Things You Don't Know About Paris Jackson's Boyfriend

Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, told her longtime boyfriend to beat it. The 18-year-old wants to be startin' somethin' with a new guy. His name is Michael Snoddy, and he's a total 180 from her ex, Beverly Hills soccer jock Chester Castellaw. Tabloid busybodies have been digging up the deets on Paris' new paramour. Let's take a look at this dude's dossier.

He drums for his dinner

Any man who takes a liking to Paris will face accusations that he's after her inheritance. The King of Pop's three children reportedly receive sizable annual allotments from their late father's estate with additional inheritance payments scheduled as they grow up. According to Page Six, Paris' allowance is around $8 million per year.

What does Snoddy do for work? According to his Instagram, he's a drummer for Street Drum Corps, an L.A.-based percussion ensemble. "Michael is not a scummy gold digger," a source told Page Six. "People keep referring to him as a punk because of his hair and look, but he's a hardworking kid."

He's been accused of racism

Snoddy may be a real straight shooter, but his appearance screams smooth criminal. Loverboy sports a messy mohawk and some controversial body art, namely a Confederate flag tattoo on his wrist that critics are calling racist. The tattoo features a tattered stars and bars with an overlay of the letters "CFH" to represent the Pantera album titled Cowboys From Hell. Pantera is the heavy metal band whose lead singer once yelled "White power!" at a concert.

"I wouldn't be dating a black girl if I were a racist," Snoddy told TMZ. "There's a difference between Southern pride and racism." A Virginia native, he reportedly got his geographically motivated ink in 2014. On his Instagram, he boasts that he's "$OUTHERN MADE HOLLYWOOD PAID," and frequently touts self-designed Confederate-themed attire.

He's an inky influence

Lots of new lovers morph styles as their lives intertwine (Did you ever think you'd see Gwen Stefani wearing redneck camouflage with her red lipstick?), and Paris is no exception. After calling it quits with Castellaw, she traded her long brown locks and Beverly Hills style for a platinum pixie cut and edgier vibe. She's also become a frequent flyer at tattoo parlors.

For her 18th birthday, Paris commissioned the words "Queen of My Heart" in her dad's handwriting on her wrist. She followed that up with a flower tattoo to honor her grandma, and then...wait for it...a lip tattoo that says "MÖTLEY," as in the hair metal band Mötley Crüe. Her heavily inked drummer bae clearly approved of that one, posting a photo on his Instagram with the caption, " #mygirlfriendsradderthanyours." Paris may be absorbing some of Snoddy's Southern pride as well, because she deployed some very non-Cali vocab in a Twitter post about her lip tat: "...y'all have been my favorite since I was 12," she told Crüe drummer Tommy Lee.

He's an older man

Paris celebrated her 18th birthday in April 2016, but her relationship with the 26-year-old Snoddy kicked off while she was legally still a kid. That caused a lot of head-shaking in the beginning, but now that both boos are adults, is there still cause for concern? Sure, you could argue that a lot of growing up occurs between teenagerdom and one's mid-twenties, making Snoddy too senior for Paris, but we could counter that Paris' childhood was cut short a long time ago.

As a youngster, she was forced to wear a mask to protect her privacy. At age 11, she lost her father to a drug overdose. Paris has grown up under a microscope and struggled mightily under the scrutiny of her unasked-for fame and fortune. In 2013, as a young teen, she entered a treatment program after reportedly trying to kill herself. According to the International Business Times, she met Snoddy while attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Bottom line: Paris has experienced a lot of struggle in her 18 years, so developing a relationship with an older partner could be a healthy fit.

He's smitten

No matter what the world thinks of him, Snoddy clearly thinks the world of Paris. His Instagram is wallpapered with lovey dovey photos and notes about his "best friend." She's "as smooth as Tennessee Whisky" and "one of the most incredible women I've ever met!" read the captions on PDA-packed photographs. Here they are grinning for a road trip selfie. There they are canoodling by a ferris wheel.

After the ugly social media war that played out during Paris' breakup with Castellaw in December 2015, this sugar-sweet romance with Snoddy looks like a fairy tale. "They really like each other," a source told Page Six. "It's a real relationship, and things are moving fast."