The Tragic Death Of Storage Wars' Gunter Nezhoda

Gunter Nezhoda, known as part of the cast of A&E's hit reality TV show "Storage Wars," tragically died on March 21 at age 67. Gunter's cause of death was lung cancer, his son and fellow "Storage Wars" star Rene Nezhoda told TMZ. Following Gunter's diagnosis in September, he received chemotherapy. However, the treatment led to holes forming in his lungs. Apparently, Gunter was recently set for emergency surgery, but doctors concluded that there wasn't any solution for his health.

From 2015 to 2019, Gunter was featured in 7 episodes of "Storage Wars." He was also an actor in a number of films, such as "The Haunting at Death Valley Junction." He had many creative talents, as he played bass with notable guitarists like George Lynch, Leslie West, Pat Travers, and more. In addition, he was a professional photographer who had gigs for high-profile companies like Microsoft, Big-O Tires, and Ford.

Gunter Nezhoda was a beloved reality TV star with a unique hobby

Following Gunter Nezhoda's death, loved ones are reflecting on the beloved reality TV star's life. Gunter's son, Rene Nezhoda, opened up about his dad in a video for TMZ. He expressed his gratitude for fans, saying, "My dad was one of the guys on 'Storage Wars' that never really got any hate. People just loved being around him, including the crew ... Everybody loved working with my dad, so I appreciate all the support." He added that he had kept details of his dad's health private and was hopeful that he would recover.

In addition to his various performance and on-screen talents, Gunter enjoyed making and sharing videos on his YouTube channel. The Austrian native created a variety of content that followed him shopping for used cars, buying abandoned storage lockers, and providing tips on niche topics such as audiophile CD collecting. Gunter's lively spirit and effusive energy is palpable in his videos. The "Storage Wars" star will surely be missed.