Inside The Ritzy Lives Of The Kardashian Kids

There is no doubt that the Kardashian kids are living ridiculously privileged lives. After all, being the children of one of the world's most famous families definitely comes with perks and rarified experiences most people only dream about. The extended Kardashian kid family includes the children of Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, and Kylie Jenner. Each little one has their own style and interests, but they are all bonded together by affluence. 

Being a KarJenner is a unique experience, to say the least, and the parents of the youngest generation of KarJenners know it. As Kim once said on "Today," "My kids are so extremely normal, under the circumstances, and that makes me really happy."

As extremely normal as they may be, North West, Saint West, Chicago West, Psalm West, Mason Disick, Penelope Disick, Reign Disick, Dream Kardashian, Stormi Webster, Arie Webster, True Thompson, and True's little brother are living the best lives that money can buy. For a Kardashian kid, it's not a big deal to hobnob with fashion greats before being potty trained or to watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster film before the hoi polloi. These might be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for most humans, but It's just another day in the life of a KarJenner baby. From their outrageous themed six-figure birthday celebrations and ridiculously priced playhouses to their private jet-setting to far-flung locales, let's take a look inside the ritzy lives of the Kardashian kids.

Their birthday parties are always outrageously themed

What kid doesn't love to celebrate their birthday with a fun party? Cake, presents, and a festive activity are typical ways children mark the occasion. It's safe to say the Kardashian kids love all these things, but at their parties, they're not being serenaded by Charles Entertainment Cheese and Munch's Make Believe Band. No, their parties are planned and executed by some of the best event planners in the business. From Chicago West's very merry "Alice In Wonderland" first birthday party, Penelope Disick and North West's Candy Land event in 2019, and Stormi Webster's StormiWorld amusement park, the Kardashian kids' soirées are always outrageously themed extravaganzas, sparing no expense. According to TMZ, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott reportedly spent $100,000 on Stormi's "StormiWorld 2" party for her 2nd birthday.

When the Kardashian kids have a birthday party to plan, their parents enlist the family's go-to event planner, Mindy Weiss. She has worked with the family to create numerous exorbitant celebrations, and it turns out these kinds of parties run in the family. Weiss told The Sun about working with the Kardashians, "They were brought up with fantastic memories of celebrations. And that is why you always see them celebrating everything, because it's a wonderful warm feeling for them, it's familiar. And they're the closest family I've ever worked with." Folks have spent upwards of a million dollars for a Weiss-planned fête, so if you want to party like a Kardashian kid, consider taking out a second mortgage.

When they fly, the Kardashian kids aren't sitting in coach

When traveling by air, the Kardashian kids most likely hop on one of the family's private jets. Kim Kardashian showed off her custom cashmere-detailed plane, nicknamed "Kim Air," on an episode of Hulu's "The Kardashians." And while Gulfstream doesn't list the price of its G650ER model on its website, Simple Flying reports that Kim shelled out a cool $150 million for the plane and its custom renovations. Kim Air was used as transportation for North West's "Camp North" birthday celebration. Kim posted the festivities on Instagram, including the custom woodsy-themed plane decor.

But before Kim Air hit the skies, there was Kylie Air. According to Page Six, Kylie Jenner reportedly purchased her Global Express Jet for $50–$70 million in 2020 and she's quick to Instagram post daughter Stormi Webster's enjoyment of the private-jet lifestyle. Sure, she has been dragged online for taking her plane on a 17-minute flight, but Aunt Kylie shares flight privileges with her nieces and nephews readily. Khloé Kardashian posted on Instagram Stormi and True Thompson enjoying some in-flight entertainment and snacks.

They're business moguls in the making

It seems that for every Kardashian family member, there is a brand. Kylie Cosmetics, Good American, SKKN, SKIMS, Lemme, and 818 Tequila are all Kardashian companies, selling everything from lip gloss to denim to liquor and wellness gummies. Even brother Rob Kardashian has a line of socks and organic hot sauce. Kris Jenner's children are wasting no time in developing their own kids' business acumen by moving to file trademarks on their names for future business ventures.

