The Untold Truth Of Abby Huntsman

Abigail "Abby" Huntsman is known as the daughter of Jon Huntsman Jr. — the U.S. Ambassador to Russia and former presidential candidate. Being a part of a political family had its perks, but Huntsman made the decision to break out on her own and begin her career in the entertainment industry, including being hired as co-host and anchor on Fox & Friends Weekend.

She announced through her Instagram feed in August 2018 that she would be leaving Fox News to join Whoopi Goldberg, fellow conservative Meghan McCain, and the rest of the ladies of The View as their newest co-host. Describing The View as "the most interesting and successful talk show on television today," Huntsman said the gig "really is a dream come true," in a statement shared by MSN.

So how did Huntsman go from being behind-the-scenes of her dad's presidential campaign trail to co-hosting one of the most popular shows on daytime television? Let's find out as we take a deep dive into the untold truth of Abby Huntsman.

Dreams of being a Broadway star

Despite keeping her finger on the pulse of young conservative issues and voicing these concerns through her various platforms, Abby Huntsman didn't always have aspirations of being a television host and political assignment reporter. 

She told Fox News that as a child, her parents would constantly catch her "singing and acting" in the bathroom mirror, and they sprung into action. "They realized they needed to put me in play auditions. That changed my life and unleashed a passion I still have to this day," she said, before revealing she was cast in her first play, A Christmas Carol, when she was just seven-years-old. 

Huntsman also told Fox News that long after she journeyed into adulthood, her love for acting was still embedded deep in her heart. She added, "I still dream about being on Broadway!"

We have our fingers crossed that another door may open for her in the near future, and her dream of acting on a Broadway stage will come true!

Her family bounced around a lot

Abby Huntsman was born in Philadelphia, and soon thereafter, she, her parents, Jon and Mary Kaye Huntsman, and her six siblings, two of whom were adopted, moved a total of 14 different times during her early years! 

Abby was able to experience different cultures in various places, such as Taiwan, Singapore, and Beijing, but there was a downside, as well. "I went to four different high schools," she told Fox News, before revealing she spent the majority of her formative years in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Moving around from place to place wasn't that bad, though. It also had its benefits, Huntsman revealed as she looked back on her childhood. "We've moved around so much as a family, we've become such a close unit. For the most part having a strong family gets you through anything. We're very close," she told Business Insider.

She married her college sweetheart

While attending the University of Pennsylvania and working towards her degree in communications, Abby Huntsman met fellow college student, Jeffrey Livingston. The two embarked on a whirlwind romance, and, in 2010, at the age of 24, they got married at the Washington National Cathedral, the New York Times reported. 

Huntsman shared a throwback Instagram picture of herself and her beau from right around the time they first met. She captioned the picture, in part, "Amazing to look back at these memories knowing how wonderful and surprising life continues to be."

One amazing and pivotal point in their marriage was announced when Huntsman invited Livingston, an investment banker, on air during an episode of Fox & Friends Weekend to announce her pregnancy. It was such a joyous occasion, and it was also very sweet of them to share that moment with countless viewers.

Huntsman later gave birth to their baby girl, Isabel Grace, in November 2017.

Beep! Beep! Move out of the way when Abby's on the road!

Abby Huntsman may have been born to perform, but she certainly wan't a natural behind the wheel. Not only is she the first to admit how subpar her driving skills are, but she also confessed to Fox News that she "failed the driving test three times." Oh. Em. Gee.

She eventually became a licensed driver, but that doesn't mean her driving expertise has improved throughout the years. "My husband will tell you to run for the hills if you ever see me behind the wheel," she said. Yikes!

Thankfully, Huntsman became an official resident of New York City in 2008, which means she doesn't really have to drive herself around. She can simply walk or take advantage of public transportation to make her way around The Big Apple. 

Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief, New Yorkers!

