What Meadow Walker's Marriage Is Really Like

Get ready to feel old. The daughter of Rebecca Soteros and Paul Walker, who was only 15 when the "Fast & Furious" star tragically lost his life in a Santa Clarita car crash in 2013, is now all grown up and an in-demand fashion model. And unlike her late father, who had several long-term girlfriends without ever making it down the aisle, she's also made it to the wedding stage.

Yes, in the summer of 2021, Meadow Walker revealed that she'd just got engaged to Louis Thornton-Allan, a British actor, albeit with only one credit to his name — a 2017 short horror movie titled "Excoriated." And wasting little time, just a few months after this happy news, the couple had become husband and wife.

So how is married life treating love's young dream? From one-year anniversaries and public bust-ups to fancy skiing vacations and unlikely birthday presents, here's everything you need to know.

They got married in the Dominican Republic

In 2021, Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan decided to get hitched thousands of miles away from their home at an intimate ceremony in the Dominican Republic. The young couple had initially planned to go a little bigger for their special day before the pandemic forced them to make alternative arrangements.

Luckily, as she explained to Vogue, the bride still felt like she had the wedding to end all weddings. "We couldn't have imagined it to be any more perfect and personal," Meadow gushed before revealing how the occasion was wrapped up: "There was a wonderful display of fireworks, and we lit lanterns into the picturesque night sky."

Meadow sported a Givenchy Haute Couture custom-made gown for the nuptials before changing into a Ludovic de Saint Sernin dress for the reception. And she was walked down the aisle by Vin Diesel, the action hero who starred alongside her late father Paul Walker in several installments of the never-ending "Fast & Furious" franchise. Diesel's daughter Hania Riley Sinclair acted as Meadow's maid of honor.

Meadow Walker hit the red carpet just a week after getting married

It's not known whether Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan jetted off somewhere for their honeymoon after their wedding in October 2021. They were already in a different country having exchanged their vows during an intimate ceremony in the Dominican Republic. But if they did enjoy an additional vacation, it wasn't a long one.

Indeed, just a week after walking down the aisle, Meadow made her red carpet debut as a married woman. The model joined Tommy Dorfman, best-known for playing Ryan Shaver in controversial Netflix drama "13 Reasons Why," while posing for the cameras at the WSJ Magazine's 2021 Innovator Awards.

Paul Walker's daughter sported an off-the-shoulder, bright red minidress designed by Jason Wu for the event at New York's Museum of Modern Art which celebrated eight pioneers from various industries including art, technology, and a field particularly close to Meadow's heart: fashion.

They don't like spending time apart

Three months after tying the knot at an intimate ceremony in the Dominican Republic, Meadow Walker headed out to the City of Lights. Unfortunately, new husband Louis Thornton-Allan apparently couldn't make the trip to Paris. And the daughter of the late Hollywood star Paul Walker soon let all her social media followers know that she was pining for him as a result. "I miss you my love," Meadow wrote alongside an Instagram snap of the pair embracing each other. The model had to leave her beau behind while traveling to France to hit its catwalks. But she also found the time to enjoy some sightseeing, too.

Meadow seemed particularly enthusiastic to discover the building where human traffickers from Albania abducted the on-screen daughter of Liam Neeson in the hit thriller "Taken." Fellow movie lover Thornton-Allan would no doubt have appreciated this cinematic landmark, too. He's currently studying at New York City's famous Stella Adler Studio of Acting.

They celebrated their one-year anniversary

Considering how fickle the showbiz world is when it comes to marriage — who can forget Drew Barrymore getting wed and then divorced to bartender Jeremy Thomas in the space of just six weeks? — the milestone of a one-year anniversary should never be 100 percent expected.

Luckily, Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan got the opportunity to be showered with gifts made from paper when they made it to the 12-month mark in October 2022. And as you would expect from a couple who display much of their life on social media, both parties headed straight to Instagram to publicly commemorate the occasion.

Alongside a loved-up picture of the pair, Walker simply wrote, "Happy anniversary my love! One year married to you," followed by a heart emoji before uploading some footage of their wedding day in the Dominican Republic. Thornton-Allan shared the same clip on his own account and wrote, "One year, forever to go." Getting in a couple more public displays of affection, both husband and wife also left comments on each other's posts, too. 

They once appeared to have a public bust-up

Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan had always seemed blissed out in the various snaps they posted of each other on their Instagram accounts. So it was something of a surprise in October 2022, shortly after they'd celebrated their first wedding anniversary, to see them pictured apparently at loggerheads.

The paparazzi conveniently happened to be in the same vicinity as the pair as they enjoyed a spot of al fresco lunch at a restaurant in the Big Apple. But as Page Six reported, the romantic meal seemed to take a sharp turn when Walker suddenly left the table in tears and headed straight for a nearby doorway to fully let all her emotions out.

It's not known what made Walker so upset. But she did eventually return to her table and later that same day she was pictured all smiles as she attended a glitzy 50th anniversary bash for W magazine in a glamorous black dress. 

