Things To Know About Lindsay Lohan's Fiance

Hear ye, hear ye! Lindsay Lohan made headlines for something other than her bad behavior! The oft-troubled red-headed starlet, 29, was spotted sporting a huge emerald and diamond ring on her all-important finger on April 12. Get to know the guy who put it there, Egor Tarabasov.

He's rich, but not too rich

Tarabasov is loaded, and so is his family, but they're not exactly the billionaire tycoons that many media outlets make them out to be. A source told Page Six, "His father is a wealthy man who owns a construction firm and a couple of stores similar to Home Depot in the Moscow region, but he is no oligarch." The source added, "He's a trust-fund kid with a day job as a real estate agent. He has a generous allowance, but doesn't have his own money yet." Us Weekly reports that Tarabasov is also a shareholder with Moscow's Ivy Bank.

His day job may be sketchy

Jezebel reports that Tarabasov's real estate agency, Home House Estates, "bills itself as 'residential property for sales, lettings and investment in the capital's best addresses and postcodes.'" However, at the time of this writing, the company did not have a working website, and the sites on which it is listed don't exactly have great things to report. The only comment on the company's LinkedIn page reads, "This company own's the freehold to our property. It has changed it's numbers and emails and have been avoiding contact pending investigation." Their Yell page has one comment that says, "Very unprofessional, disgusting attitude, rude directors" (via The Daily Beast). On Rater Agent, a commenter says, "They own the Freehold to our property. Have not responded to various communication since 5/12/2015 in regards to multiple issues."

He's young

A source told The Mirror that Tarabasov, 22, may be young, but he doesn't act it. "He's a bit younger than she is, but he's a very smart businessman," the insider said. "He's much more mature than his age suggests, and he's a good influence. Obviously she's done the older guy thing and that hasn't ended well, so it's great to see her with a smile on her face again."

Her parents love him

TMZ reports that Tarabasov spent the holidays with the Lohans and that it went swimmingly. Lohan's father, Michael, told Page Six, "He's not a good influence, he's a great influence. He has a lot of strong connections in Russia—these are big people and they're very supportive. He wants things to be in the right place for Lindsay and he's wise beyond his years." He added, "He's grown up with money but he's not spoiled. He's not the kind of guy to just sit back and spend his money. She may be older than him, but Lindsay is younger at heart." Meanwhile, Lilo's mom, Dina, told Us Weekly, "He is cute. He's a sweetheart. He's just a really good person...He's very mature, very worldly. They love each other."

He keeps Lilo out of trouble

Now that Tarabasov is in the picture, Lohan hasn't been in handcuffs—or the headlines—quite so much. "She's not partying as much like she used to," a source told People. "She's doing really well and she is taking cooking classes with some girlfriends...She has been happy staying out of the public eye. She likes staying in and flying under the radar and staying out of trouble." An insider confirmed to The New York Daily News that Tarabasov is a stable presence for Lohan, telling the paper, "He keeps her in check. He's a really good person to keep her grounded...he takes care of her." That may be why momma Dina seems to loves him as much as Lilo does. The self-proclaimed "White Oprah" told Page Six, "He's not about celebrity or anything, which is really important."

Still, don't expect Lohan to give the guy credit for her changed ways. She griped to The Sun, "That's the one thing in America they always have done with me. If I have ever been linked to someone, they always say, 'This guy is so good for Lindsay, look at how he has changed her.' I am just like, 'F*** you,' because I have done this for me. I take care of myself and then they just set it up to fail.'"

They live together in London

Lohan and Tarabasov have been together about eight months and have already started cohabiting. A source told People in March, "She's in a really good place. She's made a new life for herself. They are moving in together to a bigger place, and they seem to be getting more serious. She seems really happy."

They may or may not actually be engaged

The engagement rumors surrounding these lovebirds nearly broke the Internet. It began on April 12, 2016 when TMZ reported that Lohan was engaged to Tarabasov. The whispers grew louder when Lohan rocked a giant emerald and diamond ring to a Duran Duran concert that night. However, Lohan's rep denied the rumors, telling Page Six that the TMZ report is "not true and holds no merit." Not yet, that is!