Where Is Suri Cruise Now?

Tom Cruise was a total stranger to Katie Holmes when the Mission: Impossible star asked to meet her about a role in his blockbuster spy franchise. The part never materialized, but Holmes walked away from that meeting in April 2005 with a much bigger prize — Cruise's heart. The smitten actor declared his love for Holmes in cringe-worthy fashion during a now infamous appearance on Oprah, and then just eight weeks after their first meeting, Cruise proposed to Holmes in Paris, surprising her with a diamond ring during a fancy meal at the Eiffel Tower.

Holmes dreamed about marrying Cruise for a long time. She admitted to having a crush on him in interviews dating as far back as the 1980s and later told Seventeen magazine (via The Hollywood Reporter) that she used to fantasize about being his bride. She got her dream wedding, but Holmes' Hollywood fairy tale didn't have a happily ever after. TomKat came to an end in 2012, announcing its split just before the couple's wedding anniversary.

Holmes took primary custody of their then-6-year-old daughter, Suri Cruise. Through his attorney, Tom declared that he was "concentrating on his three children" in the wake of the shocking split, but the A-lister allegedly fell out of touch with his youngest child in the years that followed. The action star is still a draw at the box office, proving he's still got game with 2018's Mission: Impossible — Fallout, but where is Suri now? Keep reading to find out.

She's allegedly been writing her dad in secret

In September 2017, a source close to Tom Cruise's camp told InTouch magazine the actor allegedly hadn't seen his daughter in years. "Tom has moved on to the next phase of his life and he's finishing up his latest movie," the insider claimed (via Hollywood Life). "There's no communication and they haven't seen each other. Tom rarely talks about her." 

Reconciliation seemed a long way off at the time, but reports suggest Suri has never given up on mending their relationship. She's allegedly been calling and texting her dad since 2016, apparently without her mother's knowledge. "Suri has been talking to Tom behind Katie's back," an insider told Star magazine (via NowToLove). "He looks forward to her texts."

According to RadarOnline, the Top Gun star has been moved by his daughter's efforts to keep in touch. Cruise is reportedly "paving the way to come back into Suri's life permanently," and insiders claim it could happen sooner rather than later. "He's contacted Suri through a third party, who he trusts implicitly, to check in and make sure she's okay," a source alleged in July 2018. "He wants her to know that he's thought of her all this time and that he got all of her messages. In fact, he read and listened to each and every word."

The Church of Scientology may be keeping them apart

Cruise has never publicly addressed the reasons behind his alleged estrangement from his daughter, but the most popular theory is that he cut Suri out of his life after her mother decided to put the Church of Scientology in the rear view mirror. The Hollywood icon is by far the religion's most famous practitioner, and some claim he led by example and exercised the church's controversial "disconnection" policy with his daughter. 

"Tom eats, breathes and sleeps Scientology," a source told InTouch. "He's disconnected from Katie, and then de facto from Suri, because of her connection to Katie."

According to Ron Miscavige, father of Scientology leader David Miscavige, Holmes allegedly reached the end of her tether when members of the religion moved into the family home. "That didn't sit so well with Katie, of course, and it hurt the marriage," Ron told the Daily Mail. "She and Tom had big differences about the way life should be lived. The big issue really was raising Suri as a Scientologist. If that happened, some day it was a possibility that she would disconnect from Katie." (Ron also claims to have been a victim of what he calls a "toxic" disconnection policy.)

In her Scientology tell-all, actress and former member Leah Remini claimed the church believed Suri would be a big part of its future, saying some members looked at her as if she was "L Ron Hubbard incarnate."

Cruise may be bending the 'rigid rule' of the church for her

According to a February 2018 Hollywood Life exclusive, Katie Holmes would love to see her ex-husband follow her example and start prioritizing Suri over his religion. 

"Katie would be thrilled to see Tom leave Scientology, she'd love to see him build a healthy relationship with Suri," a source claimed. "It would be a dream come true actually, but she's not expecting it. She has zero hope that Tom will leave Scientology for Suri. He's made it clear many times over that he's in it for life." But as the global face of Scientology, surely Cruise can bend the rules a little when it comes to his own daughter, right?

The action star left Hollywood for Florida in 2016, relocating to a penthouse apartment just a block from the Church of Scientology's international headquarters. At the time, many assumed the move was based purely on his desire to be closer to the religion's HQ, but according to RadarOnline, he also chose his new pad with Suri in mind. "What he's really doing is setting the stage for a reunion with Suri," a camp insider claimed, alleging that Cruise felt he was unable to reach out sooner because of the strict guidelines Scientologists have to follow when it comes to deserters. "He believes he can bypass the rigid rule," the source added.

She's growing up fast

The news that Tom Cruise is reportedly keen on making amends with his daughter has been welcomed across the board, but Katie Holmes reportedly deserves a lot of credit. Back in 2017, the Batman Begins actress supposedly reached out to her ex "in the hopes of opening a dialogue about resuming contact with Suri," a source told InTouch. "She truly wants Tom to be a part of Suri's life. Tom is Suri's father, and she wants them to have a relationship."

