Geena Davis Makes Shocking Claim About Husband

No one could have seen this coming — well, no one except A League of Their Own actress Geena Davis.

TMZ reports that Davis filed a court document in which she asked for husband Dr. Reza Jarrahy's divorce request to be dismissed because, according to her, they were never legally married. Davis allegedly said that, when the two wed in New York 2001, they never properly returned their marriage license to the court clerk. She claimed, given the error, that means they were never officially married in the state.

Furthermore, Davis reportedly stated that, since she and Jarrahy never tied the knot, they have no need for a divorce and no need to split their assets between them. And, despite Jarrahy's request for spousal support, he wouldn't see any because he was never actually Davis' spouse.

As Nicki Swift previously reported, Jarrahy filed for divorce from Davis on May 8, 2018, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason for their breakup and listing their date of separation on court documents as Nov. 15, 2017. Besides his request for spousal support, he also asked for joint legal and physical custody of their three children — daughter Alizeh and twin boys Kaiis and Kian.

A source told TMZ that Jarrahy believes that his marriage to Davis was legal despite any license hiccups that may have occurred, as they'd had a wedding ceremony and lived together as husband and wife for years. According to The Blast, he has also supported his argument that they were married by claiming that their private Hamptons wedding had many guests bearing witness to their commitment to one another and that Davis herself had referenced their marriage in interviews on multiple occasions.

Jarrahy also reportedly finds the situation "upsetting" because, if his marriage to Davis isn't deemed to be official, then their kids could be considered "illegitimate."

Man, celebrity breakups never are easy, are they? Hopefully, Davis and Jarrahy can figure out a way to separate that satisfies both parties while remaining civil for the sake of their kids.