Celebs Who Can't Stand Julie Chen

Julie Chen left The Talk — a daytime talk show she moderated for nine years — shortly after her husband, Les Moonves, stepped down as the CEO of CBS due to sexual misconduct allegations. A total of 12 women shared disturbing claims about Moonves' alleged behavior with journalist Ronan Farrow, which was outlined in two separate articles for The New Yorker

Many fans wondered whether Chen would leave her talk show after Moonves' resignation in September 2018 — a reasonable question considering The Talk airs on CBS. Chen eventually gave her answer on Sept. 18, 2018, via a videotaped message, saying, "I need to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son. So I've decided to leave The Talk."

Although some people expressed sympathy for Chen amid the drama, there were plenty of people who weren't impressed with her actions. In fact, a few celebs took to Twitter to slam Chen for signing off as "Julie Chen Moonves" on a September 2018 episode of Big Brother, a reality series she started hosting in 2000, as she'd never used the moniker professionally before.

Apparently, there are plenty of high-profile people out there with an opinion. Here all of the celebrities who can't stand Julie Chen.

Wendy Williams slammed Chen's crocodile tears

Wendy Williams never shies away from telling it like it is on The Wendy Williams Show, no matter the topic. Case in point: After Chen's tearful goodbye segment to viewers aired, Williams delivered a scathing monologue questioning the message's sincerity.

"She started crying at the end, but in my mind those weren't tears for the crew," Williams said, before turning to her own camera operator, as reported by TooFab. "Julie Chen doesn't care about you, you know what I'm saying. She doesn't care about you, but I do!"

The sassy talk show host went on to add, "In my opinion, she wasn't crying because of the cast and the crew and the stuff, she was crying because now she has to go back to that compound and deal with that man and try and keep her son out of it. ... Dammit, Les, you messed this up for all of us."

Making matters even shadier? Williams suggested that Chen had said guest host Carrie Ann Inaba looked "awful good" at the Talk table during her goodbye video for a supposedly sneaky reason."I think she might have had Carrie Ann Inaba in her seat because she knows Carrie Ann Inaba is not qualified to be a talk show host," Williams theorized. "Thus, spelling the demise. Like, if I can't be there, let them be canceled!"

We doubt that Williams will be grabbing lunch with Chen anytime soon. 

Judd Apatow thinks Chen is 'cruel'

As we mentioned, Chen raised a few eyebrows when she concluded a September 2018 episode of Big Brother by signing off as "Julie Chen Moonves," as she'd reportedly never referred to herself by her married name on the show before. And it led some to speculate that it was a calculated move. The suspicion was fair, after all, especially since the controversial moment came just four days after The New Yorker published its second exposé about Moonves.

One person who took notice of Chen's sign-off was This Is 40 director Judd Apatow, who tweeted a message of disgust on Sept. 14, 2018. "Her husband threatened people and ruined careers. He sexually assaulted and harassed people," he wrote. "To stand by him at this moment is cruel to the many victims. Maybe the shock and fear of her husband has damaged her and she isn't seeing clearly — yet."

But wait — Apatow wasn't quite done. "So @JulieChen is making her main focus clearing her husband Les Moonves' name for masturbating at a doctor's appointment and sexually harassing many others?" he penned four days after the initial tweet. "How exactly does one do that?"

Although Apatow is known as a funny guy around Hollywood, it's clear that he finds nothing humorous about Chen.

Rosanna Arquette isn't impressed with Chen's actions

In case you haven't already noticed, Judd Apatow is a pretty big guy on Twitter. The comedian's tweets about politics and hot topics often go viral, and they typically catch the attention of other celebs. As for the high-profile person who caught wind of his tweets about Chen? Look no further than actress Rosanna Arquette, who also happens to be the big sister of actors Patricia and David Arquette. 

Shortly after Apatow tweeted about Chen's "cruel" sign-off on Big Brother, Arquette chimed in with, "At first I felt sorry for her and her child. But this is not ok."

Arquette also questioned why people around Moonves were supposedly not taking the allegations seriously, adding, "They have the opportunity here to get real help for him and then help other predators get help. What a shame."

Of course, Arquette can't know what's really going on at home with Moonves and Chen. Either way, it's obvious Arquette has no interest in palling around with Chen in the future.

No love from Big Brother winner Jun Song

Big Brother contestants — past and present — were probably put in an awkward situation when The New Yorker published its exposés about Moonves. Do they stay silent? Lend support to Chen? Or do they call her out? Like we said, the situation was likely complicated. But one person who didn't find the situation complex was Big Brother season 4 winnerJun Song. Following Chen's highly publicized sign-off on the show, Song took to Twitter to reveal her harsh opinion about the host.

"Nobody should be surprised about this Les Moonves 'revelation,' least of all sidebot Julie Chen," she wrote on Twitter. "It's just that somebody with a voice actually took the time to write about it. 