Cruise has already reportedly missed several milestones in his daughter's life, and he'll end up missing his chance to be a dad to her altogether if he doesn't make time for her soon. "Every day, kids get a little further away from you," Holmes told Town and Country magazine, revealing that she's already dreading the inevitable. "...They should be becoming more independent, but it's heartbreaking. You want them to stay with you forever, but they're these amazing beings, and you have to do everything you can to give them what they need, and then they're going to go. And that's going to be very, very sad for me."

Cruise missed her 12th birthday party

One of the milestones that Cruise reportedly missed was Suri's 12th birthday. His no-show is rumored to have left her heartbroken. According to Star magazine (via Hollywood Life), Cruise hasn't attended one of Suri's birthday parties since she turned 7. 

"Like any little girl, her greatest wish is for her father to be there, and now she's been disappointed again," an insider told the mag. "That would be painful for any child, and you have to wonder what kind of emotional toll it's taking on Suri... It's so sad!"

Star's source warned that Cruise's excuses "may not fly" with Suri much longer. "Suri has to be wondering why Tom doesn't come and visit," the insider said. "It seems like the older she gets, the more desperate she must be to see him." 

A source sang the same tune to InTouch, claiming Suri is now old enough to understand what divorce is and has accepted the fact that she's in a single-parent family. "Tom's been out of their lives for so long, she and Katie have moved on to a life without daddy," the insider said.

She pays no attention to tabloids

She appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair alongside her famous folks when she was just a baby, but Suri has been brought up to be wary of the media. According to her mother, they don't necessarily go out of their way to avoid the press in their day-to-day lives, but they do make a conscious effort to ignore the tabloid stories. "To experience something publicly and privately is a lot for a person to go through," Holmes told Town and Country. "In today's world a lot of celebrities probably shield their children from the tabloids. In my household we know what they print isn't true, so we don't pay attention. There are more important things."

The actress said she can relate to the stresses of dealing with the press at a young age, though she's taught her daughter not to worry about things she can't change. "If people know who you are, they might write about you, and you can't control that," Holmes said. 

Her ex-husband may not agree. Tom Cruise apparently believes that he can control what pictures of Suri appear online, at least when it comes to Facebook. In October 2017, Maryanna Carter (an old friend of the actor and the moderator of a Tom Cruise fan group) relayed a message she claimed came directly from the star, requesting members stop sharing photos of his daughter with one another.

She looks just like her mom

Suri and her mom have been two peas in a pod for years now. Holmes even caught some heat from the press back in 2009, when a then 3-year-old Suri wore high heels. Holmes defended the decision, claiming they weren't real heels and that Suri only wanted what most daughters want at that age — to be just like mommy. "Like every little girl, she loves my high heels," the actress told Access Hollywood (via the Daily Mail). "They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids. I found them for her and she loves them."

The older Suri gets, the more like her mother she becomes. The adorable duo made a rare joint appearance at Jingle Ball 2017 (via E! News), where the two introduced Taylor Swift to a packed Madison Square Garden. Holmes doesn't include Suri in her Instagram uploads often, but when she does, followers are awestruck by just how much they look alike. Suri looks like her mother's mini-me in this picture taken during a summer trip to France in 2018.

She was spotted at Pride 2018

Speaking to Today in 2015, Katie Holmes said her daughter had become a "very, very generous and very sensitive" girl who loves to give. "She's always [saying], 'Mom, let's give my old toys to people who need it,'" Holmes said (via People). "So, we're always doing that." 

If the photos of Suri at Pride 2018 are any indication, this young lady has lost none of that spirit in the years since that interview. The celebrity scion attended the annual New York City Gay Pride Parade, where she and some friends set up a refreshments stand under the supervision of her nanny. She was reportedly selling lemonade for $2 a cup and was also offering Rice Krispie treats. "She was very sweet and kind, telling everyone to enjoy their day and would smile whenever someone walked past," one parade goer told Us Weekly

The famous tween appeared to make some serious cash over the course of the day (she was seen stuffing a $50 bill into a plastic box full of dough. People predicted that her profits "could go straight to charity." Her mother has supported a number of nonprofit organizations over the years, including Global Poverty Project, Save Our Children USA, and UNICEF.

Who's your daddy?

Tom Cruise may be ready to become a father figure to Suri, but some sources claim the position has already been filled. Katie Holmes and Oscar-winner Jamie Foxx have kept their relationship largely out of the press for years, but Holmes indirectly confirmed the relationship when her rep issued a statement calling breakup rumors "100 percent untrue."

"There's a definite hole there left by Tom, and Katie does her best to fill it," a source told Hollywood Life. "She's grateful to have Jamie in her life now. He's becoming more and more of a father figure to Suri and she's very grateful for that." 

"Katie is attracted to Jamie partly because he is so caring to her daughter," an insider told Hollywood Life in a separate piece. "Jamie treats Suri like one of his own daughters and is always singing silly songs to her and making her laugh and smile. Suri thinks Jamie is really funny and she loves when he is around."