RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Who Are Still Besties

Unlike what Season 4 competitor Lashauwn Beyond claims, sometimes it really is "RuPaul's best friend race." Through almost 30 seasons across a dozen countries around the world, the Emmy Award-winning "RuPaul's Drag Race" has introduced hundreds of drag entertainers to global audiences. While most reality shows highlight frenemies over friendships, and "RuPaul's Drag Race" has certainly had its share of both over the years, the lasting power of some of the show's most iconic duos has endeared millions of viewers worldwide. 

Many of the queens embark on world tours together after their runs on the show, furthering their bonds established in the "werk room." "I connect with many of the girls..." Season 6 contestant Laganja Estranja told VH1. "...I just think it's really cool that...[working together] is this, like, long process of getting to know your sisters." Some girls met (and even dated) prior to competing together, while others crossed paths after appearing on different seasons. Either way, the group camaraderie they share transcends the screen. Some of the most iconic queer friendships have come from the "Drag Race" franchise, and their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent have inspired fans from sea to shining sea.

Trixie Mattel & Katya Made a Drag Duo Empire

After meeting on Season 7 of "Drag Race," "All Stars 3" winner Trixie Mattel and Season 7 "All Stars 2" finalist Katya Zamolodchikova (but your dad just calls her Katya) have turned their friendship into one of the most popular drag duo empires spanning television, music, live entertainment and more. The pair's first professional outing together was the streaming series "UNHhhh," which boasts more than 200 episodes on WOW Presents Plus. "Enjoyment and pleasure are the driving forces behind [the show]," Katya shared with W Magazine. "You can't do this kind of improv if you don't want to be there." 

The series launched a cable version, "The Trixie & Katya Show," in 2017, but Katya left the show mid-season. "I went crazy for a while," Katya shared with the "Shut Up Evan" podcast. "...A lot of it was due to drugs. But, bottom line is [Trixie] just kind of waited it out and forgave me, and that is, like, really incredible." Since reuniting, their creative endeavors have flourished. The duo star in the Netflix YouTube recap series "I Like To Watch," have toured the world with "Trixie & Katya Live," launched the podcast "The Bald and the Beautiful," released joint makeup palettes together through Trixie Cosmetics, and even written two self-help books, one of which became a New York Times Best-Seller. "We don't really get sick of each other," Trixie quipped to W Magazine. "It sounds crazy and LA and toxic to say this, but sometimes I'm like, 'Well, somebody's going to literally pay us to hang out next Friday. So let's just wait until then.'"

Bob the Drag Queen & Monet X Change are chosen siblings

Despite competing on different seasons of "Drag Race," Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen and All Stars 4 winner Monet X Change have been good Judys since their early days of drag in New York City. The two "drag sisters" started a podcast/YouTube series together called "Sibling Rivalry," which initially came about during their personal catch-up sessions. "I was just calling her all the time, and we were having these really funny conversations on the phone that I thought were hilarious," Bob the Drag Queen told Out Front Magazine. "[We are] just like best friends bickering about ridiculous stuff. 

Then I was like, 'We should do a podcast. I have an idea for a name, and I think we should do this together.'" The show has spurred live events and a make-up line, and even a guest appearance together on "The Simpsons." When they are pursuing their own individual events, the two are never far from each other's minds – for better or for worse. An example of this is when X Change competed on All Stars 4; she paid tribute to her friend with a "Purse First" moment on the runway, calling to mind one of Bob's iconic catchphrases. "We have so much fun [together], we make fun of each other," X Change shared with Out Front Magazine. "We make some good videos, and when we travel and work together, it's such a blast."

Bianca Del Rio & Adore Delano keep the barbs coming

Season 6 competitors Bianca Del Rio and Adore Delano may have ended up as the winner and runner-up, respectively, but the two larger-than-life personalities formed a lasting friendship that has grown beyond the "werk" room. With their contrasting personalities front of mind (Del Rio is caustic and blunt, while Delano is a wild child), Delano admitted to keeping her distance from Del Rio at first. "I remember telling the producers to keep Bianca away from me because I hated her," Delano quipped in an episode of EW's Binge podcast.

"I've never been wrong about my winners. I'm obsessed with the show, I always clock them.... as soon as I met Bianca, I was like, 'F***, G***ammit, she's winning!'" The two have shared even more screen time together post Season 6, frequently appearing on each other's social media platforms, reuniting on the "RuPaul's Drag Race" recap show, "The Pit Stop," and even conducting interviews with each other. 

The pair of bosom buddies may be best known for the barbs they throw at each other, but they do have a heartfelt connection to each other. "She never believes me when I tell her she's beautiful," Delano shared with Attitude Magazine. "I do f***ing mean it — even up close, she's beautiful! In person, she's like a doll."

BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon are bosom buddies

Seattle-based drag sisters BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon have been besties long before they competed on separate seasons of "RuPaul's Drag Race" (Monsoon won Season 5 and "All Stars 7," LaCreme was a finalist on Season 6). "[It] started as a working relationship and quickly formed into a very strong friendship," Monsoon shared with "Quays Life." The pair are veterans of the stage, having starred in a series of holiday specials and live tours together. The shows, including Hulu's "The Jinkx and Dela Holiday Special," features the pair singing, dancing, and showing off their comedic timing with Christmas cheer to boot. "

The [filmed special] was an absolute sprint, so in some ways, I feel like creating the film was the hardest thing I've ever done," LaCreme told Theatre Mania. While the show has taken the two around the world together, they both have also found time to pursue solo projects, including LaCreme's "Terminally Delightful" tour and Monsoon's history-making run as Matron Mama Morton in "Chicago" on Broadway. The pair continuously reunite off-stage as well, including appearances in "Drag Race"-related media like the popular YouTube recap show "The Pit Stop." "Throughout the years, she's become one of my best sisters, best friends, and in many ways, a peer-mentor," Monsoon told "Quays Life." "I'm a better drag queen for having known BenDeLaCreme."

Raven & Jujubee are the OG besties

Competitors turned comrades Raven and Jujubee first stole viewers' hearts on Season 2 and later on All Stars 1, where they competed as a team for the very first spot in the (fictional) Drag Race Hall of Fame. The so-called "Rujubee" became one of the first popular friendships on the series, solidified by an emotional lip sync for their life to the tune of Robyn's "Dancing On My Own." While the lip sync ended up in a tie, meaning both queens got to move on to the finale, the moment became one of legend in the "Drag Race" lore. "I just think it's the sweetest performance ever," singer Robyn, the artist behind the song, remarked about the lip sync to Entertainment Weekly. "I love that they're supporting each other.... it's in the spirit of the song!" 

The song has clearly stuck with both of them long after the lip sync. "Raven texts me every time she hears that song..." she shared with The Standard. "She's like, 'It's on again.'" After their "All Stars" appearance, the duo continued to tour together and appear on "Drag Race"-related media, including the spin-off show "RuPaul's Drag U" and the World of Wonder video series "Besties For Cash." While Raven is now an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist for "Drag Race" and Jujubee has competed on several iterations of the "All Stars" franchise over the years, the two's iconic friendship still reigns strong.

Kim Chi & Naomi Smalls made beauty moves together

Season 8 finalists Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls are both Chicago-based queens and became fast friends on their season. They even reached the top 3 together before ultimately losing the crown to Bob the Drag Queen. The two have toured the country together on the "Werq the World" tour and are known to frequently film web series videos with each other. One of these series includes the World of Wonder-branded "M.U.G.," standing for Make-Up Girls. 

Both Kim Chi and Naomi frequented the majority of these videos together, discussing and demonstrating everything from make-up tricks of the trade to reviewing entrance looks from new "Drag Race" competitors. After Kim Chi launched her Kim Chi Chic Beauty make-up line, the two created a dessert-themed line in 2020, marking the very first mainstream make-up palette collaboration between two drag queens. 

"I'd never be living the life that I'm living now [without Kim Chi]," Smalls shared in the series "Werq the World" (via EW), which chronicled one of the multi-city tours that "Drag Race" queens are famous for undertaking after their time on the show. "I'm super grateful and super honored to be able to call Kim Chi my best friend. I moved to Chicago because she lived in Chicago. We just need to have each other in our lives to feel homeostasis. That's my number one."

Raja & Raven created their own fashion phrase

Season 3 winner Raja and Season 2 runner-up Raven are not only OG, L.A.-based "Drag Race" legends, but they are also the originators of the popular "Fashion Photo RuView" series on World of Wonder. The series, which has garnered more than 38 seasons, has become a staple of the extended "Drag Race" universe. It saw the creation of a new catchphrase, "toot" or "boot," which are labels that many queens and fans use to approve or disapprove of a look. 

"Toot and boot and "Fashion Photo RuView" is something that Raven and I created together to get the share the wealth with other queens and see what their opinions are," Raja told Vulture. "[But really] our opinions don't mean s***." The two have made several appearances on "Drag Race" throughout the seasons, and even appeared together (albeit briefly) when Raven guest starred on the premiere episode of "All Stars 7." 

They've also shared the screen on the "Drag Race" official recap show "The Pit Stop," of which Raja has hosted several seasons. The two "sisters" have quite the bond together, but they have both made names for themselves singularly; Raven is now a make-up artist on "Drag Race" and hosts the series "Painted with Raven," while Raja was crowned the "Queen of She-Done-Already-Done-Had-Herses" on "All Stars 7."

