Celebs Who Got Married Within 6 Months

It's not totally unusual to hear about celebs who've suddenly put a ring on it (ahem, Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande), at least for those of us who follow Hollywood gossip. However, it's not often we hear of star-powered couples who not only get engaged within six months but actually tie the knot within that same timeframe.

According to a 2017 article from Brides, "Most married couples have very long relationships before walking down the aisle — 4.9 years on average, to be exact." For the following famous couples, 4.9 years could be damned. These celebs decided that 180 days (or less) was more than enough time to realize they'd found "the one." What followed after those initial lovey dovey feelings and quick unions, however, wasn't always happily ever after. Check out who in Hollywood tied the knot within six months, who's still going strong, and who ended up having to call it quits.

Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom

The Kardashians are known for a ton of relationship drama, and Khloé Kardashian's quick marriage to NBA player Lamar Odom in September 2009 was no exception. As People described, the couple met at a party in August 2009. During a 2017 interview on The Wendy Williams Show, Odom told Wendy Williams, "I didn't even know who she was when I met her... I fell in love. She's a beautiful person, inside and out." 

According to People, Kardashian and Odom started dating within just two days of meeting, and, on Sept. 27, 2009, they got married in Los Angeles — one month to the day after their first meeting. Surprise, surprise: The whole thing was captured for Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Fast forward to 2013, and Kardashian had filed for divorce from Odom, amid major media scrutiny around his DUI and rumored substance abuse issues. The divorce was officially finalized in 2016, meaning that the marriage itself lasted quite a bit longer than the courtship and engagement. 

Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson

Back in March 1995, Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and Baywatch actress Pamela Anderson dated for just four days before getting married in Cancun, Mexico. According to media reports collected by Billboard, Anderson walked down the aisle in a white bikini, while Lee opted for a pair of white Bermuda shorts. They reportedly got matching wedding ring tattoos in Hollywood soon after the nuptials. 

The marriage ended up lasting three years, and the couple had two kids together, along with an infamous leaked sex tape. Unfortunately, the marriage, though relatively brief, was tumultuous, with the Los Angeles Times reporting in 1998 that Lee had been sentenced to six months in jail for spousal battery after a physical altercation with Anderson on Feb. 24 of that year. 

Years later, the exes continue to make headlines for their ongoing family conflict. At the time of this writing, Lee's been having major drama with his son Brandon Lee, as reported by People.

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

In late March 2008, singer Mariah Carey and actor Nick Cannon starting dating after their paths crossed for a music video shoot. By April 30, just a few weeks later, the pair were married in a surprise ceremony at Carey's estate in the Bahamas. People spoke with the pair just after their sudden wedding, and Cannon explained, "In our minds, it was a love-at-first-sight thing. Since we've been together, we've been inseparable." Carey then added, "I don't think anyone realized what we already knew — that we were going to get married."

Like Lee and Anderson, the couple sealed their relationship with matching ring tattoos. Cannon explained to People in the same interview, "To me rings are special and exciting, but tattoos mean more than anything. They're forever and ever. They professed our love."

Permanent rings aside, Cannon filed for divorce from Carey on Dec. 12, 2014, as reported to TMZ.

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Singer and actress Jennifer Lopez raised some eyebrows when she unexpectedly tied the knot with pop star Marc Anthony in a secret June 2004 ceremony, after the couple had been dating for just six months. Lopez was coming off of "Bennifer" madness; she'd called off her engagement to Ben Affleck earlier that year, so her sudden wedding to Anthony really came as a shock (via Us Weekly). 

Over the years, Lopez and Anthony have collaborated artistically several times, and the two had twins together in February 2008, though their marriage would eventually end. They announced their separation in 2011. By 2012, Anthony had filed for divorce. Lopez would later describe her conflicted feelings about Anthony to magazine, saying, "[My marriage] wasn't the dream that I had hoped for... But Marc is the father of my children... So, I have to work to make things right. And that is, by far, the hardest work I do... I hung in there for seven years... I knew very quickly that it wasn't the right thing."

Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett

In the early 1990s, actress Julia Roberts was lauded as one of Hollywood's most beautiful women, which made her sudden marriage to country singer Lyle Lovett, who Entertainment Weekly dubbed "a pretty funny-looking man with hair like a haystack," surprising to say the least. The magazine reported Roberts and Lovett met just three weeks before their June 27, 1993 wedding in Nobelsville, Ind., and gave their guests a mere 72-hours notice that the nuptials would be taking place. After the wedding, Roberts' publicist told The Washington Post, "She is so happy ... It was a small, moving, intimate ceremony," and Lovett's manager explained, "It happened rapidly, very rapidly ... Lyle's extremely excited. He couldn't be happier."

But the good times didn't last. Roberts and Lovett announced their separation in March 1995 after 21 months of marriage, saying, "We remain close and in great support of each other" (via People). The celebs' grueling work travel schedules allegedly kept them apart, and it was reported that the pair barely spent more than a week at a time together during their relationship.

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney

Another country crooner got a lot of attention for a quickie wedding when music star Kenny Chesney married actress Renee Zellweger in a small ceremony in St. John in the Virgin Islands in May 2005. According to ABC News, the couple met four months earlier at a January 2005 benefit for victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

People magazine reported that the marriage was annulled in September 2005, with Zellweger citing "fraud." Responding to media speculation that Chesney's sexuality was the reason behind the split, Zellweger told The Advocate in 2016, "It made me sad that somehow people were using that as a way to be cruel and calling someone gay as a pejorative, which has fateful consequences ... I'd said all I needed to say on that subject. I'm an old-fashioned gal who doesn't feel it's appropriate to hang out your laundry on the lawn."

For his part, Chesney explained to Oprah in 2010 (via Huffington Post) that his marriage to Zellweger ended because he was so busy and also because he "panicked."

Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim

We can only assume that actor Nicolas Cage swept in and knocked waitress Alice Kim off her feet when they met at Los Angeles restaurant Kabuki in February 2004, since they ended up getting married just five months later in July of that same year. Cage explained to The Guardian in 2013 that his decision to marry Kim, who is 20 years younger than him, might have been informed by immigration issues. He told the paper that he wanted her to be able to travel with him to South America while he was filming Lord of War. "And we did it because we loved each other," he said.

Cage also described to the paper, "I made a very clear decision to marry out of my own zip code. I mean, way out of my own zip code ... When my mother-in-law came to the house for the first time, before even hello or nice to meet you, all I got was ”She too young!' And so I knew this was going to be an uphill battle."

The couple had a son together in 2005 and later announced their separation after almost 12 years together in 2016. 

Ryan Dorsey and Naya Rivera

Like Jennifer Lopez, Glee star Naya Rivera was hot off the heels of a high-profile engagement (to rapper Big Sean) when she shocked everyone by suddenly getting married. Rivera had known actor Ryan Dorsey as friends for years, and, in her memoir Sorry Not Sorry, Rivera detailed that a brief romantic relationship had once resulted in a pregnancy that she ultimately terminated. However, their pre-marriage relationship started just three months before the pair decided to make it official in Cabo San Lucas in July 2014. They told People magazine afterwards, "Our special day was fated ... True love always prevails."  

Be that as it may, one child and two years later, Rivera and Dorsey's marriage hit a seriously rocky patch. Rivera filed for divorce in November 2016; then, in October 2017, according to The Blast, it appeared that their relationship was back on. A source told E! News, "They want to make it work for the sake of their son." Things soon hit the skids again when, as People reported, Rivera was arrested and charged with domestic battery against Dorsey over Thanksgiving weekend in 2017. The charges were later dropped.

Rivera re-filed for divorce in December 2017, and, according to Page Six, the split was finalized in June 2018, with Rivera's rep telling the publication, "The family is working together peacefully and all matters have been amicably resolved."  

