Is Emmanuelle Chriqui In A Relationship?

The burning question on everyone's mind: Is Emmanuelle Chriqui in a relationship?

Chriqui is an actor who rose to fame as part of the cast of HBO's hit sitcom "Entourage." The series, which aired from 2004 to 2011, follows an up-and-coming actor, Vincent, as he navigates the ins and outs of Hollywood stardom with the help of his agent, brother, and friends. Chriqui played Sloan — the girlfriend of Vincent's manager, Eric — from Season 2 until the show's conclusion. After "Entourage" ended, Chriqui said that she and her co-stars have all kept in touch. She told People in 2018, "No matter what, come hell or high water, these guys are my bros. It could be like six months, eight months, or maybe a text here or there, and then to see each other, it literally feels like family. We are so connected."

In addition to her role in "Entourage," Chriqui is also known for starring in films like "You Don't Mess With the Zohan," and shows such as "The Mentalist" and "Superman & Lois." In an interview on the "PRETTYSMART" podcast, Chriqui shared what inspired her to pursue acting. "I had the opportunity to audition for a play at the local theater company in Unionville where I grew up, and I got the part. It was my first my play, and it was like being a part of this community... It was like a drug," she said. "[Since then], I kind of never looked back." As Chriqui's acting career continues to flourish, some might be curious to know more about her personal life. Is the TV star currently in a relationship?

Emmanuelle Chriqui is dating True Blood star Sam Trammell

Emmanuelle Chriqui is indeed dating someone. Currently, the "Entourage" star is in a relationship with actor Sam Trammell, who is best known for his role as Sam Merlotte on HBO's fantasy drama "True Blood." Per PageSix, the couple has been romantically linked since 2020 after first meeting on the set of the 2018 thriller "Hospitality." They have appeared together at several red-carpet events and have not shied away from professing their love for one another on social media. Back in January, Chriqui penned a sweet birthday tribute to her boyfriend on Instagram, writing, "I feel like the luckiest woman alive to call you my partner, my best friend and the ABSOLUTE love of my life!" Aww!

"There are never enough words or pictures to convey the love, the joy and the inspiration you bring not only to my life, but also the people close to you and whose lives you touch with your magic," she added. Similarly, Trammell has openly gushed about Chriqui, describing his girlfriend as a "bright ray of sunshine" in a touching birthday post shared in 2022. "You spread warmth near and far," the "Ah, Wilderness!" star explained. "You sprinkle stardust on all those lucky enough to be around you, making us better, happier people. You are simply the greatest." Adding, "To know you, to love you, and be loved by you is an infinite blessing." Sweet!

Has Emmanuelle Chriqui found the one?

Opening up about her relationship with Sam Trammell, Emmanuelle Chriqui said she knew from the beginning that their relationship would be special. "When we first met, I think we both recognized something was different," she told Talkhouse in 2022. She explained, "I'm a restless person by nature, and I have always been that way — there was a feeling of one foot in, one foot out, and I was a little nonchalant about it all." But that all changed when Trammell came into her life, she said. "There is a feeling of ease, of peace, with my partner," Chriqui explained. "I feel grounded and really relaxed, and it is really quite extraordinary to feel that way with someone else." She added that she feels fortunate that she and Trammell have met each other in this lifetime. "When you've met your person, every time you see them — no matter what — you're just lit up. That's what I feel like with my partner," she said.

Before Trammell, Chriqui had been linked to several other men in the industry. According to Who's Dated Who, she dated songwriter JC Chasez from 2001 to 2002. She was also linked to her "Wrong Turn" co-star Jeremy Sisto and actor Clifton Collins Jr. More recently, she was rumored to be dating actor Gerardo Celasco. The two reportedly hooked up in 2013 but broke up the following year after eight months together.