Celebrity Partners We Know Almost Nothing About

In today's internet-driven world, it's become harder and harder for celebrities to sneak anything past the press. Still, some of the biggest names in the business have actually managed to keep their personal lives surprisingly private, including what we know about their better halves. From Christian Bale to Reese Witherspoon, some celebrities are married to people who remain a mystery to the public.

Sibi Blazic

What's there to know about Christian Bale's wife of 16 years, Sibi Blazic? Not a whole lot. According to the Daily Mail, Blazic met her future husband while she was working as a personal assistant for actress Winona Ryder. Blazic and Bale quietly eloped to Las Vegas in 2000, and about five years later, they welcomed their first of two children, daughter Emmeline. (Son Joseph was born in 2014.)

Around that time, Bale's career skyrocketed to superstardom, with roles ranging from big-budget blockbusters such as Batman Begins (2005) to the shocking indie flick The Machinist (2004), for which Bale reportedly dropped down to 120 pounds. During the 2011 award season, while Bale was on his way to winning an Oscar for The Fighter, he gave a personal shoutout to Blazic for standing by him through so many intense roles. "I know that it truly would be impossible to do it without her," he said (via People). "She's such a good, strong woman."

Speaking of strong: in a 2014 interview with The Wall Street Journal, Bale let it slip that Blazic was actually a stunt driver on the set of The Dark Knight Rises (2012). "She was chasing me through the city in Batman," he said. "She was driving one of the cop cars. She can do 180s and stunts and all that." Now that's awesome.

Adam Shulman

Considering her last boyfriend, Raffaello Follieri, was sentenced to prison on a number of financial-related federal charges, it made sense that Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway found love a second time with a much more low-profile dude. In 2008, she began dating New York native Adam Shulman.

According to People, Shulman splits his time between acting and designing jewelry. He's the co-founder of  James Banks Designs, a handcrafted line of jewelry he launched with partner Heidi Nahser Fink. Shulman reportedly helped design Hathaway's engagement ring.

On the acting side: he graduated with a degree in theater from Brown University in the early '00s. While his career hasn't exactly mirrored the success of his wife's, he has landed bits in commercials, as well as roles in the TV show The West Wing and Meryl Streep 2015 dramedy, Ricki and the Flash.

Jim Toth

For a good chunk of 2013, Reese Witherspoon's husband, Jim Toth, was known primarily for an embarrassing incident in which he and his wife were arrested on charges of driving under the influence and disorderly conduct, respectfully, in Atlanta, Ga. Despite the awkward incident, Toth is well-respected among Hollywood circles. He's reportedly a talent agent at the famous Creative Artists Agency in Los Angeles and actually started out working the mailroom on his way to the top. Along the way, he has represented big names such as Matthew McConaughey, Scarlett Johansson, and Robert Downey Jr.

Toth moved to Los Angeles to attend Loyola Marymount University, where he majored in political science. Reports link him to Witherspoon as early as January 2010; they wed in 2011. The following year, the couple welcomed a son, Tennessee James.

Simon Konecki

Singer Adele is fiercely protective of her private life, so it makes sense that the public doesn't know a whole lot about her husband, Simon Konecki. Here's what we do know: According to People, Konecki got his start in finance at a young age, but left the biz to cofound the "the eco-friendly water brand Life Water and its charity, drop4drop." He reportedly divorced his first wife in 2008, met the Grammy-winning singer in 2011, and by October 2012, they had welcomed their son, Angelo.

Adele did not even confirm that she was married until a March 2017 concert in Australia. That revelation came about a month after she referred to Konecki as her "husband" during a speech at the Grammys, and about two months after the tabloids spotted her wearing what appeared to be a gold wedding band. In any case, all that secrecy doesn't mean Adele has kept mum on her relationship altogether. Speaking to Vanity Fair in October 2016, the "Hello" icon had only glowing things to say about her beau, describing him as both "confident" and "perfect." High praise, indeed.

Danny Moder

During the peak of her fame, Julia Roberts' love life was the equivalent of catnip for the tabloids—lest we forget her bizzare marriage to country singer Lyle Lovett.

