What We Know About Hallmark Stars Erin Krakow And Ben Rosenbaum's Relationship

Erin Krakow has become one of the buzziest Hallmark actors since first joining the network back in 2014. That's when she moved over from Lifetime to make her Hallmark debut in "Chance at Romance" and she's been with the network ever since. Now, nearly a decade later, she's become one of Hallmark's richest and most bankable stars. Krakow has built a glowing reputation and a huge, passionate fan base to match. In addition to starring in a long list of films, including 2023's "The Wedding Cottage," she's also taken on the lead role in the beloved series "When Calls the Heart." Not to mention she's solidified her talents as an executive producer on the show, which kicked off in 2014 and was renewed for an eleventh season in 2023 before Season 10 even premiered.

But fans don't just love watching Krakow on-screen; they also want to know all about her off-screen life. Especially because it seems that she may be on her way to joining the growing list of Hallmark stars who are married to each other in real life. The actor has been incredibly silent about her romantic partnerships, which has only served to make fans even more intrigued, but it seems she may be dating one of her co-stars. Here's everything we know about Krakow's reported relationship with fellow Hallmark star Ben Rosenbaum.

Erin Krakow and Ben Rosenbaum soft-launched their relationship

Erin Krakow set her fandom abuzz in January 2023 when she appeared to confirm some exciting personal news. It all started when the actor posted a photo of her new puppy, named Willoughby, to Instagram. While the snap of the adopted pooch was undeniably cute, it was the caption that really got people talking. "We adopted him a week ago and I already can't imagine life without him," she wrote, notably using the plural form. So who made up the other half of that telling "we"? Folks got that answer only a day later when Ben Rosenbaum posed with the same pup and gushed, "He's a dream come true!" That all but confirmed growing speculation that the "When Calls the Heart" co-stars were dating. Not just that, but it also seemed to reveal that they've secretly been dating for a while, as they were serious enough to adopt a pet together.

While neither actor went ahead and confirmed (nor denied) their relationship status, both haven't stopped posting photos of the pup. What's more, in May 2023, Krakow shared another telling image to Instagram in which she and Rosenbaum were joined by confirmed Hallmark couple Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace. In the sweet snap, all four actors and friends are cozied up together and can be seen making heart signs with their hands. We'll call that a telling sign!

Finding love on the When Calls the Heart set

Erin Krakow and Ben Rosenbaum may not have gone Instagram official yet, but their social media posts sure do point to a sweet romance. Interestingly, it wouldn't be the first time that the "When Calls the Heart" set sparked a real-life union between co-stars. At the end of 2018, Kevin McGarry and Kayla Wallace first crossed paths when they joined the series in its sixth season. However, unlike Krakow and Rosenbaum, they weren't shy about admitting they've become one of many Hollywood couples who met on-set and stayed together. Jump to November 2020 and the pair went Instagram official to the delight of fans. It was McGarry who first broke the news by sharing a snap showing a Polaroid picture of him and Wallace, which he cheekily captioned, "Photo evidence."

From there, their union only continued to get stronger as they not only built a life together behind the scenes, but also expanded their professional collaboration. In 2022, the lovebirds starred in two Hallmark films, first in "Feeling Butterflies," then in "My Grown-Up Christmas List." That same holiday season, they also took a huge step in their real-life union. In December 2022, the co-stars revealed they had gotten engaged by sharing a video of Wallace showing off her ring and kissing her new fiancé. The caption simply read, "Forever."