Jaida Essence Hall & Heidi 'N Closet share some crazy stories together

Season 12 standouts Jaida Essence Hall and Heidi 'N Closet's initial relationship on "Drag Race" may not have started on a positive note for both of them. "[In] week 3, I was told I was one of the weakest links by Jaida," Closet revealed to Nylon. "...You don't want to hear that from your competitors." Even after Hall beat Closet in a lip sync for their life to Prince's "1999," with Hall later going on to win the entire competition, the two have formed a strong friendship outside of the show. 

The pair produce the podcast "Hall & Closet" together, and with their signature sass, they have welcomed numerous fellow queens to chat with them . "I don't listen to [Jaida]," Closet quipped on "The Best Show with Tom Scharpling." "It [is] just kinda hard on a podcast..." The series was renewed for Season 2 in 2023. "We're really excited," Closet continued on the Scharpling show. "We're shaking things up, we're changing things, it's gonna be fabulous!" 

The queens' podcasts even had a (gross) moment go viral when Closet admitted to defecating in a parking lot in Glasgow while on tour. "In that moment, [I think] she saw so much of herself in me because she likes talking about s*** a lot," Closet joked to Entertainment Weekly. "So, I think she just felt so seen that she was gagged that we were literally that same person in that moment in time."

Violet Chachki & Gottmik serve fashion day and night

Despite competing on different seasons, Season 7 winner Violet Chachki and Season 13 finalist Gottmik have formed a dynamic drag duo that spans fashion, photography, and more. "I think that me and Mik just get each other," Chachki said of her friend in Gay Times Magazine. "I don't feel like I've really related to other drag queens in the same way." The two Los Angeles-based, look-loving queens started their own podcast together called "No Gorge" and headlined a 2022 Pride tour together. 

The pair have even hosted the popular "Fashion Photo RuView" series on World of Wonder, which caused a bit of controversy when they "booted" (or, in layman's terms, dissed) one of original co-host Raja's looks on "All Stars 7." "I mean, we just want to elevate drag and keep pushing it forward and looking to the future and what that looks like, always, and we have a long list of things that we don't like, so it gets very specific for the things that we do like," Chachki told Gay Times.

"The stylish queens have also made waves in designer fashion...literally. From Roberto Cavalli and Moschino in Milan, to Miu Miu and Schiaparelli in Paris, the pair made several eye-catching appearances across global fashion weeks together in 2022 – and in coordinated ensembles to boot. "Our styles end up in a very similar world most of the time, because we both love breaking boundaries and pushing fashion and art to the limit," Gottmik told Vogue.

Willow Pill & Yvie Oddly have a wonderfully wacky familial relationship

The bond between Season 11 winner Yvie Oddly and Season 14 winner Willow Pill is more of a family affair than a friendship. Pill is Oddly's drag sister, and the two hail from the same Denver-based drag family. "The very first drag show I ever did was a student drag show that Yvie was in, and we had kind of seen each other in passing since then," Pill shared with Out Front Magazine. Pill also made a short film about their drag sis while in college, which kickstarted their relationship. 

"Eventually, I started to prove that I wasn't someone to mess with, and Yvie pays attention to someone who's a threat. It kind of speaks for itself. Then we started to become friends because she grew to have respect for me." Their respect for each other has clearly grown to one of familial love. "You've been like a daughter to me, except I never wanted you," Oddly quipped on Instagram when Pill's casting was announced on the show. "I'm soooo [sic] proud of you for realizing your dreams and I can't wait for the world to drink up everything you vomit at them!" As far as working together post crownings, the two have joined forces on singles like Oddly's "Sick B****" and made surprise appearances during each others' interviews. "The through-line with [queens like] Yvie and myself is that we're all kind of people who subverted the expectations on our season," Pill once shared with City Cast Denver.

Bob the Drag Queen & Peppermint use their friendship to inspire good

There are many New York City queens who have made their way across the stage of "Drag Race," but few are as good of Judys as Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen and Season 9 runner-up Peppermint. Although they are not officially drag family, the two had been close for years prior to each of their runs on the reality show. "I would go to [her] shows," Bob shared with The Queer Review on their early days of drag. "I would just sit there in the audience and watch them perform and take notes ... Peppermint taught me how to entertain a crowd..." 

The pair have a number of projects together, and are most notably partners and spokespeople for Black Queer Town Hall, a non-profit organization that focuses on "celebrating queer black excellence by supporting and cultivating community, sharing knowledge, and uplifting voices," according to the organization's website. The two have used their platforms to spread the word about "Town Hall," from online gaming streams to a weekly podcast. 

Both queens have also shared the small screen together in shows like "The Pit Stop," ultimately providing a number of memorable and borderline viral moments. Each of the queens have made names for themselves in their own right, but it's when they're together that their impact doubles. "I just love Bob the Drag Queen and we have this great relationship, and it's really been able to grow and transform..." Peppermint shared with ET.