They enjoy hitting the slopes

Gwyneth Paltrow isn't the only celebrity who enjoys spending her downtime on the slopes. Although as far as we're aware, Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan haven't got into any collisions which resulted in — heaven forbid — losing  half a day of skiing.

In 2023, the husband and wife headed for the winter wonderland that is Austria's Lech am Alberg. And judging by the amount of snaps they posted on Instagram, they sure appreciated the wintry life. In one photo captioned "Equipo" — which means "team" in Italian — Walker and Thornton-Allan can be seen cozying up to each other against a spectacular mountainside backdrop.

The couple also looked to have turned to each other for extra heat in a much snowier snap in which they're kitted out in puffer jackets and woolly hats. Other pictures from the trip suggest that they headed to the exclusive Bludenz district with several friends in tow.

They also enjoy romantic strolls

When they're not showing off their best ski moves, Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan appear to like nothing more than heading out onto the streets for a romantic stroll.

The couple have been photographed walking around town on numerous occasions, such as in April 2022 when they took a wander around Manhattan. And then in September later that same year, shortly before they celebrated their paper wedding anniversary, the active pair were spotted with their arms around each other while once again hitting the sidewalks of the Big Apple.

Walker and Thornton-Allan could never be accused of dressing up to the nines whenever they pop out for some exercise. The pair are always snapped in casual attire and sans make-up. The daughter of the late "Fast & Furious" star once told Vogue magazine that she doesn't apply anything to her famous face unless she's on a job: "If I put makeup on myself, or if I'm wearing it for something outside of work, I feel self-conscious — I don't feel like myself and I won't take a photo."

Louis Thornton-Allan knows how to treat a lady

In November 2021, just a fortnight after she said "I do" to Louis Thornton-Allan in front of their nearest and dearest at a Dominican Republic ceremony, Meadow Walker had another cause for celebration: turning the grand old age of 23. So what did her new husband get for that all-important first birthday as a married couple?

Well, perhaps due to the fact that they'd just been showered with the more conventional gifts at their wedding, Thornton-Allan decided to think outside the box. The aspiring actor posted an Instagram Story which revealed that he'd treated Walker to surely what every young woman desires: a Lego set of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

As well as buying a present that he may possibly have wanted himself, Thornton-Allan also took to Instagram to congratulate his wife, uploading a number of video clips alongside the message, "Birthday girl. Heart is so full 4 ever."

They don't say much

It appears as though both Meadow Walker and Louis Thornton-Allan subscribe to the theory that less is more. Well, when it comes to offering up details about their relationship anyway. The pair might be happy to give their social media followers a visual insight into their early married days. But that's pretty much all they're prepared to share.

While some celebrities will write a brief essay alongside each Instagram upload to further explain its context, the two newlyweds seem determined to simply sum everything up in one word. For example, take the photo of her sharp-suited husband which Walker captioned, "Husband." Or the picture that Thornton-Allan shared of the pair lying down on the floor alongside their beloved pet dog which came accompanied only by an emoji.

And the pair appear to be averse to interviews, too. Although Walker was happy to gush about her wedding day to Vogue magazine shortly after the big day, she's largely kept quiet since, while Thornton-Allan has yet to give his thoughts to any publication at all. 

At least one half of the couple is in therapy

Meadow Walker might not say much about her marriage to Louis Thornton-Allan on social media. But no doubt that she shares a little more about their relationship when she attends her weekly therapy sessions. Of course, this isn't a sign that there's trouble in paradise.

In an interview with Forbes to promote her ambassadorial work for Pencils of Promise — an initiative designed to build schools across Ghana, Guatemala and Laos — Walker revealed that she's in regular counselling as a pre-emptive measure for her general well-being: "I think it's really great for everyone, honestly, to talk. It's not just for if you have something in your life that you need to talk about, it's also great to talk about your mental health to a professional any time. You can be the image of health, but it's so useful always."

Walker, who also partakes in yoga and acupuncture, also acknowledged that her life is so hectic — no doubt even more since she became a married woman — that she needs help when it comes to finding a balance.

They are both dog people

Scan Louis Thornton-Allan's Instagram account and it seems as though there's a third party in his marriage to model Meadow Walker. We're not talking a throuple scenario here, though. Instead, it's an adorable dog who the pair both seem to enjoy sharing their cuddles with.

In one particular video clip, their furry friend — whose name doesn't appear to have been revealed to the public — can be seen making themselves comfy in what may well be the couple's marital bed. In an amusing photo, someone (presumably Thornton-Allan) is shown trying to FaceTime the pooch. And then there's the heart-warming snap of all three lying down on the floor together.

Walker doesn't post quite as many canine photos on her Instagram. But in one upload, she uses a picture of the dog to accompany an uplifting message: "I hope everyone is happy and safe. There is so much pain, suffering and aggression in this world. Please be kind to one another. Do Good. Spread love."