The untold truth of Mohamed Hadid and Shiva Safai

After two failed marriages, many would expect Mohamed Hadid to give up on love. However, the real estate tycoon did the complete opposite after locking eyes with his much younger partner, Iranian-born model, Shiva Safai.

Being good friends with current The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Lisa Vanderpump and the ex-husband to former cast member Yolanda means reality TV fans are familiar with Hadid and his stunning mate. They've been featured on the program, and Safai was actually offered a role on the popular Bravo TV series, but she turned it down and instead, signed on to appear on the since-canceled E! program, Second Wives Club. Though the show only lasted one season, it shed some light on the couple's May-December romance, as well as the dynamics behind their union. 

To call their relationship unconventional is an understatement, which makes us even more fascinated as we explore what really makes this pair tick. This is the untold truth of Mohamed Hadid and Shiva Safai.

They lockied eyes over Italian

So where would one go to meet an uber-successful real estate developer who's selling multi-million dollar properties like hot cakes? Well, Beverly Hills, of course! Their fated first meeting happened at one of the ritzy city's posh restaurants, Il Pastaio — an eatery where the city's elite go to be seen, while feasting on the finest Italian dishes.

"It was just one of those random days," Safai told Fox News. "I met with a girlfriend and we went to have lunch. Mohamed was there waiting for his friend and it was an instant attraction."

In fact, it was Hadid's "piercing blue eyes" that really mesmerized her, and after saying ciao bella, the smitten duo reconnected on Facebook. "He then asked me out on a date and it was just an instant chemistry. Everything felt so right and it was so comfortable. It was so easy… and I felt that we met each other at the right time in our lives," she said.

Their 33-year age difference is NBD

It's not uncommon to see couples with huge age gaps in the entertainment industry and beyond, especially since romantic partners with massive age differences aren't as taboo as they once were. Despite how far we've come in being more accepting of nontraditional pairings, some people are still a bit skeeved out by Hadid being 33 years Safai's junior. 

Their multi-decade age difference always seems to be the main topic of discussion whenever they're asked about their partnership. And the huge age gap doesn't bother Safai at all, despite the fact that she's actually one year younger than Hadid's eldest daughter, Marielle. Awkward much?

During an episode of Second Wives Club (via E! News), Safai revealed that she doesn't "feel" the age difference at all. "I'm an old soul and he's young at heart," she said.

Go ahead and flip to "age ain't nothing but a number" in the dictionary, and we guarantee a picture of Hadid and Safai will pop up!

She barely remembers their proposal

Two years after their first encounter in the luxe zip code of 90210, the infatuated duo jetted off to a romantic destination in the Indonesian island of Bali. They were just finishing up their dinner when Hadid pulled up Safai's chair and said, "I need to have a talk with you."

"I really thought I had done something wrong!" she told Fox News while recalling that pivotal moment, which took place on December 31, 2013. "He then started tearing up and the rest, honestly, I can't remember because I was balling. I was crying so much."

The tears flowed even faster when she saw the ring, and we don't blame her! Have you seen that sparkler? Talk about bling bling!

"I don't remember the words he was saying, but I know I said, 'Yes!' It was exactly what I wanted," she said.

After getting engaged, most couples spring into action to begin planning their wedding. However, Safai soon found out that Hadid's grand proposal didn't necessarily mean he was ready to tie the knot. More on that later…

Chivalry isn't dead for these two lovebirds

While Hadid has two failed marriages under his belt, Safai was also unlucky in love prior to meeting him. She has briefly spoken about her ex-husband here and there, conveniently leaving out the major details about her previous marriage and the catalyst behind her divorce.

Though she remains mum about her ex, she did credit Hadid for helping her get over the past. During an episode of Second Wives Club (via E! News), Safai said, "[Hadid] brought back the sparkle I was missing in my eyes and he really, really put the broken pieces back together." Aww!

That wasn't the first nor the last time she gushed about her real estate bae. "I feel so blessed and grateful for being engaged to a wonderful and kind man," she told Harper's Bazaar Arabia. "Not only has he healed my broken heart and wounds but also shown me how a real woman is treated. Chivalry is not dead in our relationship."

