Michael Strahan's List Of Shady Romances

He may be one of the most likable and affable guys on morning television, but behind the scenes, Michael Strahan's life has been anything but roses. In fact, the former pro football player's personal life has been plagued by failed romances, many of which have been splashed across the tabloids, especially after he started hosting Live! with Kelly and Michael. From messy divorces to accusations of cheating, check out Strahan's long list of shady romances.

His new lady's criminal history

Strahan's current girlfriend, Kayla Quick, allegedly has a long history of run-ins with the law. According to Radar Online, Quick was arrested at age 14 for disorderly conduct. Four years later, in 2005, she and her boyfriend at the time were booked on grand theft charges after allegedly stealing $6,000 worth of jewelry during a break-in at her grandmother's home. Because both of Quick's cases went to juvenile court, Radar says it was unable to determine their respective outcomes.

Quick's criminal history runs in the family

Kayla's problems with the law might be genetic. Radar reports that her older sister, Kara Lee Quick, has been arrested on drug charges, but that's nothing compared to their late father. Gerald Quick has been reportedly booked not once, but 19 times on charges ranging from drug possession to assault with a deadly weapon. Unfortunately, Gerald died in 2012.

A former strip club employee

Radar revealed that Kayla spent four months working as a cocktail waitress at a Tampa strip club when she was just 18 years old. According to a source, Quick "knew how to hustle customers" at Tampa's Thee Dollhouse Lounge, where she "could clear up to $2,000 a week." Say what you will about the profession, Kayla was clearly making a lot more money than most teens her age.

Strahan's second divorce was messy

Michael's second divorce from his wife, Jean Strahan, was the kind that every celebrity fears. The case dominated headlines for more than two years, due in part to the severe accusations Michael and Jean threw at each other. 

Jean accused Michael of "beating her, secretly videotaping her sister undressing and carrying on affairs with three different women," according to The New York Times. Jean even alleged that Michael was living an "alternative lifestyle" after moving in with a local television commentator, which led to speculation that Michael might be gay. According to The New York Times, Michael went on a local radio show to deny those claims, and Jean, for her part, later clarified her comments, saying she "did not mean to leave the impression her husband was gay."

The New York Times reported that Michael claimed Jean spent "$22,500 on photographs, $27,000 on clothes for their 20-month-old twin daughters, and $1,700 in sign language classes—even though neither daughter is hearing impaired" in 2005. He also referred to her as a "very, very disturbed person" in a separate interview. According to the New York Post, the couple's $15.3 million prenup was upheld in 2007. However, Michael's payments were reduced following an appeal in 2008.

His last engagement ended in major drama

Michael Strahan's seven-year-long relationship with Eddie Murphy's ex-wife, Nicole Murphy, came to a halt in 2014. In a truly scandalous twist, news of their breakup hit the tabloids the night Strahan was being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. 

According to TMZ, sources from Strahan's camp felt the announcement was "extremely suspect." Case in point: the couple had reportedly been separated for weeks but had no plans to break the news before Strahan's ceremony. This caused some to speculate that Nicole or one of her friends leaked the news as a revenge tactic. In a separate report by TMZ, sources from her camp claimed the announcement was purely coincidental. Riiiight.

Their breakup was sketchy

Exactly what caused Strahan and Nicole Murphy to split remains a little vague. A rep for Strahan initially blamed the breakup on distance and the couple's busy work schedules. However, subsequent reports seemed to indicate that something else may have happened. The couple—who was engaged for five years—had reportedly been arguing over a prenup. "Nicole was unwilling to sign a prenup, even though Michael has consistently been very generous to her," sources told Page Six.

Other reports speculated that cheating may have been a determining factor. According to TMZ, the breakup was triggered after Murphy found proof that Strahan had been hooking up with other women. At one point in their relationship, Murphy allegedly tried to confront Strahan at a Beverly Hills hotel, where she believed he was with another woman. Sources said Murphy caused a huge scene that day, at one point yelling, I know you're in there with some b****!"

Murphy was conned out of $7 million

In 2011, while she was still with Strahan, Nicole Murphy reportedly fell victim to a jaw-dropping scheme in which a man convinced her to invest $7 million of the money she received in her divorce settlement from Eddie Murphy overseas. The con man, Troy David Stratos, was arrested and charged with "11 counts of wire and mail fraud, two counts of money laundering and one count of obstruction of justice," according to the New York Daily News. Nicole also sued Stratos.

The financial scandal trickled into her relationship with Strahan. "She gave Stratos all the money from her divorce with Eddie Murphy. Michael helped her out financially," sources told Page Sixt. This bad investment, coupled with her refusal to sign a prenup, likely caused a ton of friction between the two.