for one another and we care about one another," George shared, according to the mag. "But you are really responsible for two kids. I want them to be happy. I want them to have a sense of humor. I want them to be interested in things. I want them to be compassionate about other people's plights. Because that's the thing, you know? You have to have some sort of empathy." Obviously, George and Amal wouldn't want to potentially jeopardize Ella and Alexander's happiness by putting them in the spotlight.

Amal and George's brand is different than most celebrities

Unlike other celebrities out there, George and Amal's brands don't involve their kids. Think about it: George has acting and his popular tequila company, Casamigos, while Amal focuses on human rights violations and other charitable causes. In short, George and Amal have lives outside of their children, and it seems that they prefer to keep it this way. In fact, Amal returned to work in September 2017, just three months after giving birth to Ella and Alexander. "She [Amal] has mixed emotions about going back," a source said about Amal resuming her career, according to E! News. "She has loved every minute of the summer with the twins and will miss them immensely, but she is also is looking forward to resuming her career work and getting back to it." And now that George and Amal are "back to it" with their high-profile jobs, it's no surprise that they've put dishing about the twins on the back burner. Although this fact might be a bummer to curious fans out there, you got to give the parents props for hitting the ground running when it comes to their professional lives.