In 2019, Forbes reported the Kardashian family had filed at least 716 trademarks for their various personal brands. As noted by TMZ, documents have been filed to put the Kardashian kids' names on a number of products, including toys, skin care, and fashion. The Kardashians operate their empire under a litany of LLCs and incorporated businesses, and other production shells, so it only makes sense that they want their kids to move in the business world in a similar fashion.

They know how to have fun in the sun

The Kardashian kids, like many families, take vacations together. Sure, the youngest KarJenners visit traditional, readily accessible spots like Disneyland, but their passports get plenty of use when they travel to some of the world's best vacation sun spots, both hot and cold. Kim and Khloé Kardashian share their love of family beach vacations on social media. Kim posted her trip to The Bahamas on Instagram, while Khloé has shared snaps of her and daughter splashing in crystal blue tropical waters. Even Rob Kardashian's official Instagram page has shared pictures of his daughter Dream enjoying some fun in the sun. Kourtney Kardashian's kids have been spotted catching rays in places like Portofino and San Fruttuoso.

While the Kardashian kids certainly enjoy warm weather getaways, they also appreciate it in cooler climates. Kourtney and her kids also have plenty of love for sunshine on the slopes. Kris Jenner's eldest has shared Instagram posts of her brood tubing in Lake Tahoe, skiing in Park City, Utah, and taking in the sites of Finland. Kim has posted her kids hitting the bunny hills at mountain ski resorts. When they can't make a big vacation trek, the Kardashian kids take in the sunshine with ritzy weekend staycations. Kourtney posted on Instagram pics of herself and the kids lounging on the beach in Santa Barbara. By the look of the umbrella, Kourt and her crew might be lounging at the ultra-lux Rosewood Miramar hotel, which is purported to be her preferred daytrip locale.

They get private screenings of the latest Hollywood hits

When your parents are some of the most influential celebrities around, you don't have to wait for hot Hollywood hits to land in theaters or on streaming services to watch them. In 2021, Kim Kardashian hosted a private "PAW Patrol: The Movie" screening for the Kardashian kids and their friends before it arrived at the local multiplexes. She posted the fun to her Instagram Stories, which included "PAW Patrol" toys and merch for children in attendance. Surely, Kim's voice role as Delores the poodle in the movie helped secure the screening.

In 2022, Kim held another private movie event for the Kardashian kids. This time, the get-together was not just about merely watching "Minions: The Rise of Gru," it resulted in a full-on Minions party, complete with Minion-themed foosball tables, cake, and roller disco dancers. Shortly after the release of the movie in theaters, Penelope Disick screened "The Rise of Gru" at a backyard slumber party for her 10th birthday, with mom Kourtney Kardashian posting the festivities on Instagram.

The Kardashian kids' toy collection is a child's dream

The Kardashian kids' toy collection is impressively massive and would undoubtedly be the envy of children everywhere. They may live lives of luxury, but even their aesthetically minded parents understand the importance of a toy-friendly one in which the Kardashian kids can play and explore. In 2020, Kanye West quipped to Architectural Digest of their austere Hidden Hills estate, "Everything we do is an art installation and a playroom." Luckily for the Kardashian kids, their play sanctuary is clearly the latter. As reported by People, Kim Kardashian showed off her children's playroom on Instagram Stories, which is filled with instruments, costumes, and even a functioning cash register. Meanwhile, at Kylie Jenner's abode, they keep playtime ritzy: Stormi Webster's nursery and playroom include toys like a Fendi baby stroller and Lamborghini toy car.

When the Kardashian kids aren't playing inside, they roll around in their outdoor toy collection that drips with luxury. Many Kardashian kids enjoy ultra-luxe Power Wheel-esque vehicles that would put your sensibly priced sedan to shame. Kim displayed her garage full of tiny trucks on Instagram, with a collection including a mini Mercedes, a mini Ford Mustang, and a mini John Deere tractor to keep things down-to-earth. Luxury Kids Car Club, dealer of the Kardashian kids' mini-rides, sell similar toys for thousands of dollars.

