Kaitlyn Bristowe Breaks Silence On Rumors She And Shawn Booth Split

Reality TV's Kaitlyn Bristowe is finally addressing the gossip surrounding her relationship with Shawn Booth, the man she got engaged to at the end of The Bachelorette's 2015 season.

On an episode of her podcast, Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, released on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018, Bristowe discussed the status of her romance with Booth and revealed that they are still very much together. "So here's the truth. I'm in Canada because every single year I have made a promise to myself and my family that I will come up every August and enjoy downtime with the people that I love in a country that I love," she said. "Shawn did not come up with me because the guy just bought a gym. ... We are both so busy and unfortunately that means that we're spending all of this time apart."

She explained that, like other partners who are both working hard toward separate careers, she and Booth may go through some difficult times, but they're both committed to one another. "You love the s**t out of each other and you work through it — and you work on yourselves to be better," Bristowe said. "And you know that times aren't always going to be smooth sailing. ... You just kind of have to get through those hurdles and enjoy the good times." She added, "Shawn and I are 110 percent committed to each other and, yes, we are still together."

Fans had previously worried about the couple's relationship after Bristowe posted a message on Instagram about a "tough day" she was having. "If you guys love me for my confidence, my happiness, and my humor, I want you to love me for my insecurities and my hard days as well," she wrote, in part. "Because that's real. Sometimes, believe it or not I have really bad days."

Followers also reportedly thought there may have been trouble in paradise when they spotted Bristowe without her engagement ring. But, according to Bristowe herself, she stopped wearing her ring because Booth wants to propose to her again in the future. So, until then, she's going sans sparkler.

While Bristowe and Booth's romance may be unconventional — most people don't start dating on a TV show, after all — we applaud them for taking time to do what's right in their own individual lives and in their relationship.