Song later followed up her original message with an even saltier tweet, adding, "I'll make myself clearer. #LesMoonves is not the victim here. He's a dime a dozen. #JulieChen is not the victim here. She's a part of the problem. Using her voice to spit out #JulieChenMoonves doesn't make her a hero when she should be raising her voice to support

Clearly Song isn't a fan of Chen.

Kathy Griffin's epic rant against Chen

Since Kathy Griffin survived her May 2017 scandal involving President Donald Trump, she has become a lot more outspoken about Hollywood. From Griffin's claim that Bravo mogul Andy Cohen offered her coke twice to her allegation that TMZ founder Harvey Levin is "in bed with everyone" in Hollywood, the comedian is all about burning bridges these days. 

Unfortunately for Chen, she became one of Griffin's targets on Sept. 9, 2018, after The New Yorker published its second story about the Moonves scandal. Griffin launched into a series of tweets, writing that she'd initially "hoped" Chen wouldn't face "blowback" for Moonves' actions. 

"Julie Chen has always been nice to me and I had no reason to believe that she knew about her husband assaulting women before they got married," Griffin added. "So I reached out to her and told her I would love to come on her show and I didn't need to make it about her husband/CBS."

Chen supposedly never responded to the suggestion, a development that led Griffin to make accusations about her behavior, arguing that she was complicit in Moonves' takedown of Janet Jackson. (Moonves allegedly made moves to stall Jackson's career after her breast was exposed during the 2004 Super Bowl halftime show.)

Griffin ended her tirade by sharing a screenshot of a message she sent to Chen. "You know what Julie? I've changed my mind," she wrote. "F**k you and your misogynistic husband. You two deserve each other."

Loni Love kept it real

When the sexual misconduct allegations against Moonves first broke, there was a lot of discussion among daytime talk show hosts about if Chen should leave The Talk. One of these conversations took place on The Real, where co-hosts Adrienne Bailon and Loni Love disagreed over what should happen.

Bailon argued that Chen should stay at The Talk, saying, "I think this is the time that she should be talking about it. If you have the greatest platform on daytime television to speak to the people, to say your voice. ... If she stands by him, then she should stand by him. Why you running? Don't hide!"

Love, on the other hand, was adamant that Chen should leave. "My heart goes out to the victims, okay? There's 12 women accusing him," Love stated, before adding, "And I think it's appropriate that she leaves."

Taking her position a bit further, Love also mocked Chen for sticking by Moonves, quipping, "Girl, bye."

Was Chen jealous of Jenny McCarthy?

Some fans might remember when Jenny McCarthy was a co-host at The Viewa gig that ended in 2014. Although there are many different ideas out there about why McCarthy didn't stick around at the daytime talk show, Chen offered up a pointed theory to Howard Stern in December 2013.

"No one wants to hear Jenny McCarthy talk about the New York mayoral race and politics," Chen said, according to The Wrap. "That's not what you put Jenny McCarthy on for." Ouch.

At first, McCarthy didn't hit back at Chen, saying at the time, "Well the great thing about Christmas time that my mom always taught me is to spread love and joy and look for great things in others." Fair enough, girl.

But McCarthy didn't keep quiet about the situation during an appearance on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live in February 2014. "Maybe jealously makes claws come out a little bit," McCarthy said when asked about Chen's comments

Brandi Glanville had something nasty to say

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Brandi Glanville is not one to hold her tongue, a trait fans were reminded of in February 2014 when she appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live alongside Jenny McCarthy. When Cohen brought up Chen's not-so-nice comments about McCarthy's short-lived stint as a co-host on The View, Glanville delivered a major burn. "She can suck it!" Glanville gleefully interjected.

Interestingly enough, Glanville's attack against Chen was revived four years later in February 2018 when she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother. During one particularly uncomfortable episode, Glanville dared her fellow housemates to say something negative about Chen, the host of the show. When no one would bite, the enraged reality star spit, according to The Inquisitr, "Everyone's so full of sh*t." Oh, lordy.

Chen should take comfort in the fact that Glanville is no stranger to feuds or bouts of word vomit. There's a good chance the shade was nothing personal.

Holly Robinson Peete probably thinks Chen is power hungry

Once upon a time, actresses Holly Robinson Peete and Leah Remini were co-hosts on The Talk. That all changed, however, when the two got booted from the show shortly before its second season amid a cloud of controversy. Although it wasn't exactly clear at the time what led to the pair's firing, Peete did allude to some behind-the-scenes drama in a November 2011 interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

Peete claimed she didn't know why she got fired, even going so far as to watch the season 2 premiere for answers. "I tuned into the show thinking I may hear something about why there, and of course, I heard nothing," Peete recalled. "It was a very, very frustrating time — the most frustrating time of my professional life."

But just because Peete didn't get a firm explanation for her firing, that doesn't mean she was in the dark about who likely played a role in her exit.

"The main issue with The Talk is when you have somebody who's in a power position and who can make decisions, there's not a lot of recourse, there's not a lot of discussion," Peete explained. "And so because of that, they can pretty much do what they want."

Hmm ... we definitely have an idea about who this mystery person could be.