They're fans of designer labels

The Kardashian kids might not know the actual price difference between Givenchy and Gymboree, but their fashion tastes, carefully curated by their parents, skew designer. Of course, the Kardashian kids' outfits are well-documented by their luxury-loving parents on Instagram. Penelope Disick has been spotted on the 'gram wearing a Chanel purse that she probably picked out from mom's bag closet. And she's also been photographed wearing a Gucci coat and loafers. Dream Kardashian is also a fashionista, donning designer duds such as a blue Moschino sweatsuit. And Stormi Webster's first-day-of-school outfit included a Hermès backpack which is reportedly worth $12,000. Do you think it could fit a Trapper Keeper?

Khloé Kardashian's daughter, True Thompson, definitely keeps up with her fashionable cousins, sporting designer duds all over social media. She's been seen on Instagram wearing Burberry patterns, full Gucci ensemble, and even carrying her own custom Louis Vuitton bag. Clearly, they get their taste for the finer things from the family. One year for Christmas, Kim Kardashian shared on Instagram Stories that she gifted her nieces colorful mini-Louis Vuitton bags that she purchased on a trip to Japan.

North West goes to fashion week like a style pro

With sartorially focused parents like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, it's no surprise that their eldest daughter, North West, has a serious passion for fashion. Luckily for North, her mom and dad have both the means and the sway to encourage her talents. The eldest Kardashian-West kid has been attending fashion week shows around the world since she was an infant. Baby North was cradled by Kim during Paris Fashion Week in 2015. That same year, she crossed the pond to attend her father's Adidas Originals x Kanye West Yeezy Season 1 in New York. Soon, North graduated from the front row to the main stage. In 2020, she made her rap debut at Kanye's Yeezy Season 8 show during Paris Fashion Week.

In 2022, Kim shared photos on Instagram of North taking in all that Paris haute couture fashion has to offer. Mom and daughter wore coordinating looks to the Jean Paul Gaultier couture show and shared some choice snaps on IG. "As a mom I'm so grateful that my daughter loves coming with me on my work trips and I am able to bring her and create these memories together along with my mom," Kim wrote on Instagram. Yes, momager extraordinaire Kris Jenner was along for the ride, too, looking fab in a double-breasted suit and nautical stripes top.

They go to pricey and exclusive private school

Just like their parents, the Kardashian kids are receiving an elite education that costs thousands of dollars per year. Kourtney and Kim Kardashian both attended and graduated from Marymount High School, a private all-girls school in Los Angeles. Khloé Kardashian also attended the school, but graduated in a self-guided course. Rob went to the equally tony The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, California. Kylie Jenner was homeschooled and obtained her high school diploma from Laurel Springs High School in 2015;  Kim posted on her Instagram that "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest helped throw Kris Jenner's youngest a graduation party.

Kris' children might have had disparate education experiences, but the younger generation of Kardashian kids are spending their school days together at Sierra Canyon School in Hidden Hills. Kim revealed on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" that she and her sisters are just regular carpool moms and drive their kids to class in the mornings. 

Of course, there's nothing regular about their kids' school; Sierra Canyon School is extremely A-list. Their celebrated basketball team has included players like Bronny James and Zaire Wade, sons of LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Celebrity kids like Ireland Baldwin and Willow Smith have attended the school, and yes, even Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner were cheerleaders there before they pivoted to homeschooling. And no, Sierra Canyon School tuition isn't cheap. For the 2023 -2024 academic year, enrolling in their Lower Program will set you back $35,425 per student.

They enjoy a private concert every morning during the holidays

The Kardashians love a holiday. They take festive days like Easter and Halloween very seriously, but the holiday that surpasses them all is Christmas. In 2021, Kim made sure the festive season had the ultimate ritz-factor for her kids by arranging a private morning serenade from a Grammy-winning musician. Kim's kids put away their alarms during the holiday season and instead were awakened by the gentle piano stylings of Philip Cornish. Kim shared a photo on her Instagram Story of Cornish tucked away in the living room corner next to the dazzling family Christmas tree playing away. In 2022, Cornish returned for the yuletide gig; as Page Six reported, some folks on social media found the tradition to be a bit too much — even for the Kardashians. 