A grueling first gig

Her time working for various news station hasn't always been so glamorous, including her first job when she was 16-years-old and interning at a local news affiliate. "I washed the dishes for the cooking segments ... I thought, 'I'm going to do whatever it takes to get in those doors and prove myself and to learn and to work hard.' ... I loved washing the dishes, because I was on set and I got to see what was going on firsthand," she told Elle magazine.

She scored another behind-the-scenes job at ABC's Good Morning America when she was 16, as well. However, that position was anything but rewarding. Elle magazine reported that the job was "so grueling" that Huntsman even "swore she would give up television forever."

Thankfully, she didn't let that job deter her from pursuing her dreams. She went on to become a producer and host of HuffPost Life in 2012, and later, a co-host and political pundit on MSNBC's The Cycle.

She's kind of a clutz

She may have made a few verbal blunders during her time as co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, such as the time she referred to North Korea's Kim Jong-un and United States President Donald Trump as "two dictators." *Facepalm*

Come to find out, her spoken flubs have nothing on the things that happen during her everyday life. When she's out and about, wandering around the streets of New York City, Huntsman admits her two left feet often get in the way. "Like, I am that person on the street, always in bad weather, where, like, the umbrella goes inside-out, you slip all over the ice," she told The Hill.

Thankfully, this television personality and children's book author never takes herself too seriously, and she doesn't let her public snafus ruin her day. She added, "I usually try to laugh because now I don't even think about it as embarrassing moments, because sometimes, you can't help being clumsy." Amen to that.

She's a fan of 12-mile strolls

While hosting Fox & Friends Weekend, Abby Huntsman and her daughter, Isabel Grace Livingston, took part in an on-air workout session. And when the cameras stop rolling, Huntsman always finds a way to remain active, whether that means taking Isabel on a walk, or taking her furry friend, a Golden Retriever named George Livingston, out for a stroll. 

Her husband, Jeffrey Livingston, also joins her on her quest to remain healthy. "I love just moving. My husband and I, if we have a day off, we'll spend the day just walking the city of New York," she told The Hill.

But when she talks about "walking the city," she's not referring to a casual stroll around the block. Nope, not at all. Huntsman and her crew are leaving their footprints and baby stroller tire marks all over the concrete jungle. She told the publication that they've been known to walk "12 miles in a day." Now that's what we call a workout!

A Twitter meltdown on the campaign trail

During her dad's 2012 presidential campaign run, Abby Huntsman and the entire family joined him on the campaign trial. She and her two sisters, Liddy and Mary Anne Huntsman, even decided to document the journey through a joint Twitter account under the handle, @Jon2012Girls. The profile was known for its witty and satirical tweets, as well as the parody video of Tea Party activist Herman Cain's "Smoking Ad."

The social media account proved to be a healthy way for them to express themselves, and living life in the spotlight ultimately brought the family closer together. But it took a toll on them, as well.

One incident, in particular, occurred when Liddy posted a tweet that the other sisters hadn't approved. "In response, she walked out the door, saying she had had it with the family and was moving to London and never coming back again," Huntsman told Glamour.

The sisters were able to patch things up a mere five minutes later, but it was a testament to the amount of intense feelings and overwhelming stress they were all feeling. Despite their hopes that their father would win the GOP nomination, we can imagine they weren't too sad to say goodbye to the pressure of a presidential campaign when he pulled out of the race.

Her greatest fear

Abby Huntsman's fears are a double whammy. Not only is she scared of heights, but she's also claustrophobic, she told The Hill. Naturally, these two fears make it nearly impossible for her to board a plane, and she says it makes flying "not so fun." 

She told the publication that her fears are "like the worst of both worlds," but she'll board a plane if it's absolutely necessarily. She also admitted that her nerves had gotten the best of her many times, and her jitters have even forced her to cancel flights at the very last minute. Yikes!

Thankfully, she won't to have to jet-set across the nation to get to her new daytime talk show gig at The View. Since her home base with her husband and child is in New York City, she'll be in close proximity to The View's ABC studios in The Big Apple. Crisis averted!