Celebs Who Can't Stand Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic is one of America's most prominent and beloved celebrity news correspondents. Since joining E! News in the 2000s, Rancic has captivated viewers with her witty commentary, magnetic personality, and incredibly charismatic flare, raking in some major honors in the process. Like, say, the time she was nominated for Favorite TV Celebreality Star at the 2012 People's Choice Awards or when she won the Daytime Emmy Awards Fan Favorite competition in 2014. She has also tugged on the heartstrings of people all over for her candidness when it comes to her husband and their infertility struggles ... not to mention when she later welcomed a baby boy.

However, despite her success and her legions of fans, Rancic has also managed to piss a lot of people off — for some of the very same reasons that have made her popular. Whether they've trashed her racially insensitive comments, her shady demeanor, or her straightforward personality, these are some famous faces who have not-so-subtly made it clear that they can't stand Giuliana Rancic.


E!'s Fashion Police was notorious for its offensive and tacky jokes, but Rancic's remarks about singer and actress Zendaya during a segment of the show in 2015 were arguably the worst comments the show had ever seen.

In the episode, Rancic criticized Zendaya's look at that year's Academy Awards, specifically her dreadlocked hair, saying it made the former Disney star look like she "smells like patchouli oil and weed" (via CBS News). In response, Zendaya hit back with a lengthy social media post, calling Rancic's comments "ignorant" and "outrageously offensive." Noting that there is "already harsh criticism of African American hair" in our society, she said, "My wearing locs on an Oscar red carpet was to showcase them in a positive light, to remind people of color that our hair is good enough."

Rancic's comments also prompted an outpouring of anger and frustration on social media from other celebs, including fellow Fashion Police hosts Kelly Osbourne and Kathy Griffin. Osbourne was apparently so floored by the situation that she abruptly quit the show just days later, which many sources said was because she had warned her co-host not to make the alleged rehearsed comment in the first place. Griffin, on the other hand, also left the show shortly after Osbourne's departure, with insiders telling Entertainment Tonight that the decision stemmed from her concern that the drama could negatively affect her career.

NeNe Leakes

After the Zendaya drama and subsequent departures of Osbourne and Griffin, E! was left scrambling to find Fashion Police replacements, eventually giving the job to The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member NeNe Leakes. However, early on into the show's tapings, there were whispers that there were some intense encounters behind the scenes between Leakes and the other hosts, Giuliana Rancic, Melissa Rivers, Brad Goreski, and Margaret Cho.

According to OK! Magazine, sources claimed the reality star had been trying to "steal the spotlight," making filming "really difficult." In Leakes' defense though, it was Rancic who had reportedly created the tensions on set first. "Giuliana gave NeNe a very icy reception during her first appearance ... Every time [NeNe] made a comment, Giuliana was quick to dismiss it or fire back with a rebuttal," an insider explained in February 2016.

Leakes all but confirmed the rumors when she took to Twitter to voice her frustrations about working on an "unfriendly, unfair set." However, most people seemed to side with Rancic and slammed Leakes' alleged behavior, prompting her to speak out and set the record straight online.

In one social media post, Leakes declared that the rumors were fake and insisted she had been "nothing but professional and nice" to all of the hosts. Cho followed up by backing her co-star's claims in a tweet of her own. However, Rancic stayed disturbingly quiet, ultimately leaving fans thinking that the two stars really did have an troubling relationship.

Tina Knowles Lawson

Tina Knowles Lawson's youngest daughter, Grammy award-winning singer Solange, has been the subject of scrutiny from Fashion Police hosts for her natural tresses "for years" (via HuffPost). Or, at least, that's what the crooner wrote on Twitter in 2015 when trying to comfort Zendaya in the wake of Rancic's racially insensitive comments.

According to Page Six, Rancic judged Solange again in May 2018 when she and former Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth sat down to critique celebrities' looks at the Met Gala. While Welteroth raved about Solange's Black Madonna-inspired outfit, the celebrity news host appeared to disagree, putting on an uninterested facial expression.

That time, however, Mama Knowles Lawson called out Rancic in an Instagram post showing the clip, writing, "I love this commentator Elaine Welteroth!!! But what is that face Giuliana?" She later edited her caption, deleting the last line, but, if you ask us, it's clear that Tina Knowles Lawson is over Rancic and her criticisms of Solange.

Maria Menounos

By the summer of 2015, it was reported that Rancic would be stepping down as a co-host of E! News, and the circumstances in which her departure went down have been questioned ever since. Many people believe Rancic left her position after the network hired her longtime rival Maria Menounos — a sentiment that a source close to the situation echoed to Page Six in the wake of the news.

"It's the battle of the b****es. They're like oil and water. They cannot stand each other ... Maria sees Giuliana as competition and it goes back years," the insider explained. "They never speak and they won't appear on-set together. It's kind of unspoken that if she is in the building, Giuliana wants nothing to do with her."

Another insider, however, downplayed the situation, telling the outlet, "Maria doesn't have any issues with Giuliana, she sees her as a role model. Giuliana doesn't feel the same way." Menounos, herself, also tried to dispel some of the rumors during an interview with Redbook later that year, maintaining that she had nothing but good intentions when she decided to take over Rancic's role.

While that's certainly debatable, Rancic appeared to have the last laugh, as she was reported to resume her old gig at the network in September 2018 (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Brandi Glanville

Prepare yourself: The following drama is really complicated. According to Celebuzz, beef between Giuliana Rancic and Brandi Glanville started after Rancic shared her thoughts about Glanville's ex-husband Eddie Cibrian's decision to renew his vows to his current wife, singer and songwriter LeAnn Rimes.

"I used to totally poo-poo this relationship, and then I watched his ex-wife [Glanville] on the Real Housewives. She is nuts," Rancic vented during an episode of Fashion Police in 2012.

Needless to say, Glanville wasn't too happy with Rancic's remarks, and she reportedly threw a nasty message back at the E! News correspondent on Twitter. "It's sad cuz I've been rooting 4her through her illness," she wrote. "Hopefully her man doesn't leave her & give her surrogate baby to a bonus mom."

The stinging comment was in reference to news that Rancic and her husband, Bill, were expecting a baby via a gestational carrier after the news host had battled breast cancer. And, as could be expected, Glanville's words pissed a lot of people off. Though Glanville eventually deleted the tweet, Rancic had a final word for the reality TV star, telling Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live the following year that she'd "cut" Glanville if she ever talked about her baby like that again (via Bustle). Yikes.

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes has seen her weight fluctuate over the years, and it unfortunately hasn't come without criticism. In 2011, Giuliana Rancic, specifically, had a lot to say about the singer's small frame, which caused quite a rift between the two.

Rancic's comments came during an interview with the Huffington Post about an Italian restaurant she was opening at the time. When she was asked which celebrity she would most like to feed, the celebrity news host named Rimes, saying, "She lost a lot of weight from all the stress in her life. She seems a little thin right now, and I think she looks great when she's a bit curvier."

Rimes immediately hit back at Rancic on Twitter (rightfully so, if you ask us), writing (via the Daily Mail), "[Giuliana Rancic] hey, we should go to dinner sometime. You get criticized all the time for how small you are. You can see just HOW much I eat and maybe put a stop to this crazy 'shrinking' once and for all."

Rancic followed up by trying to call a truce with Rimes, telling E! News that the situation was a "big misunderstanding" and that she didn't mean for her comments to be an insult. But it'd appear that the singer wasn't feeling the apology, as the proposed dinner date never came to fruition.