Speaking of KarJenner holiday traditions, the family's annual Christmas Eve party is a whole thing, too. And no, we're not talking about a simple night of eating Christmas cookies, drinking hot chocolate, and mingling while "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" plays in the background. In 2018, for example, Kim hosted a Winter Wonderland-via-Dr. Seuss celebrity-filled bash — and it didn't come cheap. As reported by People, the estimated cost of that event was about $1.3 million, including manufactured snow for sledding, an intricate light display, and entertainment from EGOT-winner John Legend. No word if Santa Claus made a paid appearance.

They're no strangers to shopping sprees

From time to time, the Kardashian kids indulge in good old-fashioned shopping sprees. They've been spotted flipping their lids at legendary kiddie emporium Toys-R-Us on several occasions. In 2016, the Daily Mail reported North West was photographed going on a Toys-R-Us shopping spree. And as Metro noted, she was spotted again in 2022 leaving a Macy's with an inside Toys-R-Us with a bodyguard toting a plushie penguin. On her Instagram, Kim Kardashian posted an adorable Target run with Chicago West and True Thompson cruising in the big box store's fabled red shopping carts. Just because you have millionaire status doesn't mean you can't appreciate the simple pleasures of finding a great deal on the clearance rack.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the aisle — and the other side of the pond — Stormi Webster enjoys shopping sprees of the rarified variety. She accompanied mom Kylie Jenner to the posh London department store Harrods for a Kylie Cosmetics work trip. Per Kylie's Instagram Story, Harrods created an entire shopping department just for Stormi filled with toys, sneakers, and designer handbags.

A personal chef prepares their food

The Kardashian kids enjoy world-class kitchens that would be the envy of home chefs everywhere. But for the Kardashians, they don't have to lift a finger to prepare their favorite meals. Khristianne Uy, known as "Chef K," not only works for the Kardashians, but she also cooks for celebrities like Charlize Theron, Nick Jonas, and Ryan Seacrest. Like her clients, Chef K has built a massive social media following, amassing tens of thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok. Chef K openly shares her Kardashian creations on Instagram, including an opulent food spread for Chicago West's "Hello Kitty" birthday celebration and tasty treats for Penelope Disick's 10th birthday party.

Impressively, Chef K has all the Kardashian dietary proclivities memorized. She proved it to The New York Times, by listing off their preferences. She said, "Kourtney: depends on what the doctor says — no eggs, vegan now, no sweet potatoes, no gluten. Khloe: chicken, only white meat. The kids: I memorize their dietary restrictions too. Kendall: nothing spicy. Kim: no cilantro. Kylie: soup all the time." Despite her increasingly busy schedule, Chef K told Vogue Philippines she makes time to work for the Kardashians. She said of making family dinners for Kourtney Kardashian and her husband Travis Barker, "They're hands down just so wholesome, appreciative, just so grateful every single time. It's hard to turn them down."

Their playhouses are worth more than some actual houses

Having a playhouse is not totally unusual for kids, but like most everything else in their lives, the Kardashian kids' sanctuaries are next-level ritzy. Kourtney Kardashian built a backyard playhouse for her kids that's worth more than some actual homes. She gave Architectural Digest a tour of the house, the building of which had been a dream of hers for years. It's a "technology-free" zone filled with books, toys, and instruments. Built with the help of her ex, Scott Disick, who said he wanted it to be "the most extravagant kids' playhouse you've ever seen." When conceptualizing the project on an episode of "Flip It Like Disick," the projected budget of the playhouse neared $100,000. The end result looks great, but for a space that has no bathroom and lacks wi-fi, that is a big bill for a small space.

Meanwhile, over at Kim Kardashian's house, her kids enjoy a "Lil Hidden Hills" community play space. As the Daily Mail noted, it's complete with '50s diner, KKW Beauty store, and a miniature Starbucks. Aerial photos published by the Daily Mail show the make-believe town also includes a fire station and a Lego-inspired tower complete with dual slides. 

And, of course, there's Stormi Webster and True Thompson's matching giant playhouses. According to the Daily Mail, True's (and presumably Stormi's) cost somewhere around $12,000; not bad for a toy house that comes equipped with its own A/C unit.