Jamie Foxx Got Help From Snoop Dogg To Scare Daughter Corinne's Boyfriend

Jamie Foxx is one protective pop. However, he prefers to play good cop and rely on his friends to lay down the law when necessary. And when it comes to his daughters' potential love interests, Foxx pulls out the big guns, like his buddy Snoop Dogg.

Martha Stewart and Snoop's endearing relationship, where they bake brownies and host a cooking show together, makes the rapper appear cuddly and sweet these days. Plus, he's a pushover softie gramps. "I'm going to be a gullible, get-away-with-everything kind of grandpa," Snoop told "Today" following the birth of his first grandchild, Zion. "It's just a spark of joy just to look in his eyes and to be able to hold him. I thank my oldest son for making me a grandfather."

Still, it's not always been that way. Snoop has been arrested more times than Stewart has made meatballs. He's been booked on charges ranging from drug possession to murder. "Life in the ghetto ain't easy like they want to make it seem. People take wrong turns for a reason," he once told the Los Angeles Times. "You wake up in the morning, and there's no work. Nobody has nothin'. That's what makes them want to go take it from the next man. That's what leads to all the trouble and commotion." Snoop's turned his back on street life, but he still knows how to play at drinking milk when needs must. That's why Jamie Foxx got help from Snoop Dogg to scare his daughter Corinne's boyfriend.

Snoop Dogg's coming at you

When Jamie Foxx wanted to put the frighteners on his daughter Corinne Foxx's latest love interest, he enlisted the services of Snoop Dogg. Jamie spilled the intimidation tea on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," admitting to running a background check on the boyfriend and then ramping it up a notch when they met in person.

"He comes to the crib, and Snoop happens to be there," Jamie said. "And I said, 'Snoop, there he is right there. Shake him up.' And you know, Snoop walked over to my daughter's boyfriend and just said, 'Hey, what's up, what's up? ... Hey, look here, we her uncles, you know what I'm saying? So act accordingly, homie." Jamie said his real intent wasn't to terrify the guy, just to ensure he knew Corinne has people looking out for her and "that if something does go wrong, Snoop is coming."

It's understandable why he's so defensive, given the serious medical condition Jamie's daughter lives with. Corinne has stage IV endometriosis, a reproductive disease that "can cause pain — sometimes severe — especially during menstrual periods," in addition to lesions, cysts, and scar tissue forming outside of the uterus, per Mayo Clinic. After struggling to receive her diagnosis, Corinne became an outspoken advocate for others. "There's a lot of medical gaslighting that goes into this journey," she told Today. "I think women of color, especially, are often silenced or not believed when they come in with symptoms."

Jamie Foxx's journey from Disney dad to close father

Jamie Foxx has confessed to not always being there for his daughters when they were young. His memoir, "Act Like You Got Some Sense," documents his journey as a father and the difficulties of balancing the demands of a successful acting career with parenting. "I'm always going forward. I'm always trying to fix everything," Jamie admitted to Entertainment Tonight. "There were moments where I was a Disney dad and didn't know it. I was out running, trying to make sure everything was great, but I was missing time. So, when I would show up, 'Let's just go to Disneyland, let Mickey Mouse fix anything. The emotional potholes, we'll just fill it with Mickey Mouse.'"

Corinne admits to having a problematic relationship with her father when she was younger. "My dad was very over-the-top, very charismatic," she told the New York Post. "I was more reserved and quiet, so we had these funny moments of tension or him embarrassing me." Corinne rated Jamie as a 15 on a 1-10 scale of "truly embarrassing." However, as she grew, she learned to embrace her dad's quirks and over time they've become much closer.

"I think we always had this yin and yang relationship where he was really over-the-top and I was more reserved, and that's where in my teenage years a lot of conflicts happened. But now I think we can appreciate those qualities in one another, and we use that creatively to our advantage," she shared.