Why Kyle Dickard Really Got The Boot From Below Deck Adventure

It's not easy working on a boat, and that's the premise behind Bravo's hit franchise "Below Deck." The series, which now has several spin-offs, follows the day-to-day lives of the crew on luxury yachts across the world. Each week they have to deal with new guests, who are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a luxury cruise experience and have the expectations to match.

Things can get tense for a crew working under such high pressure and in such small spaces. Nobody knows that better than Kyle Dickard, who appeared on "Below Deck Adventure" and was swiftly let go before the season even came to an end. After a brief romance with a colleague, Captain Kerry Titheradge decided it was time for Dickard to go when he became aggressive. "I feel that he is a threat to the safety of other crew members," Titheradge said of his final decision, per Us Weekly.

What exactly did Dickard do that was so bad to get fired from a series that is already full of scandal? Below we get into Dickard's exit, Titheradge's feelings on the matter, and the issues that continue to plague Dickard to this day.

Kyle Dickard had to go

According to Captain Kerry Titheradge, Kyle Deckard's firing was a long time coming. But unfortunately, by the time he finally got the boot from Titheradge, he had more than overstayed his welcome. During a 2023 appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," Titheradge played a game of "1, 2, Agree, Disagree," and when asked if Dickard deserved another chance as a deckhand, he strongly disagreed.

Titheradge runs his boat with a three-strike policy, and Dickard struck out — kind of. The first strike leveled against Dickard was when he kissed a colleague in front of guests, per Screen Rant. The second strike came when Dickard fought with another crew member over flushing the crew toilet. Dickard never got to strike three because threatening violence against the crew over an unflushed toilet was enough for Titheradge to send him packing. However, Titheradge gave him the option to resign rather than be fired, as quitting would look better to future employees. Dickard saw the writing on the wall and took the out.

Of course, you'd hope that Dickard had learned from his mistakes, gotten his temper under control, and moved on to bigger and better things. That's not the case, though, as after he left the boat, Dickard's problems just got worse.

Kyle Dickard was arrested

In November 2022, Kyle Dickard was arrested for acting aggressively at a soccer game in Florida. While that may have been a turning point for someone with a troubled history with authority figures, Dickard laughed the whole thing off. Instead of laying low after the incident, he posted an Instagram carousel in which the first slide was a video of the chaos he incited at the match, and the second was his mugshot with the caption "How it started vs. How it ended."

Dickard was arrested for running onto the field during the game. Security chased him, and according to police reports, Dickard's attempts to avoid them became violent, and he swung at the police. Despite repeated attempts at catching him, he continued to resist arrest and "caused the crowd to become unruly," according to reports, per People. "The defendant's direct actions also incited several others to run onto the field, further inciting the crowd and breaching the peace."

It may have been all fun and games to Dickard — and the crowd who apparently enjoyed the display — but it wasn't cheap. Dickard didn't have to stay in county jail that night, but he had to pay $7,500 to bail himself out, per Us Weekly.