RHOA: Who Is Shamea Morton's Husband, Gerald Mwangi?

Shamea Morton was never an official member of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but she always made a big impression. Morton joined the show because she was close with Porsha Williams and was brought on as a "friend of." However, in typical housewife fashion, things got complicated as soon as the cameras started rolling.

A lot of the conflict between Morton and Williams stemmed from Williams' relationship with Phaedra Parks — whom Morton didn't trust. It turns out that Morton was right not to trust Parks, as she was later fired from the series after starting a rumor that co-star Kandi Burruss was planning to drug Williams. During her "Housewives" tenure, Morton's most memorable scene came in the form of a tense confrontation between herself and Williams regarding Parks. Morton yelled at Williams for choosing Parks over her and claimed she wasn't a good friend. They eventually worked things out, and Morton left the show a few seasons later.

These days it seems unlikely that Morton misses Bravo, as she's been busy building a family. Morton welcomed their second child, a daughter named Shiloh, in early 2023. There's been a lot of change for Morton in the years since she left the show, but through it all, her rock has been her husband, Gerald Mwangi.

Gerald Mwangi found success in the states

Gerald Mwangi was born and raised in Kenya but moved to the United States, where he'd eventually meet Shamea Morton. According to his LinkedIn, Mwangi enrolled at East Carolina University. After graduating in 1999, he made his way to Atlanta, where he has been ever since. "He and his siblings came to the States for college. So he's been in the States right before his 18th birthday," Morton told the Daily Dish, adding. "He's like, 'No, I never want to leave Atlanta.'"

Since landing in Atlanta, Mwangi has worked hard to build a name for himself and become a successful businessman. Mwangi, who holds a degree in Construction Engineering Management, landed his first role as a project manager at an HVAC company. He eventually rose through the ranks to become vice president. In 2009, he left that role and became the CEO of a mechanical contracting firm. His LinkedIn also lists a role as president of Dominion Energy Management.

Other than his work history and his relationship with Morton, there's not much info available on Mwangi, as he's pretty quiet on social media. In his free time, though, he likes to unwind with a little jazz and exercise. "I play either Racquetball or Football in my spare time," he's quoted as saying on his website. "To recuperate from the long day of work, I take sanctuary in the world of Jazz."

Gerald Mwangi had a feeling about Shamea Morton

Though they grew up very differently, Shamea Morton and Gerald Mwangi have a lot in common. They are both career-driven and have led exciting lives. Morton has appeared on Bravo, gotten married, become a mother, hosted her own radio show, and dabbled in other forms of entertainment. After years of building their careers independently, Morton and Gerald Mwangi decided they were ready to settle down and got engaged in 2016, tying the knot a year later in Mwangi's native Kenya.

Their love story starts long before their 2016 engagement, though. In a way that feels rare in these highly digital times, Mwangi and Morton met by chance at the Rose Bar in Atlanta one night in 2014. According to Morton, the introduction was nothing special, but Mwangi clearly caught a vibe and went as far as to host a barbecue at his house a few days later just so he could convince a mutual friend to bring her along. "We go to his house for that barbecue, and we have not stopped talking since," Morton gushed speaking to the Daily Dish. "We had such a great time."