How David Beador Reacted When Jeff Lewis Read His Texts On Radio

David Beador was apparently none too pleased when texts he sent to ex Shannon Beador were read aloud by Jeff Lewis on the radio.

Shannon appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Monday, July 16, 2018, and revealed that David had been angry after the "horrible" messages he'd sent her were read on radio show Jeff Lewis Live. "It wasn't pleasant," Shannon told WWHL host Andy Cohen when asked about David's reaction.

Following the radio broadcast, David would apparently send messages to Lewis, which only made the ordeal even worse. "So he actually texted Jeff for weeks and then Jeff would read those nasty texts on his radio show," Shannon explained. She added, "You know, let's all learn a lesson here, people: Don't text because that stays as evidence forever."

Shannon also shed some light on what her and David's current communication is like. Shannon, who mostly speaks with her ex via text message and email, said, "There's just a lot of anger on one side." When asked if the anger was on her side, Shannon, who was married to David for 17 years, replied, "No."

Shannon noted that she's not sure why David is so angry, as, like Cohen pointed out, he has a girlfriend already — one that Shannon and David's children have met, though Shannon herself has never met her.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, David's girlfriend, Lesley Cook, recently spoke out against rumors that she had started dating David while he was still with Shannon. Responding to Shannon's friend Tamra Judge saying that she'd seen David and Cook together in October, months before they'd filed for divorce, Cook told Radar Online that Judge had "lied." She said, "I assume that she did this to create more drama and bring in viewers, but it is 2018 and this type of bullying needs to stop."

She also claimed that she and David had met "by chance" in December 2017, stating, "I didn't go after anyone's husband. I am [a] good mother and a good person and I will not allow these mean girls to make up lies about me."