Who Is RHONJ Star Danielle Cabral's Husband, Nate?

Danielle Cabral is a newcomer to "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and she is already making a mark with her "Jerseylicious" attitude. Fitting right in with the other cast members, the native Staten Islander is loud and not afraid to speak her mind. In the first episode of Season 13, viewers got to meet her two young children, Dominic and Valentina, whom she shares with her husband, Nate Cabral.

Danielle confessed to not wanting to be in a relationship when she first met Nate at a nightclub but when she saw him, she recalled thinking he "was the most gorgeous man" ever. He told her he was going to make "all her dreams come true," and the two have been together since. Danielle admitted that Nate was true to his promise and the two seem to have one of the strongest relationships on the show. 

Viewers are naturally curious to know more about Nate, so here's everything to know about the newest "Real Housewives" husband.

Nate Cabral is no stranger to reality television

Nate Cabral may be one of the most laid-back husbands on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," but he's not one to shy away from the camera. In 2014, he and Danielle Cabral starred in the DIY show "Family Under Construction." Right after their wedding, the couple decided to purchase a fixer-upper in Sayreville, New Jersey, which Nate personally worked on. After 10 months, the house was still far from being completed and the show featured Nate working with a contractor to fix the house within two months.

The Cabral's episodes of "Family Under Construction" premiered on October 18, 2014, and Nate shared his reality television debut on his social media. "Finally a definite premiere date. Check us out ... Family Under Construction this Saturday Oct 18th on the DIY Network. Back-to-back episodes starting at 7p," he posted on Instagram. Nate again made good on his word to Danielle and was able to complete the house in November 2014. "T minus 24hrs for the reveal of one crazy renovation. Still can't believe what it looks like now," he wrote, while sharing a picture of the almost-completed house. It's not surprising that Nate was able to be hands-on with the construction, as he has an electrical background.

Nate Cabral owns his own security company

Like the other "RHONJ" husbands, Nate Cabral is a successful, self-made business owner. In 2001, he graduated from Diman Regional Vocational Technical high school. He went on to become a senior project manager for Stanley Security for six years and then worked as an account manager for Johnson Controls for a year. In 2019, Nate started his own security company called Flash Security Integrators. The company installs security systems in private and commercial residences, as well as fire alarms and smart networking systems.

Nate's business seems to be thriving and Danielle Cabral gave him a shout-out on Instagram. "So many of our (late night) conversations consist of where MY career is headed or you pushing me to 'just keep going'. The reality is that if my husband didn't work his ass off none of it would be possible for me. I'd still be working my 9-5 miserable NYC job," she shared. Danielle added that she was "so proud" of him and praised him for being a good example to their two children. Danielle and Nate's rock-solid marriage is refreshing to see on "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" and hopefully they're here to stay.