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

In the wake of "Brangelina" divorce coverage, it's easy to forget that, prior to her marriage to Brad Pitt, actress Angelina Jolie was involved in another high-profile relationship that caused a major scandal. In 1999, as Brides described, Jolie met actor Billy Bob Thornton (who was engaged to actress Laura Dern at the time) on the set of the film Pushing Tin. Lo and behold, it was Jolie that Thornton ended up marrying in a Vegas chapel on May 5, 2000, after a quick two-month relationship. Their pastor later told the Daily Mail, "Personally I don't think they had really planned it out for long, I think it was a spur of the moment deal..." 

Jolie and Thornton ended up splitting in June 2002, after a whole lot of red carpet PDA and reports that they wore vials of each other's blood (though Jolie later disputed the rumor). In 2004, Jolie told Vogue, "I think one day we had just nothing in common. And it's scary but ... I think it can happen when you get involved and you don't know yourself yet" (via Brides). Thornton explained to GQ in 2016 that he never felt "good enough" for Jolie. 

Gretchen Hillmer and Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce, former child actor on The Partridge Family and reality show star, might set the record for fastest celeb weddings. He met Gretchen Hillmer for a date in 1990, and they got married that same day. According to The New York Times, "Faced with the news that there would be no sex without marriage, Mr. Bonaduce — drunk at the time — called a minister."

The couple stayed married until 2007, and their rocky relationship was aired for all to see on two seasons of the reality show Breaking Bonduce, which chronicled Bonaduce's struggles with substance abuse and a suicide attempt. After their divorce, Hillmer tried to launch her own reality show career with Re-inventing Bonaduce, which lasted just one season. She also published a 2018 tell-all titled Surviving Agent Orange And Other Things I Learned From Being Thrown Under the Partridge Family Bus.

Bonaduce went on to get married for a third time in 2010 to his manager Amy Railsback, who, as People reported, surprised Bonaduce with a Hawaiian ceremony. Bonaduce told the magazine, "The wedding planner from the hotel called to speak with Amy and told me I was getting married! ... I said, Honey you got something to tell me? Then I thought about it, and said, This is a great idea!" At the time of this article, the pair are still going strong. 

Sebastian Bear-McClard and Emily Ratajkowski

Star of the "Blurred Lines" video and model Emily Ratajkowski seriously surprised her Instagram followers in February 2018 when she announced that she'd married boyfriend Sebastian Bear-McClard, whom, according to Elle, she'd only been dating for a few weeks. 

In an April 2018 interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Ratajkowski explained that the proposal itself had been pretty spontaneous, saying, "He proposed to me at [New York City restaurant] Minetta Tavern and he didn't have a ring so I was like, 'mmm, nah' ... And then he took the paper clip that the bill was paid with and made me a ring which I actually thought was really romantic." Cute.

Of her impromptu New York City Hall ceremony to actor-producer Bear-McClard, during which she wore a mustard yellow suit and black hat, she told Fallon, "I guess I didn't really know what I always wanted to do, which is maybe why it was so untraditional ... We're both interesting little humans."

Amy Schumer and Chris Fischer

After a May 2017 break-up with furniture maker Ben Hanisch, her boyfriend of a year and a half, comedian and actress Amy Schumer was first reported to be dating celeb chef Chris Fischer in November 2017. Like Ratajkowski, Schumer dropped a bomb on her Insta followers and fans by revealing that she and Fischer had tied the knot in February 2018. The star simply posted a photo of the two in wedding garb, captioning it with, "Yup." In a follow-up post, Schumer stated, "No I'm not pregnant," and she encouraged followers to donate to Everytown, a nonprofit that advocates for gun control. 

She explained to Howard Stern on his radio show in April 2018 that her new husband was her personal assistant Molly's brother, and that the wedding took her about three or four days to plan. Schumer also said during an appearance on the Today show that same month that she knew Fischer was the one for her "like a month in ... we got down to business really quick." Mazel!