These days, she's enjoying a much quieter and more private life with her cinematographer-husband Danny Moder, whom she reportedly met while working on the 2000 film The Mexican. While the timeline of their relationship may or may not have been sketchy, the two appear to have remained blissfully happy since tying the knot in 2002.

In fact, while speaking to Harper's Bazaar U.K. in September 2017, Roberts confessed that meeting Moder and becoming a mother to their three children changed her life for the better. "When I think about what makes my life my life, and makes sense and just shine inside of me, it's him," she said. "Everything has come from that for me."

The couple has worked together on numerous projects, including the HBO drama The Normal Heart (2014), for which they both received Emmy nominations.

Susan Geston

Although Jeff Bridges has been married to his wife, Susan Geston, for some four decades, he's managed to shield their relationship from the spotlight. Even so, throughout his iconic, Oscar-winning career, Bridges has carved out some time to share their enduring love story with the world.

It all began after they met in Montana in 1975 while Bridges was filming a movie and Geston, a North Dakota native, was working as a waitress. Their early days together weren't exactly perfect. In a 2007 essay for Reader's Digest, Bridges admitted that his negative views on marriage created problems, and the first few years after they said "I do" in 1977 were a "challenge" for him. In fact, he wrote that things didn't fully change until they welcomed their first of three children, Isabelle, in 1981.

Nowadays, Bridges has nothing but wonderful things to say about his spouse, from whom he says he's "learned so much." In a piece he wrote for Good Housekeeping in 2014, Bridges said, "It's a simple thing. She shows me another way of looking at something. We've been doing this so long, and we care for each other so much, that our relationship is the most precious thing for both of us."

"In the 28 years we've been married, we've done 50 movies together," he added in his piece for Reader's Digest. "I say 'we' because Sue deserves a credit too. I'm the guy who makes the buck, but she's the one who takes care of everything else. I really am more in love with her than ever."

Yes, we're crying, too.

Livia Giuggioli

While English actor Colin Firth was on the path to winning an Oscar for The King's Speech in 2011, the question on everybody's mind was: "Who is his gorgeous wife?"

Firth reportedly met his bride-to-be, Livia Giuggioli, in the mid-'90s while working on the British mini-series Nostromo. He was one of the series' stars; the Italian-born Giuggioli was a production assistant. At the time, she was engaged to another man. "We met on the set, which was in a church. We shook hands, and here we are today," she told Vanity Fair in 2014, noting that she remains friends with her ex-fiancé.

The couple married in 1997 and went on to have two children together, Matteo and Luca. Giuggioli joked that she takes Firth's last name in the States only because her surname is too hard for Americans to pronounce. Hilariously, Firth goes by her last name in Italy for similar reasons. "In Italy we are Colin and Livia Giuggioli," she told Vanity Fair. "Because you try telling an Italian how to say Firth! Fearth. You have to say Fearth."

Giuggioli reportedly works as an eco-activist. She's the co-founder of Eco-Age, which its website says is a "brand consultancy that helps businesses grow by creating, implementing and communicating bespoke sustainability solutions."

In September 2017, Firth became an Italian citizen reportedly as the result of uncertainty over Brexit. At the time, he issued a statement saying that he would always be "extremely British," which, for every fan of Pride & Prejudice (1995), elicited a huge sigh of relief.

Luciana Barroso

Although she's very supportive of her husband on the red carpet, Matt Damon's wife, Luciana Barroso, gives new meaning to the term "silent partner." At the time of this writing, it seems Barroso has never given a sit-down interview to the press about her life or super-famous marriage, making it difficult for the public to learn anything about her.

What we do know: Barroso met Damon while Damon was filming Stuck on You (2003) in Miami and Barroso was bartending at a local joint. "I literally saw her across a crowded room, literally," Damon told talk show host Ellen DeGeneres in 2011. The couple quietly married in 2005.

More than 10 years later, they have three daughters together, plus a fourth from Barroso's previous marriage. In those 10 years, Damon has said nothing but wonderful things about his wife. "It's a crazy idea but I love being married to my wife," he told Entertainment Tonight in 2015. "I'm lucky I found my wife."