Jackie O's Granddaughter Is Basically Her Twin

In March 2016, the Internet flew into a tizzy after catching the web series End Times Girls Club, which co-stars Rose Kennedy Schlossberg. Schlossberg is the daughter of designer Edwin Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy — the only surviving child of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. 

In recent years, Rose has made a name for herself due to her brains, talents, and jaw-dropping resemblance to her grandmother. In fact, the two look so much alike that major publications such as the New York Post have dubbed her "Jackie 2.0." Let's learn more about this rising star.

Jackie O. picked her name

According to the New York Post, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg was named after her great-grandmother, Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy. The actual name was reportedly selected by grandmother Jackie Kennedy Onassis, which many thought ironic, considering Jackie and the elder Rose supposedly hated each other. However, Jackie wasn't completely aggressive towards her matriarchal in-law, reportedly once telling press secretary Pierre Salinger, "The old bat's about 100 years old, so let's give her some respect." 

Jackie O. played a big role in her childhood

Grandma Jackie would go on to play a very large role in Rose Kennedy Schlossberg's upbringing, accompanying her to Central Park, museums, and even a school field trip. "Jackie, who lived just a few blocks away from the Schlossbergs on the Upper East Side, saw Rose basically every day and doted on her," Kennedy biographer Christopher Andersen revealed (via the New York Post). "Jackie knew it was important to sow the seeds of good behavior early on, and she tried to do that in the final years of her life. It was a mission for her."

The death of JFK Jr. took its toll

Like millions of Americans, the death of John F. Kennedy, Jr., who died in a plane crash alongside his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, in 1999, had a profound impact on his niece. In fact, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg took her uncle's death so hard, it reportedly began to take a toll on her health. 

"Rose withdrew after John's death," a Kennedy family member said, according to the New York Post. "He'd been like a father to her. She went into a six-month depression during which she barely spoke to anyone. She stopped eating — she must have lost 30 pounds." The family member went on to say that Schlossberg's "saving grace" was the trust funds that made her a millionaire by the time she finished high school.

Politics don't seem to be in her future

Although she's part of one of the most famous political dynasties in U.S. history, Rose doesn't appear to be aspiring for a career on Capitol Hill. According to the New York Post, she barely engaged in politics while at Harvard. "I'm sorry to say that that Rose has not been an active member during my time here," a spokesperson for the Harvard College Democrats told the paper. Rose reportedly even told her mom Caroline Kennedy not to run for the U.S. Senate, saying, "You're above it. You ought to quit."

The Post did report, however, that Rose did dip her toe into political waters by donating $350 to Barack Obama's 2008 campaign and by volunteering for Democrat Alan Khazei's losing campaign for U.S. Senate in 2009. 

She was sued after a car accident

TMZ reported in November 2012 that both Rose Kennedy Schlossberg and her mother Caroline Kennedy were sued after a car accident in Los Angeles. The man who filed the suit claimed Rose crashed her Chevy Impala into his Honda Civic in August of that year. According to TMZ, the purported victim claimed "he suffered serious physical and mental injuries as a result of Rose's 'negligent' and 'careless' actions behind the wheel," and asked for "more than $25,000 in damages." 

Caroline reportedly wasn't in the vehicle at the time of the accident but was named in the suit because she owned the car. The victim's lawyer told TMZ a settlement was reached before the case went to court, saying, "Everybody, including the Kennedys, and their insurance company, were very caring, understanding, ethical, and honest."

She's the leader of the Kennedy pack

Former Kennedy speechwriter and family friend Arthur Schlesinger Jr. has referred to Rose Kennedy Schlossberg as the next Kennedy family matriarch. "Rose was and is the leader of the pack — her opinion counts. She is highly regarded within the ever-expanding [Kennedy] circle, he said (via the New York Post). "In many respects, she is the face and future of the clan."

In 2014, Washington Post reporter Ed O'Keefe tweeted that Rose was appointed by President Obama to serve on the board at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, which was named after her family. "My grandparents believed that American civilization had come of age, and they transformed the White House into a stage for our nation's greatest performing artists," Rose said at a 2014 event commemorating the center's expansion project (via Art Daily). "They recognized that in order to demonstrate our full commitment to freedom, democracy, and the human spirit, our nation's capital needed a world-class performing arts center. After my grandfather's death, my grandmother, and my great aunts and uncles worked tirelessly to build and sustain this Center, and my generation is proud to continue their commitment to excellence."

She's the spitting image of Jackie O.

From their dark, wavy hair and signature red lips to their large eyes and gentle smirk, the resemblance between Rose and the former first lady is undeniable. "Rose looked like Jackie, perhaps even a bit sexier looking, though not as refined," a former school teacher told Kennedy biography David Heymann (via the New York Post). She has the dark good looks of a Bouvier and the sensibility of a Kennedy."

Some suggest she even inherited her grandmother's understated spunk as well. In August 2009, while riding in a motorcade to her Uncle Ted Kennedy's funeral, Rose reportedly flipped off the paparazzi from the limo. Plenty of pundits saw the gesture and dissected its meaning, and some drew a direct connection to Jackie O. "It could have been simply a 21-year-old's reaction to the glare of media scrutiny at a difficult time," said the New York Post. "But it was also a subconscious nod to her grandmother, who had been in the habit of grumbling, early on in her marriage, about riding in limos with her campaigning husband."

She's really, really smart

As one would expect from a Kennedy, Rose is a total brainiac. She enrolled in Harvard University in 2006, where she earned a bachelor's degree in English, attended film courses, and took up an interest in fashion, according to the New York Post. After graduating from Harvard in 2010, Rose went back to school to earn a master's from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University in 2013, reported Good Housekeeping.

"She did extremely well in school, evidenced by the fact that she wound up at Harvard," a teacher at the posh Brearley School in New York City said of Schlossberg (via the New York Post). "Although I suppose you could argue that every Kennedy winds up at Harvard—or its equivalent."

She hung out with Lindsay Lohan

The names "Lindsay Lohan" and "Harvard University" may go together like oil and water, but apparently, there was a time when the troubled actress was actually considering going to the top-ranked university. According to the New York Post, Rose Kennedy Schlossberg was spotted giving a tour of Harvard to Lohan and her then-girlfriend, Samantha Ronson (above left), in 2009. After the tour, Rose allegedly went on a double-date with Lohan and Ronson at a high-end Boston nightclub. Schlossberg's date was Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger (above right).

"They all came in together, and they all left together," a representative for the nightclub told the New York Post. "Samantha was spinning, but Lindsay hung out with Mike and Rose. I couldn't tell if [Mike and Rose] were together, but it seemed like they were pretty close." Despite the celebrity fanfare of that night, the tab said it was a rare night out for Rose, who otherwise kept a very low profile while attending Harvard.

She launched a popular web series

Rose made headlines in 2016 when she launched a web series called End Times Girls Club. The project, in which she co-stars, offers funny takes on what girls should do if the world comes to an end.

"It came up as a response to seeing the way that New York responded to Hurricane Sandy, and how people were grossly underprepared—specifically, girls in damsel in distress mode," she told Mashable. "I thought it would be interesting to create this world where girls have to be survivalists without compromising their cute factor." The series' episode titles range from the likes of "Apocalypse Makeover" to "Compass in a Cocktail" and "How to Make Fire."