Before we jump ahead of ourselves and call Hadid the perfect partner, we have to discuss the one thing that's preventing their relationship from going to the next level…

He's 'not sure' about getting married

Following their December 2013 engagement, many assumed the newly betrothed couple would start planning the most glamorous wedding Beverly Hills had ever seen. 

Safai was more than ready to kick into action and take a walk down the aisle, though an over-the-top nuptial wasn't her style, she revealed to Bravo's The Daily Dish. "I would like to keep it very simple and timeless and elegant," the bride-to-be stated. "I think that would be the three keys of my wedding inspiration."

Despite what Safai wanted, Hadid had other things in mind for the ceremony — or lack thereof. After racking up two ex-wives, he wanted to take his time before sealing the deal with his Persian beauty. "The thing about it is, we have it so right, right now," he told Safai during the episode. "I'm not sure, I feel like you and I are married already."

As of this writing, the couple is still happy, in love…and unmarried. Does this mean Safai's not the one or does Hadid just have a major case of cold feet? Only time will tell.

Once a cheater, always a cheater?

There have been a few accusations against the mega-rich real estate developer, including the unfounded rumor that he had an affair with former Real Housewives of Miami star, Joanna Krupa, while still married to Yolanda. Hadid denied the allegations, and Yolanda wrote on her Bravo TV blog: "Joanna Krupa did not cause Mohamed and I's divorce. Unfortunately infidelity did, but at this point, 12 years later, we have left that negative chapter behind and have moved on to be friends and are united parents to our children."

Years later, Hadid was caught in yet another scandal but this time, the allegations were horrific. A woman by the name of Miranda "Vee" Vasquez accused the businessman of date rape. Hadid fired back by suing Vasquez for defamation and attempting to extort him after a "consensual 40-minute hook up," the Daily Mail reported.

Safai was asked to give her take on the accusations during an interview with SiriusXM's Conversations with Maria Menounos, in which she responded, "I've decided to really just focus on myself and great things that are coming ahead."

We sure hope he's leaving his naughty ways in the past, especially since Safai appears to be his perfect match. 

He says having kids with her would be selfish

Hadid has five kids from previous relationships. There's Alana and Marielle from his first wife, Mary Butler. Then, there are supermodels Gigi and Bella, and his son Anwar that he had with his second wife, Yolanda. 

Safai came into their relationship without any children of her own, and she has settled perfectly into the role of playing stepmom. Still, it might be nice for her to have children one day, but as time passes by, Safai isn't sure she wants to be a mommy.

Speaking with Maria Menounos' SiriumXM show, she stated she had the urge to have kids during her first marriage, but that urge had since dwindled. She also realized that time wasn't necessarily on Hadid's side. "If I were him I wouldn't want to have kids, his youngest is 18." she said. 

Hadid also reportedly told Safai it would be selfish for him to have kids this late in his life, knowing that when the children grow up, he likely wouldn't be around for them.

But, Safai kept the door ajar to allow the possibility for motherhood to play a part in her future. "Mentally and physically I'm not ready for it, but maybe in three years," she said.

We don't have a dog in this fight. We just hope Safai isn't putting her own needs and wants on the back burner just to appease her beau.

All in the family

Mohamed Hadid and his ex-wife, Yolanda, have a bond that has grown even stronger throughout the years. They've even showed up on the red carpet together with their kids and Safai in tow. And, believe it or not, you won't find any baby mama drama around these parts.

According to Radar Online, Yolanda reached out to Hadid following her divorce from her ex-husband, David Foster, and Shiva Safai didn't mind at all. An insider told the website that the brunette beauty "is very comfortable in her own skin and has no reason to not trust Mohamed. She knows that their three grown children benefit from Yolanda and Mohamed getting along, and that is what matters."

During an episode of the Second Wives Club (via the Mirror), Safai dived even deeper into the inner workings of their blended family. "I have a great relationship with his first and second wife. I never like drama. I don't think there should be a reason not to get along, we all want to make sure family comes first… We often do Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays together. At the end of the day it's all about getting along and we do," she said. 

It sounds like the perfect situation all around. Now, if only she can drag Hadid to the altar. That would really be the highlight of this Beverly Hills fairytale!